Hey everybody. I was bored as hell one day so I thought I'd write a poem about Gears of War off the top of my head. And I did. Here's me bringing you about 2 minutes of typing. Its pretty funny so enjoy!


Gears of war is fun,
Gears of war is cool,
Gears of war one is why my ass dropped out of school,

I like the Cog team,
Delta Squad's the bomb,
Marcus is so mean because he only sleeps with Dom,

He needs to share the love,
And sleep with Baird the great,
It'd be a blessing from above if the two of them would mate,

He could sleep with Kim's cold corpse,
Now that would be the best,
But only if of course, he used the hole carved in his chest,

He could also sleep with Cole,
And Sarge and Carmine too,
And if you open up your hole he'd would probably sleep with you,

Marcus spread the love!
Sleep with locust men,
Bend that boomer over and jam it up his end,

Marcus please look out!
Here comes General RAAM,
He'll turn your booty inside out and fill it with his JAAM!