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It was the time of the year, when the harvest was nearly at an end. The late September sun was warm and hazy, heating the fields of corn and rye below. Wheat sheaves sat, golden and crackling on the hillsides and the warm autumn wind whipped dust from the rolled hay bales and up into the air.

The sound of children's voices could be heard across the fields,

'Robin!' a little boy came pounding over the crest of the hill, closely pursued by a smaller girl, her dark hair spilling out behind her.

The boy in front capered across the field, a smile plastered across his face as he managed to keep well ahead of the younger girl.

'Robin!' She slowed and a frown creased her small face.

Robin, the little boy, slowed his incessant running and turned back, a wide grin stretching from ear to ear, and waited till the girl had caught up with him. She laughed and flopped down on the ground, arms and legs spread-eagled, like a little duckling.

'Marian!' a howl of annoyance came bouncing over the crest of the hill, and the little girl leapt to her feet, a mischievous glint appearing in her eyes.

Another two children came pounding across the wheat field towards Robin and Marian, one well in front, the other trailing. The boy with the shock of black hair was the first to reach them, a scowl on his pale face, and he narrowed his eyes at Robin and Marian's wide grins.

'Guy's got short legs!.' began Robin, the words soon forming chant. 'He can't run fast.'

Marian gave a little giggle as Guy's scowl deepened.

Robin repeated his chant louder this time.

'When I'm older,' ground out Guy, his small face white with rage. 'I'm going to be tall, much taller than you, and then you'll be the one with short legs.' And with that he flew at Robin, barrelling into him like a small missile.

But Robin had been ready, and with a short, sharp shove to Guy's shoulders, he pushed the other boy backwards onto the ground. Hard.

By the time the little girl who had been trailing behind, reached the spot where Guy sat, his fists clenched in fury, and a murderous look in his eye, Robin and Marian had gone whooping off towards the wheat sheaves the other side of the field.

The little girl stopped by Guy, her brows furrowed in concern, dark hair falling into her eyes and held out her hand. Guy took it grudgingly and stood, brushing himself down with all the dignity he could muster.

Then Marian called across the field.

'Alice! Guy! We'll go without you!.'

Guy was off in a flash running towards where Marian and Robin were standing. But Alice was left alone in the middle of the field.


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