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Part Four

Carlisle's POV

I held my hand out to Esme, but instead of taking it she threw her arms around my torso and buried her face into my chest. I sighed, taking in the sweet scent of her and wrapping my arms around her as I pressed a kiss her hair. Waiting in the terminal for Edward, Alice, and Bella to return was very exciting, but also nerve wracking. If I had a heart I know that it would be beating furiously inside me. Esme whimpered quietly.

"Shhh, my love, shhh. They're coming. They're flight lands any time now," I comforted her.

Jasper placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Is she all right?" He asked, emotion deep in his face.

I nodded with a smile. "She'll be fine."

Though I could understand why Edward had done what he had done, I was angry with what he had put Esme through. She had already lost a child, her very own and it took her years to finally come to peace with that dreadful occurrence. If Edward had died, and Alice and Bella too, then Esme would have had to go through that all over again and I couldn't bear that, her in pain. I wouldn't stand for it.

"I'm sorry," She whispered as she lifted her head from my chest to look at me. "I should--."

"No," I breathed calmly, placing a finger to her lips. "You don't have to apologize for anything." I smiled and my lips captured hers in a chaste kiss that soon became deeper. I kissed her chin, her eyelids, every kiss was slow and smooth. She laid her head on my chest and breathed deeply. I kept my arms wrapped around her tightly, never letting go of this woman in my arms.

And then they appeared. Edward holding Alice's hand and supporting Bella's frame. She was exhausted and dead on her feet.

Esme's eyes brightened up immediately and she ran human speed to them, pulling me along with her. She only released my hand briefly to wrap her arms around Bella in a tight hug.

"Thank you so much," She whispered in her ear.

"Edward," She scolded, "You will never put me through that again."

"Sorry Mom," Edward sighed with smile and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you, Bella," I smiled. "We owe you."

"Hardly," She mumbled and rolled her eyes with a smile. Plain Bella, always underestimating herself. She looked like she hadn't slept in days, but in reality, it was slightly more than a day.

"She's dead on her feet," Esme scolded Edward. "Let's get her home."

I chuckled at Bella's panicked expression; home was probably not what she wanted right now.

Esme and Edward helped Bella out of the airport, while I followed at a distance behind Alice and Jasper. He had his arm wrapped around her shoulder and hers around his waist. They weren't even talking. It was amazing how each couple in our family showed their love differently, but each way was truly just as unique as the other. Edward and Bella showed it through their devotion to one another. Edward always looked brighter when he was thinking of her or with her and Bella looked dazzaled. I laughed to myself at the word. Rose and Emmet quite regularly showed their love by more physical means out in the open, which was fine, I just wish they would keep it more private. Alice and Jasper just had to give a single look and it was in their eyes, their souls. There love was more spiritual and mental than physical. Esme and I, I believe, were a mixture of all our children so to speak. We were like Bella and Edward in the way that we were devoted to each other everyday. We couldn't stand to not be touching when we were together. It was like I always had to have her in my arms. When I was with her, I came alive and I swear I could feel my dead heart come to life. We were more private about our physical relationship than Rose and Emmet, but when it was there, it was unbelievable. It meant the world to me. Esme meant the world to me. And we were like Alice and Jasper in the way that I could just look at my wife and understand everything she was saying just by the gaze she gave me. One touch, one word, one look was all I needed from her and it was always the right thing that I needed at the time. No matter what mood I was in. She was my love. My life. My whole existence. She was my Esme.


I snapped back to the present.

There she was standing directly in front of me, staring into my eyes with an intense curiosity--Alice and Jasper. Placing her hands on my waist--Rosalie and Emmet. Lifting her hand from my waist to brush it softly against my cheek, unexplainable worry lingering in her golden eyes--Edward and Bella. Her other hand reaching up to play with my tousled blonde hair and standing on her tiptoes to place a light kiss on my lips--our love.

I smiled.

"Are you coming? Everyone is seated, ready to go," She said quietly.

"Yes, I'm coming," I smiled and pressed a chaste kiss to her lips. Our foreheads pressed together as my lips left hers. I breathed silently and we just stayed there, our eyes closed, our breaths quiet and inaudible to human ears, our fingers intertwined with each others.

After a few moments, Esme spoke up gently, "Even though I would love to stay here in this moment with you forever, Carlisle, we really should get going before the kids come back in to get us."

I nodded and lent my arm out to her. "Mi lady," I accentuated my British accent.

"Good sir," She curtsied and took my arm with a flawless laugh.

No one else around us existed, my eyes were only for her and as she through her head back to laugh, everything disappeared--there wasn't even a background, just her, the only thing visible in my world.

As soon as we made it to the car, we saw the grim smiles of Alice and Jasper. Of course! Alice had seen everything. Rose, Emmet, Bella, and Edward were in the car parked in front of my Mercedes. Emmet in the driver's seat, Rose next to her looking sorry for the second time in her life, Bella asleep, her head on Edward's lap as he stroked her hair with careful fingers.

I opened the passenger door for Esme and walked to my side to slide fluidly into the driver's seat.

"Nice , uh, PDA in the airport lobby," Alice giggled, hugging me from the back and planting a kiss in my hair. "Missed you, Daddy."

"Missed ya too, Alice," I chuckled.

"Ma." Alice reached forward to wrap her arms around Esme while kissing her on the cheek.

"Oh!" Esme cooed and pulled her into a tighter hug.

"Are we ready?" Jasper asked, trying to contain is laughter.

"Yes Jazzy," Alice took his hand. "Let's go, Carlisle."

I nodded, starting the car and heading for the highway, taking Esme's hand in mine, stroking it with my thumb gently.

The ride home was quiet and peaceful, except for Alice's random outbursts of how excited she was to get back home and buy everyone new clothes. Our petite Alice, always having something to say, but I couldn't help but smile. She was very special.

A week later.

Esme's POV

Everyone sat in the living room where a fire was glowing in the pit. Even though Bella was grounded and not allowed out of the house, Carlisle bless his heart, had talked to Charlie and convinced him for one night to let Bella come over and visit with the family for a while.

Jasper and Alice sat on the couch with Edward and Bella discussing countless things, but Alice would often intercede with plans for her and Bella to go shopping. Rose and Emmet sat on the floor, Rose's head resting on Emmet's broad shoulder, talking quietly, an occasional smile lighting her face. It was a beautiful thing to see.

Carlisle wasn't home yet, but he should be anytime soon. There was an emergency at the hospital. The door opened just as my thoughts had ended. Carlisle had come home, hanging up his coat and placing his medical bag on the floor. I got up from his leather chair immediately and walked over to him.

"Hi," I smiled.

"Hello," He returned it graciously, taking my hands and pressing a kiss to my lips.

"How was work?" I asked.

"Good as usual...and interesting," He winked at me.

My smile disappeared and I could feel everyone stop talking to listen. Edward laughed lightly.

"What--oh no!" I sighed. "The nurses?" It wasn't a question.

"What'd they do this time?" I grumbled.

Carlisle chuckled pulling me to him and led me to his leather chair, seating me on his laugh, arms wrapped around my waist.

"Nothing," He said with a smile. "I just wanted to see your reaction. It was adorable," He laughed.

"That was good, Carlisle," Emmet laughter boomed. "Brilliant work from a brilliant guy. You made her jealous. I should try that sometime with Rose." There was a slap brought on by Rose to Emmet's head.

"You do that, and I'll throw your jeep in the river," She warned. Emmet was quiet after that.

I tilted my head and smiled, slightly embarrassed at the previous truth that Emmet had said aloud.

I could feel waves of coolness come to me. "Don't be embarrassed, Esme." Jasper assured with a grin.

Edward snickered.

I looked down at my lap. Even though I knew I couldn't blush, I still did that many times. It was an involuntary action I only did when with Carlisle. Either when I was sixteen and had first met him or when I was with him and ashamed or embarrassed. A natural bit of humanity left in me.

I felt a cool finger under my chin and lifted my head slowly. Carlisle pressed his lips to mine briefly and my embarrassment was forgotten. His lips went to my ear. "I will only love you, my angel," He whispered compassionately.

"I know that. Oh Carlisle!" I turned in his lap and my hands caught his face. He must be taking this the wrong way. "I never doubted it." I controlled my voice, but felt panic overcome me and it was most definitely not coming from Jasper.

"Oh, Esme, I know that. It was just an act of reassurance and comfort. I knew you never doubted it," He said softly. I released my hands from his face and felt myself calm down and my panic disappear--definitely Jasper this time.

I looked around the room. They had left. To give us space, I suppose. All very polite. I turned back to Carlisle, smiling genuinely.

"What, darling?"

"I'm just so so happy, Carlisle, that's all."

"Me too," He replied, placing light kissed on my cheeks, eyelids, nose, everything.

His lips fell upon the scar on my neck, the very scar that had first physically connected me to him as a vampire. He sucked on it hungarily and I cocked my head back, moaning softly.

I could feel his lips curve upward in a smile and travel back up meeting mine again. His arms wrapped around me, mine around his back and shoulders, gripping the fabric as the kiss grew to be deeper. There was no more control. If the kids didn't want to see it, then they didn't have to come in. The kissing became more passionate as his left my lips and flowed down my neck to the edge of my blouse as he swiftly undid the buttons for better access.

"Carlisle," I moaned. "What if--?" Implying the children.

"Never mind them," He whispered passionately as his lips traveled back up to mine, engulfing them as our tongues danced. The taste, the feel, everything was incredible.

"Eh hem." Someone cleared their throat from behind. We immediately stopped as quiet chuckles filled the room. Carlisle and I turned our heads. There were all five of our children and Bella, each one holding a different look upon their pale faces. Rose's was more of peace, Emmet looked like he was holding back laughter, Jasper remained stern and appropriate, Alice's bubbly personality shown distinctly in her smile, Edward's face was one of content and genuine happiness, while Bella's was one of utter shock. I smiled at her reaction and quickly re-buttoned my blouse.

"Yes, do you need something?" Carlisle tried to sound annoyed, but everyone knew he found it rather funny.

"Nope," Alice squeaked and everyone immediately disappeared.

"What was that all about?" I asked turning back to my husband.

"I don't know and I really don't care," He replied with a smile and we started kissing again, but this time we took it to our bedroom.

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