Allo. This is the sequel to one of my previous fanfics, named The power of Rainbows. I can enjoy this story without having read TPOR, but it's good fun to do so anyway ^^ Intermediary chapter in TPOR, link on my profile.

Hi peepz. So, here I am, back (finally) with the sequel for...*winces* The power of rainbows. Longly hesitated on the title XD You all know my incapacity at writing them... It was going to be called TPOR - The second weekend. Because that's so cool. But Rachel -friend- pointed out that it sucked. In a very tactful manner, I may say. "Annabelle. It sucks." So, anyway. Resorted to looking for something else. It took me my whole test week (thanks to those who reviewed on the GN -Girlfriend Note :p- I apreciated :)) came up with 'Team Spirit'. You guy's shall understand why. Personally, I wanted to try you guys and call it "The power of team spirit", see how many of you actually kept reading XD And The power of Team Spirit makes TPOTS - Tpots - Teapots. So the story is officialy called Team Spirit, and amongst us, t'is Teapots :p

(I like Teapots more. Girlfriend and co. advised me otherwise...)

Anyway. That was for my random story :) Here is the sequel, hope you guys like it.

Warning: Uh, nothing too bad here. Oh, I think I use the abreviation 'mph'. It means miles per hour. It's British.
Disclaimer: They're not mine. The idea is, though. And some of the characters.

Couples (...of somesort..):

Spencer & Ashley

Kyla & Aiden

Vanessa & Andrew

Aaron & Peter

Single peeps (the unlucky ones...maybe it won't stay this way, but eh) :


For Vivian.

Chapter 1

I looked at my reflection. So. After all this time in LA, I still looked like I came from somewhere in Antarctica. And yet people like… like Ashley Davies, just somehow managed to have a constant and perfect tan all year round. I mean, I haven't known her a year yet, but I bet she's like that. I mean, she's perfect in everything else, so eh.

I paused and stared at myself. Oh dear. I was getting worse. Over the past week, I had been keeping track of all the times I just said obsessive, random and unrequited statements about Ashley.

I have now lost count.

Anyway. I groaned and backed away from the mirror, slamming the door to my room and stomping down the stairs. I was increasingly acting like an ungrateful teenager. Maybe the hormones starting up again… I marched into the living room and whined loudly.

Kyla looked up at me.

"What was wrong this time?" she sighed.

I collapsed on the couch next to her.

"Everything! Nothing! I don't know. It just doesn't work."

"Listen, Spencer. You're hot. I mean, right now you're only wearing your underwear, and you're tramping around the place, and seriously, that's enough to even give me a weird tingle. And I'm neither gay, neither a guy."

"And you're not the right girl either."

She rolled her eyes.

"That's not my point."

"But we're not talking about if I look good or not when I'm half naked, we're talking about what I'm wearing tonight!"

"Spence. We've gone through eight different outfits. Changed underwear set twice. Done your hair up in five different ways. Found you thousands of hot jewelry. And you're still not happy. And not dressed either. I don't know what you want more."

"But none of it is enough!"

"You're worse than a teenager on her first date."

I tried not to prove her right by reacting like one.

"It's important though. Vanessa said. First impressions are primordial."

Ooh, primordial. Big word. So not teenage-like.

"I know it is. I don't get how come I'm the one stuck with you though. It's kinda unfair, considering Nessie got the idea."

"It's not an idea, it's the truth. Now, get up there and give me a hand."

Demanding. Gosh, I was almost an adult then!

"Ninth time, here we come."

I hopped from one leg to the other impatiently, waiting for her to stand up. Eh…..back to stressed teenager. But hey, why was she taking so long? Didn't she see my life depended on this?

Okay, maybe not my life. But something very close to it.

Back in my room, Kyla made this huge act of picking her way through all the clothes flung on my floor. Oh. Har-har.

I stood in front of her as she sat on my bed, looking back at me. She rolled her eyes as I whined again.

"Well. Desperate situations require desperate measures."

She flipped her phone out of her pocket, shifting through her contact list before reaching the name she was looking for.


She ignored me, lifting her phone up to her ear.

I waited patiently. Or not so patiently. Same difference, really.

"Hey, it's Kyla. Yeah, I'm at Spencer's house right now. Have you left your place yet? Remember what Nessie and I had told you last week? Well, I may be needing your help earlier than planned. When can you be here? Cool, see you then. Thanks."

It feels very weird, only hearing one side of a phone conversation. I was quite confused.

"Who was it?"

"You'll see."

I sighed and sat down on the floor, at the place where I had been standing. Hugging my legs closer to myself, I looked at Kyla.

"So, how many people do you have involved in this thing?"

"Oh, most of the group."

"Ashley?" I asked.

"She has no idea."


I leant my head back, sighing.

"Kyla, how messed up is this plan?"

"It isn't. You're so going to get her at the end of the weekend."

"At the end?" I spun my head back up to her. "That long?"

"That's the maximum. Seriously, Spencer. You have everything to be able to win her. Don't worry too much, it'll be-"

She was interrupted by the noise of a car pulling up outside the house. Jumping to her feet, she rushed downstairs to open up to her mysterious helper.

I smiled. Proof of just how much she and I had become closer in the past few weeks. Now she just randomly allowed people in my house. What would it be next, bringing guys to me as I sat there in bra and panties?

Dani walked in the room.

Oh hello. Same thing as a guy, really.

"Hey Spencer, I heard you…." She looked at my floor. "Bloody hell." She looked at me. "Double bloody hell."

There was a silence.

"I think I know what went wrong."

Kyla stepped up behind her, patting her back.

"Good, so, I'll be downstairs if you need me. But please don't, I'm sick of clothes."

Both Dani and I smirked at her.

"Oh yeah?"

"Argh, god. Never get lesbians together. It's dangerous."


Dani grinned and I nodded. Kyla just walked out.

I sat in silence as Dani took in the state of the room.

"How long?"

"We've been at it for three hours."


"…found a pair of socks."


I nodded. She sat down next to me.

"So, Vanessa and Kyla told me about all this. You're cool?"

"Actually, I'm getting rather cold right now."

"You look hot, though."


"Okay, we'll stop," she grinned, but trailed her eyes down my body nonetheless.

"Anyway. Yeah, I'm fine. I mean, being gay isn't that..bad."

"Are you kidding? It's awesome. You'll understand me better once Ash and you fuck. Rainbows are due to her."

Why does she have to be so blunt? I'm blushing like hell now. Like, full body flush. Like, I can feel the heat against my knees.

"It's typical you fell for Ash, really. Good luck with it."

"Dani, when I first met you I thought you were going to be really difficult and just a bitch to me."

"You're telling me this why?" she asked, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

"Are you going to be a bitch?"

"Should I?"

I hesitated, going over the scene I had seen…perched on a branch…against my will…perched on a branch….them kissing…perched on a branch, i.e. WITH A BRANCH BETWEEN MY LEGS.

Anyway. Memories.

"I…saw you. With Ashley. You guys had something?"

"Sweetheart, it was only sex. That's all Ashley is about, anyway. Sex."

"…You don't think she can have anything else?"

"Of course no… Wait, you're telling me that you really want to be with her? Like, loveydovey girlfriend like?"

I nodded silently. She stared at me

"Oh. Can I be an honest bitch?"

"Go ahead."

"Spencer, you'll never get her like that. Ashley is incapable of staying with the same person for over…a fuck. Or two. Well, as long as the other girl can last in a night, basically."

I tried not to let the words sting me too much. Instead, I pouted and took it as a dare. Oh, I'd get her alright. Even if I had to tie her up and..oh. Good idea.

"You're not going to help?"

"I am. Cuz it sounds like good fun. But honestly, I don't think you'll get her. I'll help you fuck her, yeah."

I gave her a weird look.

"Listen, Dani. I've just found out I'm gay. Not sure about lesbian threesomes just yet."

She laughed.

"Kid, you've changed. Rainbows are good for you."

I didn't answer and stood up.


"Well, I'm not too sure why Kyla asked me to come. –Oh dear, my lovely girlfriend has perverted me. I'll never be able to write the word 'come' again without..uhm..yeah…- I mean, Aiden would have been a better choice. Gay men and all…"

Insert chuckle of conspiracy.

"I'm not sure I'd have liked him seeing me half naked though."

"What, you feel better with me?"

"…Good point."

She laughed and stood up too, moving to lean against my mirror, looking me up and judging the clothes scattered around the room.

"Right, first, we're cleaning all of this up. We'll see about your clothes then."

"…You just want me to bend down, don't you?"

"That obvious?"

"That obvious."

She shrugged and picked up a tshirt, folding it in one swift movement and chucking it on my bed. I stared at her.

"I worked in a clothes shop for some time."


"I got to see in the changing rooms a lot."


Understood better now…

The job was finished in only a few minutes with Dani there, and soon enough we were standing in a clear room again. I looked around myself, amazed at the change. I suddenly had a floor.

Dani stood back, her hands on her hips.

"Good. Now that that's done, let's get to dressing you."

I nodded and let her rummage through my wardrobe. She started humming some song from the Coyote Girl soundtrack and I grinned, humming along with her. As she turned around she was grinning, holding out clothes for me to try on.

"Here, dress simple. No need to get the whole thing out tonight, otherwise she'd just end up ripping 'em off," she smirked.

I took them silently and held them against my body, shivering. Okay, I was starting to get a little cold.

We stayed like that a while before her eyes widened.

"Wait, you want me to leave? So as not to see you dress? Are you serious?"

Uh, yeah, put that way, I made no sense. It happens to me often anyway.

I turned on the spot and laid the clothes out on my bed, looking at her choices. A short plaid skirt, simple t-shirt and a tie. I pulled the skirt on hesitantly, slipped the t-shirt over my head and looked at the tie dubitatively.

"That's not mine. I don't own any ties."

I turned around to find Dani's stare fixed on the place my ass had been. I coughed slightly, repeating her name.

"Dan? The tie isn't mine."

She finally snapped out of it and looked up.

"Uh, yeah, I know. I brought it over, in case."

"…Dan, I can't do tie knots."

She grinned at me and stepped closer, letting her hands fall around each extremity of the tie. In a few nifty movements it was done up, and I looked at her, amazed.

"Common lesbian knowledge," she explained, backing off again. She gave me the once over before adding, "Oh and, Spencer? We don't want Ash to fuck you in the middle of the hallway, neither do we want all of the guys there masturbating for the rest of their lives to images of you. So, the skirt comes off, and you can just wear your jeans, the ones with the pattern on the bottom left trouser."

Hesitated on how to react to that. Maybe I did want Ashley to fuck me in the middle of the hallway… But the guy picture isn't great. And I don't even want to know how Dan remembers which jeans I have.

I stepped out of the skirt and I saw her breathe, smirking softly. Ah, Dani would never change.

A few minutes later I was downstairs, dressed, happy with the way I looked and ready to go. Which was a good thing, really, considering the party had started an hour ago.

Kyla barely admired the outfit and just grabbed her keys, marching us out of the house. I barely had time to say goodbye to those people known as your family before being shoved into Kyla's car and vrooshing off. –I love new words :) -

"Do you guys always do a party just before a new weekend then?"

"Yup. Keeps the popularity quota up," she grinned. "And Ashley gets to loosen up a little."

"…Because at school she isn't?"

She paused and looked at me.


I laughed, and soon enough we were crunching up their driveway, Dani's car right behind us. I tried to stop the hammering of my heart against my ribs.

It wasn't working very well.

…What if Ashley didn't like ties?

We got out of the car and out of nowhere, Kyla was suddenly half dragging me, half pushing me up to the front door. I didn't put up much of a struggle. I mean, having a nervous breakdown on the porch and refusing to peel fingers off from around one of the columns isn't such a big deal. Dani managed to detach them. Eventually.

By the time we got in the hall, they were shouldering me and I was face to face with this… mass of..arms and legs and heads and feet and I was pretty sure that was a cat, just then. Oh, no. Just Jennifer in a cat-suit.

What? I blinked and looked through the crowd, looking for Jennifer when this slobbery thing deposited itself on my cheek.

"'lo Spencie."

"Hello Aiden. You've been here a while, haven't you," I said, looking him up critically.

"Oh, with Ash. We maaaade the punch. You should try it, Spencie. You'll be stripping for Ash in no time at aaall."

I turned to face Kyla.

"…He knows?"

"Uhm…sorry. He made me tell."

I refrained from slamming my palm against my forehead, since, out of the blue, all the blood in my body was now being pumped solely around my heart. I can just picturing it whooshing around, actually. Wouldn't that be so fun? Like, a motorised heart. We'd be all like, "Oh, Shane makes my heart go at about 300 mph". Unfortunately, this is not Shane but Ashley. And it's not 300 but something like 1000.

She ambled towards us, grinning at Dani before turning to her sister.

"I thought you guys would be here earlier?"

"Oh, a certain someone gave us a little trouble…"

"But it was worth it," chimed Dani, nodding towards me.

Ashley turned, seemingly seeing me for the first time that night. And hell, the reaction was worth it. Her eyes widened, she stepped back, her mouth opened, her mouth closed, she swallowed, I grinned.

"Oh. Hey, Ash."

Ooh, acting all natural and cool.


That was literate of her. I take the outfit works?

"..I see."

There was a slight silence (well, as silent as a hallway bonded with people in a house with music in every loudspeakers can be) before she blinked and shook her head.

"Seeing things, Ash?" smirked Dani.

"Uhm, maybe. Spencer, can I see you a second?"

Oh. The 1000mph has just gone down to nil. Funny, that. Less fun than the swirling and churning blood rate though, don't you think? No? Should I just shut up and follow her? Oh right. Kay. See you later then.

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