Notes:Sorry for the delay!It's just been real busy with the Holidays for my family. Here's the awaited chapter 5!Enjoy!!

Chapter 5:Enter the Mortal Realm

Axem just stood there in the darkness. It seemed the ark didn't have enough power to light the insides."What can I do to entertain myself....."

"99 bottles of sake on the wall,99 bottles of sake......"

"Um.....I could chase my tail again. But I can't see it......"

"100 things I don't like about Waka:

#1,His French accent sucks!"

After what seemed like an enternity,Axem could feel the ark powering down. The iron door opened,and blinding light streamed inside. His eyes quickly adjusted,and he looked seemed to be in a wide,expansive field."Guess it's time to get off....."

The moment he stepped off the ark,something mystical happened. The ark's great iron body began to rust away,as if time had finally caught up with it. The ship gave one last groan,broke down,and just vanished altogether."Weird......but I bet I'll be seeing some weirder stuff."

He began to walk across the field,taking in all the new sights,sounds,and smells he could interpret with his now Wolf Hybrid came upon a row of trees,the branches just shrugged,and continued on. Up ahead he could see a small village,but no villagers. Standing atop nf a cliff overlooking the village,was a gnarled tree.

Axem's ears picked something up. Looking upward,he saw three green figures crashing towards him. They surrounded him in a circle,and they took form.A lanky,green-clothed monkey like figure.

Axem pulled out Kusanagi,and took a fighting stance. He felt instinct,the urge to fight.

They all jumped him at the same time,and that was the end.A green flash,and the Kusanagi had slashed all the imps in half.

"I did not know I could do that......"

Walking on,Axem walked up the path that lead to the tree."That things real sad looking. Wish I could do something......"Then the idea of the celestial brush popped into his mind.

Focusing,the world seemed to pause,and Axem could see the brush. Really just guessing,Axem drew a circle around the tree. Instantaneously,the village bursted into springtime.

A slender woman in a pink kimono seemed to appear in front of Axem,she was just a shimmer though."A thousand thanks. You must be the great Amateratsu's heir.I have heard rumors of your coming.I am Sakuya,the spirit that resides within this tree."

"Axem. Nice to meet you."He replied,bowing.

"You have returned our village to it's original state. Unfortuneatly ,it won't last for 'All Evils' magic will soon return,and destroy the tranquility yet again."

"Well,where can I stop it?"

"The greatest amount of evil in this land?It's centered deep beneath the village."

"Know anyway I can get there?"

"Yes,through me."Sakuya replied,turning to the tree."I can create a tunnel with the many roots from this tree,but only for a limited time. If you do not make it back,you will be trapped below forever."

"I'll take that chance."Axem said absent-mindedly.