A Different take on the whole Bella meets Edward thing....its still early, I have no idea how its going to end, I've got a few ideas, AU OOC

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He was here, I could smell him. I just didn't know where. His scent had guided me to a lodge; it was a pretty thing, wooden panelling, nice porch. The rooms were dark, night had descended in the forest and this little house wasn't immune.

I ran to the steps, and straight through the open door. At once I was assaulted by the smell of human blood; it was sweet, pumping with adrenaline. I was led into the living area by the combination of a human girl's scent and the vampire I was hunting. The dark didn't even phase my eyes, I could see everything is shadowed clarity, my eyes scanned the room and fell on a small woman, she sat in the corner, her eyes moving frantically in the darkness. Her breathing was erratic and her heartbeat picked up when she heard my entrance into the small room. She had cuts over her body, cuts I could smell. Her blood was enticing, I won't lie, but the thought of draining her never even crossed my mind, I wanted to protect her.

Strange impulse, I thought to myself. And that's when it clicked, I couldn't hear the woman's mind, neither could I hear the vampires. I growled out loud when I realised he had tricked me here, with his scent all over her and then smell of fresh blood.

The girl shuffled further into the wall when she heard my growl, I was instantly worried I had frightened her, irrational, I know. I should just leave her here, but I couldn't bring myself to. She just looked so frail, even in the darkness.

I knew James had kept a 'pet.' But I never thought I would feel these impulses, these compulsions to help her, to get her to a clean safe place.

I went to her side and she moved away from me, tilting her head into the wall, her sobs of fear felt like they would break my dead heart.

"Shh," I tried to soothe her, "you are safe now, I'm going to take you to a safe place, is that ok?"

She shook her head frantically in the darkness, "h...he is coming back for me, he...he said not to move, if I move he...he's going to..."

"He won't, I'll keep you safe, I promise." And I would, I just couldn't imagine not keeping her safe. She continued to shake her head, tears falling down her face, I felt my own crumple in agony, this beautiful woman should not be scared, she should never cry.

And she was beautiful, I could see her long dark hair falling in waves around her delicate shoulders, her frame was small, slender. Her body covered in an off white dress, that didn't appear to have anything on underneath. Her face was slightly round yet had feminine lines, her eyes appeared to be dark in their colour but I couldn't make out the actual shade.

I shook my head, reaching out for her, she wasn't going to verbally agree to come with me, she was too terrified of James, as soon as my hands touched her she flinched away, her whole body tensed and she shut her eyes, though she made no move to escape my arms or any sound of fright.

I carried her back to my home, swiftly running through the trees.
When I got there I had to release her, my muscles tensed, the venom flooded my mouth. Running with her incredibly warm body nestled snugly into mine was too much, I wasn't tempted before but now, my veins wanted her.

I turned on the light and laid her body on the sofa that dominated the west wall of my living area. I dashed out again, needing some kind of untainted air passing through my lungs. And I needed to find her a blanket, once I had controlled myself, and torn the curtains from the unused room on the second floor for a blanket, I went back into the room with the girl.

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