Chapter 1:Prelude,a New Evil

Amaterasu.......the legendary Sun Goddess. She had finally defeated Yami,the ultimate evil,and traveled to the Celestial Plain. Part of this is true,but the Ultimate Evil part,they were dead wrong.

Within the Moon Cave,the battlefield of Nagi,Shiranui,and Orochi,something was stirring deep within it's bowels. Three mists,all as black as night,stirred together,as if they were meant to be with one another. Eight heads appeared from one mist,Nine tails from the other,and a Gigantic hand from the third. They twisted and bonded together,contracted and fused,creating a physical unleashed a torrent of blasphemous words,yelling it to the heavens.

"I am Hyakuhei(All Evils)!!I have powers far beyond mortal comprehension!I shall make all beings kneel before me,even the Gods above!"

At that,the entire cave and the lake around it rose into the air,enshrouded in darkness.

2008 years later

"Wake up......Young master Starheart......WAKE UP!"

A teen,about 14,jerked upright."1972!"He yelled drowsily.

"Master Starheart,it seems you have fallen my class......"The teacher said,gritting his teeth tighter with each word.

Axem Starheart,Age 14,Gender Male,C+ Student

"Oh,sorry."Axem said,grinning innocently."Just make sure,it doesn't happen again!"The Teacher said,composing himself.

After class,Axem stood by his locker,waiting for the bell to tell him he could go home. He was a tall and slim boy,but still was athletic. He had slightly spiky brown hair,brown eyes,and oval rimmed glasses. He wore the school uniform,a plaid white shirt with jeans."Did you have that dream again?"

Axem turned around to see a girl a bit shorter than him,wearing the Fem version of the school uniform,a blue short-sleeved Plaid,with a slightly lighter blue skirt."Yeah,been having it more often lately."He explained."Well,see ya."He said,the bell ringing,and he walked off.I really have to learn her name.He thought to himself.

As he walked down the street,he noticed something strange. Standing front of him,staring him down,was a White Wolf. It ran down the alley,and Axem felt like he had to follow it. He ran swiftly,keeping pace behind the wolf.

10 minutes of running led them to a Dead-end. the Wolf rammed into the wall,and seemed to melt like liquid."What the.....?"He said to himself,approaching the wall cautiously,and touched it. His entire body went limp, and the wall began to suck him in. The air was forced out of his lungs,and darkness overwhelmed him. The last thing he saw was the White Wolf....