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Chapter 5

I woke up the next morning with Dani's hand on my crotch and Ashley's hand back on my breast. Well. It was to be expected, considering the night we'd had…

Effectively, I hadn't had much sleep. Neither had Ashley. And Dani had slept like a baby.

And I suspect the new guy snores.

Shuffling around indicated others were starting to stir, and…


Good morning Aiden.

"Again!? Fucking AGAIN!? Bloody fucked up son of a…tricked sortage…."

Ah. Maybe not such a good morning then.

Dani had sat up by now, and was ruffling her short hair up. What a dyke. …I wonder what I'd look like with short hair… Ashley, on the other hand, had decided to lie in, her hand still quite comfy on my breast. …Looked like I wasn't going to move, then.

The rest of the campers, aroused by Aiden's nice matinee wake up call, were slowly getting up and asking what the problem was. Not being able to look up, I almost pouted before remembering what was keeping my in this position anyway…

"What's…the matter, Aid?"

"Look!" he squealed.

There was silent contemplation.

"…Yeah, nice fingers man. Love the manicure," suggested Andrew.

"No! The bracelet! The bracelet! I'm the slave!"

Everyone paused, even those who hadn't bothered paying attention to Aiden's preoccupations. Dani was the first to start chortling, quickly joined by the rest of the room. That's just unlucky, man.

I turned my head, catching Ashley in mid-grin, her eyes still closed. Ah hah, so the missus was awake. But pretending to be asleep? I smirked and bit my lip. Well….I think I suddenly feel the need to stretch.

I arched my back, pressing her hand closer to me as I moaned softly. Her name slipped past my lips and I felt her tense up. Hah. Revenge. I looked over to her and almost moaned again.

Her lips were slightly parted and she was breathing faster. …I want to kiss her…

I leant forwards slowly, my lips stopping only millimetres away from brushing hers.

"Ashley… Aiden drama going on..time to get up," I whispered softly, biting my lip.

Even when she's pretending to sleep she's beautiful. I gave in and pressed my lips to hers, briefly, softly. That got her smiling.

I smiled back and sat up, stretching again and thus shaking her hand off me. ..Ah, that feels cold now…

Aiden was sulking in a corner while Vanessa and Kyla were looking a little distressed. I frowned at them. ..Looked like something was wrong.

Glancing back at Ashley I rose to my feet, picking my way over to the girls. This was much easier in daylight than it was in pitch darkness.

"What's wrong?" I asked softly, trusting the morning chatter of the others to cover the sound of our conversation. And sure enough, they all spoke a little louder.

God, these guys are great…

"It's the bracelets… Aiden fucked up with the distribution of them last night," Vanessa glared at Kyla.

She rose her hands, eyes widening.

"Woah, not my fault. He's just my boyfriend, and he's good in bed. I cannot be held responsible for him being unable to throw coloured bracelets out."


"Ky, I think you've just made me a little bit more gay."

She stuck her tongue out at me while I winced. Them in bed isn't an image I want to keep in mind.

"Anyway… Why is it so dramatic? Can't we just change the significance of the bracelets now, according to who has what?" I tilted my head.

"No. Ashley helped us write the list, and she knows what it looks like now. I…ah well, we're going to have to keep going on without it then," Vanessa sighed.

"What was the original plan?"

"You and Dani as a couple, mainly."

Vanessa raised her voice, looking over to the whole group.

"Right! Time to know who's who!"

There came a small cheer and I smiled. I liked these guys, I was glad I'd gone to that first weekend. Ashley was now sitting up and eyeing me, taking her time to get up. Ah well.

I looked around, searching for the person with the same bracelet as me. Mine was yellow and…ah. Ashley's was blue, as was Dani's. That could end up being amusing…

"First of all, the game admins. Considering we're less than usual, we had to cut down on quantities a bit, but..yeah, you guys will see," Kyla smiled, shuffling around for a paper in her back pocket. "Green bracelets, hold your arms up!"

Aaron lifted his hand hesitantly and we all looked around the find the second person. …Silence.

Finally Kyla let out a short, embarrassed laugh.

"I, ah..sorry guys," she said, holding her own wrist out. "Aaron and I are the organisers then! As we know, purple is slave. Wave for us, Aiden sweetheart!"

He stuck his tongue out, still intent on sulking in his corner.

Andrew smirked.

"Oi, slave boy! She said 'wave'!"

That got us all laughing and Aiden had no other choice but to let out a small and angry wave, flashing his purple wrist band.

"Two cooks, in yellow," Kyla continued, smiling.

I froze. I was a cook? Out of all people, I was the cook!? …Just because my dad was an amazing chef certainly did not mean I could wield a spatula and sauce pan the way he could. I crossed my fingers, hoping for a decent partner. Vanessa said Andrew was a god in the kitchen…though now that I thought back to it, was she really talking about cooking..?

It took me a few moments to notice Hannah smiling at me shyly, holding out her own yellow bracelet.

..So I was a cook, with Hannah, instead of being paired up with Dani in order to get Ashley. …Ah. Vanessa shot me a worried look before Kyla continued.

"Let's see if we're lucky with our lot this time. The whores are wearing blue bracelets!"

Dani and Ashley stared at each other, Dani slowly grinning as Ashley couldn't quite decide how she felt about it. ..And neither could I. Did this mean I'd have more moments like last night, just in public this time round? Oh great.

And Andrew was cracking up. Yeah, go ahead. You laugh. Wait till your girlfriend finds out how many pictures you'll have taken of the two of them doing…whorish stuff.

"Finally, the couples. Black bracelets, show yourselves!"

Vanessa waved her hand and the guy I had noticed last night stepped forward.

"Heya," he drawled.

…I had to stop myself from giggling. You know, in The L Word, season 3? The guy who comes and..manages The Planet for a while, Billy? Yeah. This guy sounds like him. And kinda looks like him too. I don't know if that's a compliment or not…

"Not many of you guys know me, I'm Josh. Dani told me to come along with my kit this weekend, so here I am. Nice to meet you all."

His kit? Dani told him to come? …What the hell is this now? I threw a worried glance over at Vanessa and she rolled her eyes, waving it off. Right.

"So that's Vanessa and..Josh? as a couple. Last one is red."

Andrew looked around.

"Err..I'm the only one left? I can't be in a couple by myself."

Ashley snorted, stepping up behind me.

"Yes you can, Aiden does it all the time…"

Aiden's loud protests didn't quite manage to cover the disgusted look both Dani and I shared.

It was at that moment that the door bell rang, returning the room to a somewhat calmer state.

Vanessa looked at Aiden.

"Well..? Aren't you going to open up?"

"Why should I, I….ah. ..Damnit," he grumbled off, opening the door.

A few seconds later Daniel appeared, a big grin on his face.

"Heya happy campers! Guess what I'm bringing!"

I smiled. Daniel was increasingly coming across as a really nice guy. And he was buffing up, too, losing his slightly nerdish look from before and replacing it with a tanned and confident one.

He was pointing over at the window, towards his car. There, on the roof, were four kayaks and all their gear. Andrew, Dani and Aiden whooped.

"Some water action!"

Daniel, still grinning, looked over to me. His eyes widened.

"..Oh my god! Spencer!"



"What gave that to you?"

What is he talking about..?

He stepped towards me and peered at my neck.

"Jesus, Spence. I see I've been missing out on some action, here. ..That and the bracelet distribution."

I..oh no. Ashley's hickey. I groaned softly, bringing my fingertips to my neck. I had forgotten all about that…

Ashley was grinning proudly and Dani had her eyebrow raised, smirking. She came closer and slowly tucked my hair behind my ear, leaning in and pressing her lips to the mark on my neck.

"Now now, Spencie… You mark easily.."

Ashley was not such a happy bunny anymore. Somehow she was suddenly between us, staring Dani down.

"Yeah, she does. Be careful where you put your paws."

Our little mischievous dyke laughed.

"Oh but Ash, we're whores remember? We're going to be playing around this weekend. ..You don't mind, do you? After all… you and I have been together before, you know what I'm like.."

And with that she leant in and kissed me, long and hard.

God, these lesbians have to stop doing this to me! I'm small and innocent and blond and not used to all this! …Not that I mind that much, really. Just..god!

When we finally broke apart Ashley was fuming, and the rest of the room was quite amused. We weren't even in camp yet…

"About the bracelets…" Kyla said, looking at our newcomer.

Andrew slipped his arm round Daniel's shoulders, grinning at him.

"Hey Daniel, honey. Want to be my boyfriend?"

"Oh, Andrew!" Daniel cried out, looking utterly ecstatic. "You finally asked me! Yes! Yes, I will be your boyfriend!"

And with that he jumped up into Andrew's arms, the pair of them grinning.

"..This room is feeling increasingly gay," murmured Dani.

"No, but seriously. You're my boyfriend for the weekend, Dan. You don't have the choice."

"Oh but I wouldn't change this for the world, Tiggywinkle!" Daniel cooed, poking Andrew's cheek affectionately.

"Sugarpie! I knew you wouldn't!" Andrew answered, visibly trying to laugh as he snuggled into Daniel's hand, holding the other boy closer to him. "But, ah, I need to let you down honey. I have no idea what you've been eating but…"

Daniel gasped, staring at his 'boyfriend' with his mouth wide open.

"Tiggywinkle! Are you saying I'm fat!? Oh, no! I knew my bum looked big in this!"

We laughed at the show: finally an entertaining couple. Andrew truly looked like he didn't know what to do and shot a nervous glance to Vanessa.

She grinned at him, shrugging in a "not my problem" way.

They were cool, really…

Daniel had completely slipped into his role and was now pouting, his arms crossed. He was glancing back at Andrew, who stepped closer again.

"Now now Dan, I, uhm, think you have a lovely ass! And that's why I let you down, you see? To be able to admire it better!"

Once again he was struggling with controlling his laughter, while Daniel stayed put, raising his finger to his cheek and tapping it slowly.

"I want a kiss, Tiggywinkle. Then, and only then, will I consider forgiving you.."

Andrew complied, briefly kissing Daniel's cheek.

"Sweetheart, I'll do anything!"

"…Even get down on your knees?"

"Yes, even that!" Andrew cried out, dropping to his knees in front of Daniel.

…This was looking more and more suspicious. Indeed, Daniel grinned.

"Oh, Andy. I like seeing you down there…"

Even Hannah let out a small laugh here, and it was only Kyla's intervention that got us all focused on her again. …Aaron was still looking at the two boys, a slightly pained look on his face.

"Right! Enough play, else we'll never get to camp. Aiden, you can clean this room up while the others get dressed. Cooks, to the kitchen! You're making breakfast."

Hannah and I nodded, heading over to the kitchen as the others got moving.

She smiled at me nervously, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"I..Hey Spencer."

"Heya. I hope you have ideas for this, because I have absolutely no idea what we're going to do for all these people this weekend…"

I grinned at her sheepishly.

"Well, I.. I know a few things… I thought we..could maybe make some scrambled eggs and toast?"

Yeah, that sounded okay. Better than 'cereal and milk', which would have been my menu.

"Tell you what, you can do the scrambled eggs and I'll make toast," I said, nudging her playfully.

She nodded and started to look around for eggs as I pulled out some bread, butter, a knife and the toaster. Now this, I could do.

I watched her break the eggs open into a large bowl, mixing them together with some salt and pepper. Buttering each toast as they came out, I started to set the table.

"So.. Hannah. Do you know about the plan this weekend?"

She nodded again, standing with her back to me.

"I.. Yes, I do. Vanessa told me about it.. I..Ashley is a nice person, isn't she?"

Oh, yeah. Ashley's had a thing with Hannah as well. ..Hmm.

I agreed, ending the conversation then as people started to come back into the room. The eggs, ready a few minutes later, were quite happily welcomed by the rest of the group. Unfortunately no one commented on the fact not a single piece of my toasts was burnt. I mean, come on. It's an exploit!

After breakfast Hannah and I rushed up to get dressed as the last few things were packed into cars.

We had chosen Daniel, Aiden and Ashley's cars for eleven people, which was fine. Now, for the distribution of us all…

Daniel and Andrew were glued together, both wearing an identical grin. Vanessa, chatting with Josh, caught Andrew's eye.

"Guys!" he waved at her. "We should be the couple car!"

Daniel gasped, clutching Andrew's arm. They had obviously made up…

"Oh, Tiggywinkle! What a wonderful idea! How smart of you!"

..Those two cracked me up.

Daniel, Andrew, Vanessa and Josh all piled into Daniel's car, leaving the rest of us outside. It felt like being back in Sports class, waiting to be picked out. Dani stepped closer to me, sliding her arm around my waist.

"You're staying with me, Spencie."

For once, Ashley wasn't hawking at us. Instead, she was standing in a corner with Aaron, talking to him softly. I still had to go and see what was going up with our group's two real queer boys.

Dani pulled me over to Aiden's car, a gleeful look on her face. 'Beatcha, Ashley'.

Hannah tagged along behind, as "uhm…us cooks have to stay together..no?" and that was the second car done.

Left Ashley, Kyla and Aaron.

"9 a.m. Time to set off, babies!" Vanessa shouted out of Daniel's back window, some..pop music already blasting out of the Couple Car.

Well. Here we go.

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