Ok everyone I'm having a major brain freeze so I started a new story. It's a whole lot different from my others but I hope you like it. After this Prologe I'm going to put up the first chapter if I get 4 or more reviews. By the way I don't own anything. Thanks!XxXGreeneyesxXx

I tried to ignore the pull on my heart as I watched Jacob and her walk towards the beach. It that second that our eyes connected I knew that was forever linked with this klutzy human girl.

Sam walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder shaking his head. "Just wait brother. Your time will come." He promised before walking towards Emily. He pulled her on to his lap. And I could hear her happy laugh all the way over here. I wish I could have that with the beautiful girl with Jacob. I never wanted to see her in pain. But in a few months I would see her worse than anyone ever could.