I recently got interested in this television show. Flight 29 Down. I like the pairings; DaleyxNathan, EricxTaylor, MelissaxJackson. And somebody will pop up for Lex. This will be told from Third person. Or, if that doesn't work out, either Daley, Nathan, Melissa, or Jackson. Maybe Lex. Takes place after episode 25, One Breath Away.

What Taylor's Up To

The tall palms swayed with the light breeze. Taylor smiled softly to herself. She laid her towel out in the white sand. Pushing her giant white sunglasses down over her eyes, she laid down on the towel. She had charged her I-pod and it was playing in her ears. I really should be charging the batteries instead of listening to this, Taylor thought reluctantly to herself, ah, what the hell. She continued to lay and soak up the sun. Soon, a shadow was towering over her. She pulled off her sunglasses and saw Daley standing above her.

"Your supposed to charge the batteries! Not listen to your I-pod. Taylor, seriously, we don't know how long we could be here, we'll need the batteries as long as we can." Daley chided, taking away Taylor's sparkly pink I-pod. Taylor pouted in rage.

"We might as well just stop doing all this shit and die." Taylor snorted, her tone showing her obvious hopelessness. Daley turned and glared at her.

"We are not going to die." Yet, She thought horridly in her head. Taylor huffed as she got up. She went off with the solar charger. Daley sighed, relieved that she was gone. Daley has never, ever, really liked Taylor. She especially hated her because she went out with Nathan. Daley went off to find Nathan. Taylor sighed as she connected the red wire to the blue wire. The red light blinked on the device, signaling that it was charging. She went down the line, connecting all of the ten battery chargers. After she was done, she huffed. What now, she thought bitterly as Eric came up to her. She always acted annoyed around him to hide her true feelings.

"Hey Tay-Tay." Eric murmured, plopping down on the sand next to her. Taylor smiled softly. He is the only one that calls her that. "Can I talk to you?" He asked. Taylor nodded eagerly. He is really sweet and cute, she gushed to herself.

"Sure. Whatcha want to talk about?" Eric smiled and grabbed her hand. His hands were warm and soft.

"I've been needing to tell you this for a long time." Eric said softly. Taylor got butterflies in her stomach. What if he likes me! She immediately got excited and hopeful. "I really like you Taylor." Her face broke out into a huge grin.

"I like you too Eric." Eric grinned, his nervousness gone.

What Lex is up to

Lex sighed as the breeze brushed his hair out of his eyes. The chicken was moving its legs around softly. "Hey there Clucky." Lex said, crouching down next to her. Clucky bocked. Lex smiled. It is like she actually understands me, Lex thought in awe. "How've you been?" Again, Clucky bocked. "I must be insane. I'm talking to a chicken."

"I don't believe your insane." A soft voice came from the bushes. Lex jumped in shock. He became defensive.

"Whose there! Reveal yourself now!" Lex said, picking up a wooden spear. A girl, that couldn't have been older than ten. She had long blonde hair and dark green eyes. She had bruises and cuts along her arms and legs. "Who are you?" Lex asked, loosening his grip on the spear.

"I'm London. I've been on the island for three months. Who are you?" She asked, raising her gold brows.

"I'm Lex, I've been on the island for 26 days." He said, sighing. "Why are you alone?"

"The others died." She whispered softly. "In the crash. I'm the only survivor of Flight 86 down." Lex's heart clenched out to her.

"Would you like to come back to camp with me? I have six other survivors with me." Lex asked, hopeful. London nodded. Lex took her hand and they ran back to camp. When they arrived everyone was their. "I found another survivor!" Lex shouted, gleefully. Now they will know that I am more than just a pest, he thought proudly. Daley as always, was the first to react.

"How long have you been stranded here?" She asked, kindly towards London.

"Three months. I've been eating fruit and drinking some of the water I found in the ground after I boiled it. My name is London Harlem." London said shyly.

"I'm Daley." Daley said, shaking her hand. London winced from a cut. Daley let go quickly.

"I'm Nathan." Nathan said, smiling friendly at her.

"Taylor." Taylor said, looking into Eric's eyes.

"Eric." Eric said, too absorbed in Taylor to care.

"I'm Melissa. Nice to meet you London." Melissa said softly, not to frighten her.

"I'm Jackson." He said coldly, like always. Melissa sighed, looking at him. He had a glint in his eye when she sighed.

"We also have three others with us, but we don't know where they are." Daley said, sighing. "Jory, Russell, and Ian. Abby is somewhere on the beach." Daley said, shrugging. London sighed and sat in the sand. "You should get some rest. We'll give you a job to do in a few days. Go sleep in the plane." Daley directed London to the plane and left her their to sleep. Lex smiled and went back to his chicken. Nathan was looking at Taylor and Eric.

"Are you two, a thing?" He asked, raising his eyebrows. Even this caught Jackson's attention. Eric smiled and nodded proudly. Nathan, Melissa, and even Jackson laughed in joy. Daley came back to the circle.

"Let's get back to work." She said, ruining the fun. Nathan and Daley went to collect fruit, Jackson and Melissa went to collect fire wood, Eric and Taylor went to collect water.

Nathan and Daley!

Daley sighed as she picked up another coconut and put it in the straw sack that Nathan was carrying. Nathan sighed and set the bag on the mossy forest ground. "Do you think we'll ever be saved?" Nathan asked, looking up at his girlfriend, Daley. Daley frowned at him. He knew that she didn't like thinking un-positive.

"I hope soon." She sighed, cuddling up next to him. Nathan wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tightly. "We better get some more food by dusk." Daley said, breaking the embrace and continuing to seek out fruit. Nathan sighed and picked up the bag, heading after her. In the end, they collected a bag full of fruit. Nathan put it in the plane storage. London was still safely asleep. Nathan and Daley curled up together by the fire. The sun was almost setting. Nathan stroked her wild red hair affectionately. Daley smiled.

"I love you." Nathan whispered into her ear. Daley smiled in love.

"I know." He couldn't help but laugh.

Eric and Taylor.

Eric held onto Taylor as they walked through the jungle. They came to a halt at the pump. They each filled one jug and carried them back. "I hope we get out of here soon." Taylor murmured, looking at the trees.

"We will. I promise." Eric said, kissing her hand. Taylor giggled and blushed. "I just know it." They grabbed two more jugs and headed back to the pump.

"Do you think the teachers are worried about us?" Taylor asked. Eric laughed.

"We are all troublemakers, especially Jackson. Their probably glad we are lost." Eric snorted sarcastically. Taylor shrugged. Maybe it's true, she thought as they brought the water back. They joined Nathan and Daley by the fire. Taylor leaned into Eric's warm embrace. Maybe it's true.

What did you think! I like it so far! I'm into the show.