Last chapter! I mean it this time!


Three spirits looked upon their reflections in a huge, round mirror. Which were the spirits and which were the reflections? That depends on where you are from, the world of Light, or that of the Twilight Kingdom. But at last the dark spirits and the light had been reconciled, brought together by the hero who walked in both worlds, the wolf that stood by the Twilight Princess' side, on her side of the mirror.

Shadon had been defeated, Nacht left powerless and almost forgettable without the monstrous other Twili's aid, and all was as it should be.

Almost. Link reached for the human part of him, which he knew was trapped somewhere within this blue-eyed beast. But he could no longer feel it, no longer transform at will. The only thing left in him to remind him he was still part human was his deep, undying affection for Midna, who he may never be able to speak to again. He whined and nuzzled her hand with his cold, wet nose. She scratched behind his ear and he shied away. Am I resigned to be her pet for the rest of my life, and nothing more? He felt a growl rumbling in his throat.

"What's wrong with Link?" Midna wondered aloud, alarmed at his strange behavior. Why hasn't he transformed and said anything to me yet?

The leader of the Twili spirits spoke up. "He was dead, and his spirit brought back in order to defeat Shadon. When he returned to his body, it was in wolf form." He hesitated, then said, "He may never be able to return to his original form; I fear that that part of him has either died or gone too far within himself to be retrieved."

They were all silent for a moment. "There is a light equivalent to the shadow crystal in our world," one of the light spirits finally said. "It may not work, but…"

"But what? Could it turn him back?" Midna's hopes rose, though she knew it may be too good to be true.

"No," he continued. "But if shadow crystal transforms a light dweller, then perhaps light crystal could transform a Twili."


A golden wolf loped through the green valley, a sparkling blue stone hanging from a leather cord around her neck. She leaped onto a crag of rock that jutted from the side of the hills at the foot of the mountains.

Her mate, a gray wolf with sapphire eyes and a thick mane of fur, turned to her and licked her muzzle. Hello.

Hello. She turned to out over the valley, watching a hawk soaring on the breeze, her eyes narrowed against the wind. She said nothing for a long while.

Don't worry, he said. You can always take off the crystal and return to your people. Whatever makes her happy, he thought, though he couldn't imagine letting her go.

I wouldn't dream of leaving you, blue eyed beast. I'm sure my younger sister Astra will do fine as the new Twilight Princess, and Nacht has been locked up tight in the dungeon.

I will miss everyone back in the village, he told her. He hoped Illia would find someone else some day. Link had been expected to be the next chief of Ordon Village, but now that he was gone, Illia would take his place. She would be the first woman to lead Ordon, and Link wondered if Colin would succeed her.

Still, he had been looking forward to the day when he could lead his village and care for the people there. He turned to the golden wolf. Midna, he said. I think we should start a pack.


THE END. ^_^ (Finally! *breathes sigh of relief*)