Here is the last chapter. A big thank you to all my faithful readers, and I hope I didn't disappoint! Here's to happy endings and a likely sequel!!

Tony stood in front of the stand that Nightcrawler was behind, taking a deep breath as the music started and the bridesmaids and grooms took their places.

And he did a double take.

Instead of Xavier walking Pepper down the isle, Logan was at her side, his arm looped around hers, looking more trim than Tony could have imagined he could look.

There was a gasp from the audience as Logan appeared, and everyone stood, talking all at once. Pepper was grinning from ear to ear. Logan finished the walk down the isle and took his place down right from Tony, looking slightly smug.

"Well you sure know how to make an entrance." Tony muttered in his direction.

"So I got a sense o' theater, so sue me." Logan chuckled softly back.

Still blown away by Logan's reappearance, Tony turned his attention on Pepper, and forgot everything else.

She was more beautiful that he could have thought possible.

Kurt gave the congregation permission to sit, smiling with tears of joy running down his face. 'Thank you Father.' He prayed silently.

"We are gathered here today in the presence of God to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony……"

"Logan!! What the heck happened!!???" Tony demanded, the second he was done kissing Pepper. He figured he wouldn't wait; everyone in the assembly was dying to know how Logan had, well, not died.

"What do you want, a speech?"

"Yes! If you can survive being without a heartbeat for over 24 hours then you can survive a short explanation."

Logan sighed. "My brain wasn't dead."

"And….." Tony prompted.

"What? You want the whole medical report?"

"YES!" Everyone demanded at once.

"I was hit with carbonadium, it kills my healing factor, but it preserves my brain. That's why even if my body dies my brain is ok. As soon as the carbonadium wears out, my healing factor kicks in and wakes me up." He gave a playful glare in Tony's direction. "Happy?"

"For now. You gave us all a very nasty scare. Not cool dude. You can pay for this for a while."

"What? It isn't enough that I dressed up in a freaking tux for this thing?"

Everyone laughed.

"Oh leave Logan alone and come here. Pepper laughed, pulling Tony by the tie and into another kiss.

When they broke off Tony growled suggestively, grinning her favorite 'naughty grin'.

"Who's ready for some cake?"

Logan quickly found out that it may have been better to stay dead until after the wedding party. He also found out that he did not like wedding cake. He would probably have to clean his claws for a week to get all the frosting deposits off.

The cake fight was the worst, and best time he had had in a very long time. The tux was far beyond the point of no return, and Logan's hair was practically purple and pink from all the food dye. But it was worth it. Everyone (with the exception of Pepper and Tony) went to bed with full stomachs and enough exercise to make them sleep a month. As for Tony, Logan was right, it was cruel to dangle a prize like that in front of a man. Pepper didn't think he'd ever let her go; and she was perfectly all right with that.