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Authors note: This story is something completely different to my others. I will continue with them but right I am suffering from writers block and decided to write this.

It is set in an Alternative Universe and Bella and Edward are Out Of Character during their 'jobs' but I tried to keep in character when they are acting like normal people.

This story is set in a world where assassin are plentiful and not uncommon, an extremely dangerous place but also a bit like modern time right now…you'll see what I mean later in the story.

Rated 'm' for violence (Murder)

Another one bites the dust

Bella's POV

I walked along the darkly lit street, the hood of my black cloak up, hiding my face. I didn't want to risk being seen. I had been in this profession for years and I was not going to allow myself to be discovered now. Not when I was so close to accomplishing this mission.

The tall, dark buildings loomed on either side of the street with a single lamp post flickering continuously on the street corner. I stopped half way down the street, at the entrance to a dark alley way and began my long wait.

I had been watching my victim for a few weeks now and I knew he would be coming down this particular street, walking through the alley and cutting across the large park to get to his house. Routines could be extremely dangerous things.

I pulled back the long sleeve of my coat and glanced at my watch. Any moment now. And right on cue he rounded the street corner, his silhouette illuminated by the flickering street light for a second. In the small glance I got of his face, even at this distance, I knew I had found my target. Perfect.

I pushed myself further into the shadows as he walked at a brisk pace towards the turn off to the alley where I was hiding. I didn't know if he was a good person, if he deserved to die, but I didn't ask those questions to my clients who were paying substantial amounts of money for my…expertees. I did know, though, his name, his age, his address, where he worked, almost every single aspect of his life including the fact that the reason he was coming home so late was because he was stealing important records from his company and selling them for a great deal of money.

I moved my hand slowly to the belt around my waist and the knife that was in the holster attached to it, touching the hilt lightly as I prepared to finish my job. The man walked past me, barely looking in my direction as his blond/brown hair stood out from the inky blackness of the night.

He continued on his walk down the alley, glancing around him occasionally while I darted into the shadows to avoid being seen. I was going for the element of surprise; it would be better if he didn't scream. Then I would have until morning at least to make my escape. Personally, I had never liked surprises and he certainly wouldn't like the one I had in store for him.

I followed behind him, keeping close, and pulled the knife out of its sheaf as quietly as possible, barely making any sound at all. I was especially good at what I did because of my stealth and speed. As well as my ability to blend in easily, being unsuspected, probably because of my natural innocence. The strange thing was; I could be a lethal killer at night but during the day I was extremely clumsy and almost ordinary.

I sped up my pace but made sure that my footsteps were soft and light, giving no indication to my victim that he was about to meet his end. I closed the distance between us quickly and lifted the black when I was close to him, the little light there was glinting of the silver blade.

I grabbed handful of his blond/brown hair, stopping him abruptly and tugging his head back, exposing his neck to the blade of my knife. Before he even had a chance to cry out a pulled the blade across his throat swiftly, releasing him from my grin and letting his limp body drop to the ground.

I made sure to hold my breath and turned my head away from the blood that was now pooling out around him. The sight and smell of blood caused me to faint and that would be the worst thing I could do in my present situation. Fainting and then waking up to being surrounded by police with the murder weapon in my hand? No. I wasn't that stupid. You may ask why someone like me, sensitive to the sight and smell of blood, ordinary life, ordinary job, would choose to have this profession by night. But I have my reasons. Ones that I never want to think about again. That time in my life had been so dark that I'm afraid I will loose myself in it if I think back to it.

I cast a brief glance in his direction; the life that once was is no longer, his blond/brown hair beginning to stain red with blood and his clear blue eyes staring lifelessly in front of him.

I wiped the blood of the blade of my knife and replaced it back in the holster on my belt. I bit back the guilt that surged to the surface every time I completed a job, thinking back to the reason I took this profession. Revenge. This was practice for me for when I got revenge on one of the most skilled assassin's of all. But for now, this would suffice. Killing nobody's for good money.

I turned on my heal, walking swiftly away from the body with a small smile on my face as I imagined the satisfaction I would have one day, when I finally managed to find that assassin. The one who had caused me such pain long ago. Killing that man just brought me one step closer to my goal. Goodbye Mike Newton, hello revenge.

I walked casually back down the street Mike, my victim had been walking just moments before and blended into the darkness, seeming to disappear completely.

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