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Things had been falling apart for a while now. It's not like I didn't see it coming. In fact, I had even been thinking about ending it a few times. But just because I knew it was over doesn't mean it hurt any less finding out that my husband was leaving me for another woman.

He told me he didn't mean for it to happen. That he didn't mean to fall in love with her. He called her his soul mate and he couldn't deny any longer that they belonged together. He was going to marry her once we were divorced. When he told me of his plans it was like a stab to the heart and I felt like I couldn't breathe.

Soul mates! How naïve. I thought I had found my soul mate once. I thought he was my soul mate. I had loved him with my whole heart and I had married him. We were so young and stupid. My parents tried to warn me that getting married so young was a mistake. After all, it had happened to them. They were young and in love but their marriage didn't last either. They said that marriage was hard enough without the added complication of being so young. But I thought that we were different. I was certain that we would be together forever.

Naturally, I ignored them. I was eighteen and completely foolish. He was my first love and I was sure he would be my only love too. We had only dated for six months, toward the end of our senior year, but we were so madly in love that we ran off to Vegas and got married as soon as we could. It was impulsive, but also very romantic. Well, as romantic as a city with casinos and legalized prostitution can be.

I couldn't really complain though. We had some good times. Our marriage lasted five years. I'd say that's pretty good for a couple of kids. The first year was great. We were in what you would call the honeymoon stage. We were so blissfully happy and couldn't get enough of each other. Even the three years following that were fine. They were difficult, but we made it through. Once we were married we went to college together. That was one of the hardest things. Juggling school, rent, a job and a husband. But we survived. I graduated with a teaching degree while he majored in psychology.

Jasper and I were lucky enough to find jobs right out of college. I found a position as a third grade teacher and Jasper became the local high school's counselor while he finished up med school. He really was great at what he did. He was so caring and understanding. He took on other's problems as if they were his own. When his kids hurt, he hurt. He felt their pain as if it was his own. Which is why I couldn't understand how he could do this to me. How could he hurt me like this?

Anyway, the last year of our marriage was the worst. We were constantly fighting and with each passing day we grew more and more distant. I have to admit that long before he decided to leave I had resolved myself to that fact that our marriage was over.

So here I sit, on my bathroom floor, while my husband packs his bags and leaves me. We just weren't meant to be together. We were finally over. I know I should hate him but I just couldn't. But I was angry and I have every right to be. It shouldn't have ended this way, being left for another woman. And that's what hurts the most. But I knew that somewhere out there my true love was waiting for me. I still had hope.