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Chapter 5,

What Now?


" Uh, Gaara?"

End Recap.

Gaara's POV

"Yes, Hina?" I say.

"What now?" Hina says with an unreadable expression.

"What do you mean?" I ask curiously, I hate it when people are hard to read!

"I mean, what do we do now." She says. I find her question quite hard to answer. What now? What do we do now?

"Hm, I don't know." I answer, putting on a thoughtful expression.

"Well, since it's this late I guess I could go home." Hina says, sounding as though she doesn't care either way.

"It's much to dark for you to go home now," I say keeping a thoughtful expression. "besides, you don't know how to get from here to your home do you?" I say, making an audible reason for her to stay.

Though I don't know why I have kept her around until now, maybe it's because I might never find another girl that doesn't care for my looks. Maybe I'm just thinking to much.

"Well, no I guess I don't." She says, her face mirroring mine.

Hina's POV

I am still sitting on what seems to be Gaara's bed, from what information I've gathered, and I don't have any information at all so that's why I'm not sure.

"Is this your room, Gaara?" I ask, deciding not to waist time thinking about it.

"Yes." He answers simply. That means I'm keeping him from getting to sleep. Though I normally wouldn't give a rat's ass about other people, Gaara is another matter altogether.

"Are you hungry?" He asks, trying and failing to keep a straight face.

"No," I answer truthfully. "I am a bit thirsty though." He looks at me a moment before standing from his sitting position on the bed.

"I'll go and get you some water." He says, turning toward the door.

"No, I'll get it. Just show me where everything is." I say quickly. He shrugs and starts walking. I get up and follow him out of the room.

He points to everything after giving there name. I memorize the exact place of everything in all the rooms we go through, which isn't many might I add. We finally reach the kitchen to find two unknown people sitting at the table playing with some poker cards. One is a female with blonde hair in four pig-tails, she shows no resemblance to Gaara what-so-ever. However the other person, male this time, shows resemblance in hair color, though his is light brown instead of blood-red. Both show no contrast to Gaara's skin, theirs are tanned slightly while Gaara's is paler than mine almost. He can''t be related to any of them but there is no other reason for them to be here. Unless they are dating, which I highly doubt.

Both of them look up at us when we enter the room, mainly staring at me. I must look strange to them or something because they look at me witha curious gaze. I stop at the door, leaning on the wall though Gaara keeps walking until he comes to a cabinet and opens it. My attention is again set away from him and back to the unknown people. 'Sigh' I might as well get on with it.

" Gaara, who are these people?" I ask, pointing to them. Though that was probably the rudest thing I could have done next to punching both of them in the face.

Gaara looks at me, showing his piercing eyes to me.

"They are my siblings." And that was it, that was all he says. He must not like them very much or something. I look back to the other participants in the room and find them staring at me, as though they are expecting me to do something.

"What?" I say, getting annoyed for the first time here. They seem to not here my question because they don't move at all, they don't even blink. God, are they stupid or something?

"Gaara, are they mentally retarded or something?" I ask, annoyed as hell, looking at Gaara. Through my peripheral vision I see them blink in what seems to be suprise. Gaara's lip's twitch and I hear something tha sounds like chuckling.

"I'm araid they aren't," He says, still chuckling." though their behavior does quite fill the spot." He finishes by smiling at me. I laugh a little, enjoying the sound and look Gaara now shows.

"What the hell Gaara!" The male says, obviously the less smart one. Because after he said that Gaara stopped chuckling and his face went blank. I hiss a little at him, making him look back at me.

" What's got your pannies in a bunch?" He asks incredulous. He must seriously want to die, though he doesn't know it, he has just been moved to my beat-the-hell-out-of list. I scowl at his question.

Gaara seems to notice the killing intent coming off me in waves, no, tsunami's. My fists' are clenched and I hiss again, making him back up unconciously.

"Kankuro, if you don't want to be beat the hell up then you'd be wise to shut-up." Gaara says, caution in his voice. Probably meant to hint the danger he's in. I don't know how but I think Gaara knows that I can fight, and he probably doesn't want the kitchen a mess. I narrow my eyes at the person now known as Kankuro.

"What is she gonna do, scratch me to death?" He says, laughing at his own joke. Gaara is standing stiff still, a pronounced meaning of caution to Kankuro. Again through my peripheral vision, I catch a movemont on my other side. I reflexively look over to what caused the movement, the female was standing up. She was shaking her head to Kankuro, cautioning him as well. He didn't seem to take the hint because starts talking again.

"Come on, show me what you can do if your so tough." He provokes, not knowing what he is getting himself into. I smirk, always ready for a challenge. I crouch down almost like a predator getting ready to pounce on it's prey. My eyes are slits from narrowing them so much. I cross my arms, my finger-tips touching the floor spread out. My lips curl over my mouth showing my teeth, though I was never taught to fight this way, it comes naturally. Like second-nature to go into this crouch.

Kankuro take another step back this time subconsciously, he looks back and forth between Gaara and the female, as if wondering what to do. My posture is offensive, meaning to attack whenever.

" What is up with you?" He asks, a mix of fear and defiance in his tone. " Don't underestimate me!" I hiss, sounding less human than I am. I coil my legs ready to pounce, pushing off when I have enough strength built up. I jump, releasing the pent up energy. But when I am about half way to Kankuro, Gaara steps in front of me, blocking my path.

All my anger vanishes when I see the defensive posture Gaara has. I try to stop, to turn out of the way so that I don't hit him. But I'm going to fast to get far in the turning process before I pummel into Gaara. We both fall to the floor, me on top of Gaara, my hands on his shoulders. I look into his eyes in apology, he shows nothing until I see concern flicker in his eyes.

"Gaara.... I'm sorry." That's all I can say, I say it with the utmost emotion I have ever felt, other than rage of course.

He looks into my eyes and I notice how close we are, our noses are almost touching. I lean down so that are forheads are together. Our noses are touching now, Gaara has a new emotion on his face now. He has wide eyes, his cheeks are slightly red now. I lean my whole body except my head this time so that I'm almost laying on top of him. The red in his cheek's intensify in the slightest. I feel the heat coming off him, and from my peripheral vision I see Kankuro and the unknown female leave the room, closing the door behind them.

Gaara's POV

I am currently lying on the floor, with a girl I have just met but feel like I've always known on top of me. She is gazing into my eyes, with an almost loving expression. My eyes widen even more than they already have, because she leans down a bit more. As if to get a better look of me. I glance down to her lips, feeling a strange emotion envelop me. In the next second, for some unknown reason, I leaned my head up so that my lips were on her's. She looked suprised at first but that quickly wore off. She closed her eyes, moving her lips against mine.

I felt something wet move across my bottom lip, I freeze not knowing what to do. Hina opens her eyes, that's all I need. The instructions are there in her eyes, pleading almost. I open my mouth slowly, when they are half-way open Hina closes her eyes. I fell her tongue trace my lips and slowly reach into my mouth. Her tongue swipes against mine, I move my tongue around hers, giving her encouragement to continue. I finally get the hang of it, our tongues fight for dominance when she puts her hands around my neck. I acknowledge her action by putting my arms around her waist.

We lean into each other more, trying to get as close as possible. Though our kiss is cut short by a knock on the door, usually I would ignore it but the knock was like a name plate. That knock was of one of my old acquaintances. I open my eyes to find Hina already has. I nod and she reluctantly gets off of me. She sits down in a wooden chair at the table. I walk to the door, opening it with slight force. There, standing before me, is Sasuke Uchiha. He walks into the kitchen and stops dead in his tracks at the door. I look over his shoulder to find him staring at Hina.

Hina's POV

Gaara went to open the door shile I sat in the chair, thinking of ways to make whoever it was to leave. I hear the door open and shut. There are light foot steps coming down the hall into the kitchen. I look toward the door, the footsteps stopping.

Standing in the doorway is the last person I thought I was going to see tonight, maybe even tomorrow. Sasuke whole thinking process lasts about a second. We look each other in the eye for about a sixteenth of a second before shouting in unison:


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