Hinata is going to a high school full of bullies preps and stuck ups, how will she survive? SasuHina, KakaAnko, and NaruSaku

Chapter One,
High School Punishment

Sup, names Hina 15 years old, sorry but I can't tell you my whole name so just call me Hina, here's some stuff about me. I'm scene that means I dress like a goth but I'm not one, that's what scene is. I like people who are not scared to say what they want sometimes.
I absolutely hate people that are stuck up and think they are all that, like preps and popular people. I have kinda of a anger problem I intend to be a little... okay a lot violent.
But that don't mean I'm not a good person, i just tend to get in a lot of fights, all of which I have won. I can be a really nice person when I'm around people I get along with.
My best friend Ten is a a year older than me so she's 16, she has an energetic personality sometimes she can be really annoying but I still love her like a sister.
This Is My Story.

"Hey ten wait up!" Hina yelled.
"Well you need to walk faster Hina!"Ten practically screamed.
"Your the on running like a mad man!"Hina yelled, catching up to Ten.
"Oh well Hina" Ten said.
"Whatever"Hina said.

When Hina and Ten where walking they saw a huge building coming into view. It kinda looked like a mansion except it said konoha high.
"Wow, it's huge right Hina!"Ten yelled.
"Yeah and like could you like stop like screaming like now."Hina said in a real preppy annoying voice.
"Stop talkin like that it's annoying"Ten yelled.
"WHO"S GONNA STOP ME!" Ten screamed back.

Then Hina tackled Ten to the ground yelling for her to shut her mouth. Hina started to notice people staring so she tried to get up but Ten wouldn't let go.
Hina started to punch and slap Ten to make her let go of her legs. when she finally was able to stand up she dusted herself off.
"Ten get up people are starting to stare you idiot" Hina whispered.
"Okay fine, you started it" Ten said getting up and dusting herself off.
They started to walk again picking up there pace so they wouldn't be late for there first day of high school.
This year they were freshmen, so that meant they were at the bottom of the chain, the lowest of the ranks, It sucks because you have no power to do anything.

(Hina's POV)

I remember when I was in 8th grade all I would hear was how bad high school was for freshmen.
I never believed the stories but some of them sounded pretty real like they could have really happened, like when kids got beat up and put on the school flag pole for everyone tosee in some ridiculous outfit like cheer leading outfits or whatever they can find to dress you up in.
There were some that were just crazy, like this one i heard about a freshmen getting beat up so bad he died. I think they said something sbout internal bleeding not being treated immediately so he died right then and there.
But I think stuff like that has happened before so i'm kinda worried about Ten. I know something like that won't happen to me because so far nobody's been able to beat me in a fight yet so I don't think I'll have a problem. But Ten is another story.
She and I both know I'm not always gonna be there so if she get's in a fight she will have to fend for herself. She is in my grade but has the same classes as my older cousin Neji,(Ten is smart)so he might help her besides they are friends to.I think.
Me and Ten were walking through the beautifully painted bright blue doors when I feel this force against me. I look up and I see I just ran into somebody with raven black hair and onyx eyes.
I was staring into his eyes cause they were endless seas of snapped me ot of it was the person starting to say something.
"Watch your going idiot" the boy said
"What did you say to me?" I said seeing if I was hearing right.
"What are you are you blind and deaf, I said watch were your going you got that!" He said in an annoyed tone.
"Oh you are goin down boy I'm gonna hurt you so bad your gonna be begging for mercy!" I yelled madder than I have been in a long time.
I got up real quick, he got up to but slower. I got into a fighting stance ready to strike anytime. I noticed him watching me intently with an annoyed look.
Then he smirked and also got into a fighting stance a little like mine but just different footing.

(End POV)

(Regular POV)

Hina and the boy started to run at an amazing pace. Ten was just staring at them the whole time, amusement in her eyes.
Hina started with a blow to the stomach but missed because she had to dodge at the last second to not get punched in the face.
The boy was already running toward Hina by the time she regained her composure and got in to her fighting stance.
Hina started running at the exact moment she saw an opening, right between his arms were his rib cage is.
The boy was performing a roundhouse kick to the head but ducked just in time and punched right in to his rib cage with all her force.
He lay down on the ground as if he were knocked out but in reality he was just waiting for her to come closer to knee her in the stomach.
Hina sensed something was wrong and decided against going to see if he was dead. When she saw his stomach moving up and down, she wanted to make sure she didn't kill him but she knew that he wasn't dead.
But there was something wrong so she just picked her stuff up and signaled for Ten to come on.
Hina walked down the lavender colored halls as if nothing at all had just happened.
"Hey Hina are you sure it was okay to just leave him there?" Ten asked worried if he was still alive or not.
"Yes he was fine the little faker." Hina said nonchalantly.
"What do you mean?" Ten asked curiously.
"He was pretending to be knocked out." Hina said nonchalantly.
"Really?, How could you tell?" Ten asked curiously.
"I sensed something was wrong and i saw his stomach rising and falling, though he was doing it very shallow and clamly." Hina added with a serious voice.
"Wow how did you do that?" Ten asked very curious as t how she could do that.
"Easy really, I have been through special training and my eyes and ears can catch every little detail of something." Hina said looking at the locker numbers.
"Wow that is so cool!" Ten screamed.
"Will you please stop that screaming you are giving me a migraine." Hina said covering her ears.
"Okay, fine" Ten said bored.
"Let's find our lockers and get to class okay?" Hina said.
"Okay!" Ten said excitedly.
They soon found there locker but they were far away from each other, oh well. They started walking to there different classes after saying goodbye to eachother.
When Hina walked into the classroom only to find everybody already there.

(Hina's POV)

"Huh, it looks like i'm late for the first day of school joy." Hina said dully.
When I walked in all eyes were on me. I was getting kinda annoyed, I was just about to yell at them until the teacher said something.
"Class may I have your attention!" The teacher lady yelled.
"This is a new student from the Rain village." The teacher said pointing at me. i was about to tell her off cause pointing is rude then she started talking again.
"My name is Anko sensei please tell the class your name and a little about yourself." The teacher lady now know as Anko sensei said.
"Names Hina Hyuu sorry can't give you my full name, I'm 15 and I like to get into fight's but my psychiatrist says it's cause I'm bipolar but I don't think so." I said calmly.
"Your bipolar? and why can't we knoe your name?" One of the students said.
"Cause if you know my full name, let's just say bad things'll happen to you, okay." I said.
"Your bipolar, hey ain't Gaara like bipolar to?" A random person asked Anko Sensei.
"You do know I"m right behind you don't you?" Said a really creepy looking red head.
"Oi you, redhead!" I yelled. Everybody looked at me as if I had just grown another head. The redhead lookaed at me.
"Your Gaara no Sabaku, unstable insomniac right." I more stated than asked. Everybody looked suprised like they didn't know that.
"How did you know who I was." He asked, more of a statement then a question.
"Kinda easy Sabaku, you are the only one in wherever we are now that is a redhead and I knew the yougest Sabaku was a redhead so naturally it would have been you. I stated boredly.
"Che whatever." He said.
"Okay now that your little convo is over you can sit next to the Uchiha." she said.
"Stand up Uchiha" She said loud enough for everyone to hear.
You would never guess who stood up right then... It was the boy I fought with this morning.
"WHAT!" I screamed, and by the look on his face he recodnized me to.
"Is there a problem Miss Hina?" Anko asked.
"I CAN'T SIT NEXT TO HIM!" I screamed again.
"Why not?" Anko asked gettin annoyed with the screaming.
"BECAUSE HE IS A COCKY, STUCK UP BASTARD!" I screamed, I bet the whole school heard me, not that I cared.
"That is not nice to say about other people Hina." Anko said scolding.
"But I don't wanna sit next to him we were just in a taijutsu fight this morning because HE IS A COCKY, STUCK UP, BASTARD, THAT DOESN'T KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP!" I screamed, and I heard people start gasping and whispering to eachother.
"You two fought on school grounds?" Anko asked seriously.
"If you call the front door school grounds then yes." I snapped.
"Is this true Uchiha?" Anko asked.
"Hn" The boy now known as Uchiha said.
"And I beat his ass all over the ground!" I said proudly. I could actually hear hime getting mad.
"Both of you to the principle's office now." Anko said quickly.
"No surprise there I tell ya I was expecting a lecture." I said kinda bored with the punishment me and Uchiha were recieving.
(End POV)

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