E.V.A.'s words were true, drifting 25,000 Feet in the Air, above the skyline of Terra Rex, casting shadows on the clouds : The Condor bucked slightly at the collision with soft air currents.

Sound asleep in separate rooms, one Wallop, one Sharp-shooter, one Sky Knight, one Navigator, one Merb…

And one Mission Specialist, travelled quietly between the realms of dreams.

Peaceful nights like these ones were few and far between. Often the night accompanied squadrons of Cyclonian Talons, monstrous pillar of rocks shrouded in clouds and horrendous storms that could tear Cruisers apart.

But tonight the Storm Hawks were enjoying a peaceful space of rest. Well almost all of the Storm Hawks.

Slowly the bright eyes of the Mission Specialist opened, penetrating deep into the darkness. Radarr's head slowly lifted from the basket, his ears stretching high into the cool night air. Squinting at the dull light Radarr slowly grasped for the small clock that stood lonely beside his basket, a small smile formed on the creature's face as the two arrows pointed to the time signature of 02:15mt.

'Perfect' He thought.

Radarr had been planning this operation for a whole week, not just for extra time but also for calculating all of the odds, dangers and consequences of his next actions. And by actions it would mean the moves of what Radarr secretly referred to as Operation : Sneak.

Although his planned actions where somewhat egotistical and selfish it would grant him the pleasure of gouging down on a leg of fresh chicken that at this moment was lying inside a shut metal containment unit, also known as a fridge. Aerrow despised Radar's 'Midnight' Snacks purely because they revolved around food, okay so it slightly obvious that a plate of chicken at dinner time didn't appease Radarr but it didn't mean that he had to creep around the Condor and devour it before the morning came.

But that didn't matter right now, what mattered was that Radarr : A. Maintained a covert status. B. Creep towards Kitchen and C. Devour the chicken!!.

Slowly he began his first Objective. Getting up from his basket he quickly scanned the horizon of Aerrow's dark room trying to identify any potential threats or obstructions. The immediate silence was suddenly broken by a sudden rustle from above him. Aerrow. Radarr quickly shrank back into his basket pretending to sleep waiting for Aerrow to settle back into his deep sleep.

As the silence slowly embedded itself once again Radarr made his move. Jumping out of his basket and hitting the floor with a gentle thud he turned hoping that Aerrow hadn't seen him, thankfully he hadn't. There was no need for Clothes, putting them on and taking them off would have only been a time-consuming burden. And anyway, its not like anyone else will be awake at this time in the Morning?

The door to Aerrow's room was already open but shrouded in darkness, Radarr poked his head out and looked from left to right. Pitch Black. Although it was obviously disappointing it did provide an excellent cover to Radarr, slowly he crept to his left and began the walk down the corridor towards the Kitchen.

'And where do you think you going?' a soft voice said.

Radarr stopped, instantly. He looked around trying to discover where the voice had come from. Then he realised.

'Crud! So close!' he Thought as he slowly turned behind him.

What Radarr saw was not quite what he had expected. Instead of a blue haired, slim bodied navigator he had expected to see the solemn face of the Sky Knight of the Storm Hawks. But either way it still meant that he was in trouble.

'Going somewhere, Radarr?' Piper said.

Radarr didn't speak, he knew that he had just been exposed. It was embarrassing enough being found out but it was more embarrassing being half-naked and facing a girl alone in the darkness. He blushed.

Piper shook her head, smiling. 'Aerrow told me that you might try something like this, thankfully morning deck jogs have there uses besides exercise.'

Still Radarr didn't speak. He couldn't because Piper would have no clue as to what he was saying and also because trying to explain what he was doing would be too incriminating.

'Go back to bed Radarr, we and you need rest' Said Piper turning back down the corridor.

Radarr grunted his agreement, albeit he truthfully disagreed strongly. Getting out of a warm basket for all this then letting it go to waste was bad, and even though he would not get his hands on the succulent chicken leg in the fridge he could still get something out of this, A walk maybe?. Walks weren't Radarr's style but it would help him sleep and wind down for the night.

Sighing his defeat Radarr slowly began to plod off down the Corridor towards the Bridge.