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Lorelai Gilmore sat sprawled on her living-room couch, staring at a black television. She felt like the remote was taunting her: Pick me up, Lorelai, you know you want to, just turn it on now and think later.

Sighing, she glanced at the clock for the twelve-skrillionth time. 7:14. Which was exactly thirteen minutes and thirty seconds longer than she'd planned to wait.

Just as she grabbed a pity-Twizzler and bit off the end, Lorelai heard the bell ring on her front door.

"Ah! Finally!" She stuck the Twizzler back in the bowl and sprang up, making it to the door in seconds flat.

"You're late!" She scolded as she hauled it open.

"Yeah, well, Babette had a loose rain gutter."

"That's your excuse? A selfless good deed? I almost checked to make sure the four horsemen weren't outside, 'cause the last time you were late anywhere was the last time Ricky Martin had a hit, and you're over there being Mr. Roper!"

Luke shut the door behind him and hung his coat on the rack. "Fine---next time I won't help. Anyone. If Andrew's lying in the middle of the road bleeding---"

"You'll kick him," Lorelai finished. "Anyway, I almost had to start the movie without you."

"You're right; that would've been a tragic blow," was Luke's gruff response. He stopped when he came to the coffee table. "Oh my God."

Lorelai gestured to the spread of Twizzlers, marshmallows, pizza, and other junk food on the table. "Hungry?"

"Hungry, yes. Suicidal, no."

"A body's gotta eat."

"This could feed twelve!"

"Look." Lorelai pointed to the small bowl of carrot sticks on the far corner of the table. "Health food. All nice and rabbity. Now. Shall we?" She sat, and Luke followed. "Do we remember the Movie Night Rules?"

"We remember the Movie Night Rules---the question is are we going to follow the Movie Night Rules?" Luke countered.

"Yeah, yeah, blah blah, broken record. Okay---tonight," Lorelai announced, a grin of anticipation covering her face, "we are watching one of thee greatest movies of all time, 'It Happened One Night.'"

Luke munched on a carrot. "What's it about?"

"Oh, no no no, my flannel-clad friend, no spoilers. 'Kay, here we go!" Lorelai pressed the 'play' button on the remote, and the film began to roll.

After a succesful silence during the FBI warning and the opening credits, Luke ran out of carrot sticks. Reluctantly, starving, he reached for a Twizzler, and was surprised to find it had already been decapitated.

"What the hell is this?"

Lorelai turned to him. "No alking-tay during the oovie-may."

He waved the half-Twizzler at her.

"Ohhh, that. Yeah. I was hungry."

"So you ate half a Twizzler and then stuck it back in the bowl?"

"We're the only ones here."

"Trust me," Luke replied, "you have plenty of things I don't want to catch. Insanity being the first." He stood up with the candy and headed for the trash.

"Oh, hey, Luuuuke," Lorelai called. "While you're up, you know what would go great with pizza and marshmallows?"

"A stomach pump?" Luke guessed dryly.

"Coffee! Would you?"

"I suppose."

"You're a doll! Pot's on the left."

"You really shouldn't admit to substance abuse," Luke joked.

"Coffee pot's on the left, Farley."

Lorelai went back to watching the movie, enjoying the sound of her coffee maker in the background. Oh yeah, she thought, smiling to herself. I could get used to this arrangement.