"Sooooooooooooooo," Emmett said with a shocked expression on his face, "Bella's goth now huh?"

"She's not goth, she's just wearing an excessive amount of black." I defended.

"Is she going to dress like that forever?" inquired Emmett completely ignoring me.

Not if I have anything to say about it. That was Alice's way of thinking but even though she had already made up her mind to descend on Bella in a fluffy pink fury after school, she saw nothing that said Bella would change out of her black sweatshirts and clunky combat boots anytime soon.

"Probably" Rosalie snorted.

Emmett grunted and Jasper of all people came to Bella's defense before I could.

"Just leave her be, Alice that includes you, if Bella wants to dress like that let her, it's her way of expressing herself."


"No Alice."

"Jasper" I said quietly not taking my eyes away from Bella.


"If Bella's using her clothes to express herself why is she wearing so much black? Honestly it looks like she's a manic depressive."

"She's not drepressed, come to think of it she's not even mad, she's perfectly normal. I don't know why she chose black."

Now I turned my attention and head towards Jasper to give him a sarcastic look.

"Thank you, you've been so helpful."

I turned my head back to where Bella had been standing but she was gone. Uh-Oh.

"Seriously guys, just because I'm all in black does not mean that there is something unstable with my mental health." Bella stated obviously upset.

"Well then why so much black?" Alice cried, trying to get to the bottom of what she considered to be a major fashion emergency.

"Have you considered that maybe I happen to like black?" Bella questioned slowly as if it would take a while for the information to sink into Alice's brain.

It did.

Alice sat there with wide eyes and open mouth until Jasper reached over and shut it for her.

"We are so-" Alice began,

"Not going shopping after school." Bella finished for her.



Alice crossed her arms over her chest and pouted realizing that she had lost this argument, but only after having a vision of the outcome if she kept arguing.

I rolled my eyes, that was one of the strangest conversations that I had ever had.

Yeah I have no idea where this idea even came from, but I am so sick of people seeing someone in black and then making all kinds of assumptions about that person, like Goths and emos slit their wrists, and people that wear black are all severly depressed, ugh sorry the kids at my school are just so frickin prejudiced its not even funny, and I'm not even one of the kids that they think is depressed or suicidal, it just drives me crazy when they start judging people before they know them, so out of that somehow this was born, you don't have to review but it would be great.