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"Brother, what should we do this evening? The sun is setting and it's really nice out. Plus I think that you could use the fresh air. You know they say that evening air is the best air there is. After what happened and all, you've been to copped up," Alphonse Elric said happily to his brother. Or as happily as he could considering that he tension between he and his brother had been unbearable for the better of two days.

Al was ecstatic to be back in Central. Ed was always more like himself here. Although, when Edward was himself he was insanely hard to deal with. He was such a grump sometimes. He was hard to be with. But they were all each other had. He and Edward both agreed on that. They couldn't leave on another. They were together, forever. No matter what shape or form they were in.

"Al, I just want to say inside. Ok? I don't want to go anywhere. Just knowing that I might have had to kill those people makes it hard to look at them," Edward muttered into his pillow. "It make my life harder than it need to be."

Marcoh's note had reveled that the secret ingredient to making the Philosopher's Stone, the stone that was going to change his little brother and himself back into their human forms, was human lives. Edward was so shocked. How could this be? After all the searching and trying was this how it was going to end? Edward couldn't kill anyone. Not even for Al and he was ashamed of himself for that, but he know that Al won't be happy in that body. Every time he looked in the mirror he was see the lives lost giving him that body. So if Al wouldn't be happy then what was the point in trying to fix their bodies?

The Elrics had officially given up on their search for the Philosopher's Stone. It was over, said and done.

The elder Elric had told the Colonel the previous day, and Mustang wasn't having any of it. He wasn't going to believe that these boys had come so far to just up and quit when there was an obstacle. There had to be another way to do it. But when Ed was told this, he wasn't hearing it. It was over. The stubborn child was done with his search. But said he would stay a certified alchemist. He was going to stay a dog of the military.

"But we aren't doing it now. It's been decided it. We agreed on it. WE decided that WE didn't want to do it anymore. It wasn't like you decided to do this by yourself without my consent. So I'm ok with it. And if I can go out in this body then you can go out to. Now come on," Al said in a very final tone. He'd recently acquired the talent of sounding final and he used it more that needed.

Ed rolled his eyes and looked over at Al. "Where do you suggest that we go? Huh?"

Al looked over out the window. "Um, there's a restaurant that I'd like to go to." Ed tossed a quizzical look in Al's direction. "Yeah, I know that I can't eat, but I hear that the music is incredible there. The singer is out of this world."

Ed pulled on his left shoe and then looked for his right. But he couldn't find it. "Ah, look, I can't find my shoe, darn we can't go now."

"It's under the bed brother," Al muttered. "If you really don't want to go, then I'll go by myself," Al walked to the door in his huge suit of armor.

"Uh, hang on. I'll go." Edward looked under the bed and grabbed his shoe and then pulled it on. "OK. The restaurant. Where is it?"

"It's close to the train station," Al said, brightly. "Come on. You'll be glad that you came."

Ed muttered under his breath the whole way to the restaurant. He knew that deep down inside that it was good for him. He knew that he needed to get out. But he didn't want to. He wasn't ready. Deep, deep, deep, deep down inside he was ashamed and scared of himself. He was ashamed because he'd almost killed so many people. And he was afraid of himself because he'd thought about doing it. He'd almost become a monster. He never wanted to become a monster.

As they walked Al tried to hold causal conversation with Edward, but he didn't seem to be listening, so Al gave up and let their walk fall into an uncomfortable silence. Then suddenly out of nowhere the brothers were rammed into. Ed, Al, and their 'guest' fell over in a pile. The force at which the person had hit them took his breath away. Ed closed his eyes

"Oh, man," an unfamiliar voice muttered, causing his eyes to open. The person that had run into them was now standing and frowning as she brushed of her clothes. "Great, now I'm late and dirty. Sharon's not going to be ecstatic happy about this." She looked over at the boys and sighed. "Sorry 'bout that."

Ed looked up at her and caught her eye. He was then taken back. Her dark violet eyes were filled with annoyance and sarcasm. Where had he seen that look before? The perfect mix of annoyance and sarcasm; the person's name was on the tip of his tongue but he couldn't say it.

"Um, yeah, so I'm going to be going now," the female's voice came. It was very soft and song-like, it almost reminded him of a lullaby. "I'm really sorry about that." She slid her hands into her back pocket and smiled. "I really am." She tuned and started to run again.

Something flashed on her thigh that caught Ed's attention. "Hey, hey," Ed called after her. He got up and chased after her. "Hey, wait." She turned and looked at him. He then came to a sudden realization. She was shorter that him. She really was. A triumphant smile came across his face. He shook his head. "Is that pocket watch yours?" HE asked her.

"Yep," her reply was very impatient. She held it up for him to see. "Cool." She twisted it and it caught the sun's light. She then dropped it. "So anything else?"

Ed took this time to look at her. She was well built and she had her curves in the right places. She was also muscular, not too much thought; just enough. Her eyes were a dark shade of purple; violet. And she was short, okay, they were about the same height. Her dark black hair held random streaks of blue, pink, purple, and red. She was over all a nice looking girl.

Ed shook his head. "No you can go. I was just wondering?" He watched her turn and then dash away. He then thought of another question. "Hey, what's you name?"

She stopped and looked over her shoulder flashing him a bright smile. She then started to run again. Looking over her shoulder she called, "It's the Flash Alchemist." She looked back ahead and continued her run.

He sighed as Al walked next to him. "Who was that girl?" He asked, watching her run away.

"The Flash Alchemist," Ed muttered softly. His eyes trained closer to her smooth movements and the lightness of her feet touching the ground.

Al shook his head and laughed, 'Come on, brother."

Ed looked up at Al. "What are you laughing at?" Al simply shook his head. "No really, what?" Al stayed quiet. He asked the same question over and over and over. He got more and more annoyed every time he didn't get an answer.

As they neared the restaurant they saw this is was a fine place. The sign over the door read Total Eclipse, in a glowing neon green color.It didn't seem to be crowed at the time. And when they walked in, they saw that they'd been correct. There were many open tables. So Edward and Alphonse Elric sat down at one.

A waitress came over to them and handed them two menus, not commenting on Alphonse's current physical state. Ed looked over the menu and decided what he was getting before Al could even look at the menu that was put in front of him. Ed ordered a burger and fries. He nodded to the waitress and she took Al's menu, too, without asking.

More people came in after Al and Ed; lots of people. Maybe it was the time. Ed looked at the clock on the wall. It was nearing six. Maybe the restaurant was only crowded at night. He then saw something that caught his eye. An advertisement. It read:


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 6 pm

Come and hear the seductive sounds of…


Ed was interested. Who was this girl that attracted all of these people? Could she really be that good? Of course she's that good. If she wasn't would all these people still be here to see her? If she was that good why was she performing in a restaurant in Central?

The lights slowly dimmed and a man dressed in a suit stepped out on to the stage. He turned on the microphone and looked around at the crowd. He tapped the microphone and cleared his throat. "I hope that everyone is enjoying their meal and the lovely service," the man said. "Now I know why you are all here. You are here to see the fabulous new act, Serenity." There was a chorus of 'yeahs' and 'uh-huhs' that followed for more than a moment afterwards. "So I'll give her to you. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the seductive sounds of……….. Serenity."

A soft piano played as the red curtain rose. A female in a fitted short red dress and a black top hat, stepped from behind the curtain. She looked down at the ground for a moment; the hat covered her eyes, her soft pink lips moving quickly, as if she was praying. She then looked up at the crowd; her violet eyes shining. She flashed a smiled and it seemed like it was only for Ed.

Then it hit him. That was the girl from earlier; the Flash Alchemist. This is where she was going to in such a hurry. She was performing and her real name was Serenity. That was a nice name. It was a really nice name. He looked up at her as she looked out over the crowd.

"Hello, ladies and gents," She said in that soft, lullaby-like voice of hers. "Thank you for coming out to see me on this lovely Monday evening after your hard day at work." She smiled. "So kick back and relax, buy a drink from our lovely bartender, Katie," She pointed a finger towards the bar and the bartender waved and mouthed something. "She says don't forget to tip her. And speaking of tips, don't forget to tip," she tipped her hat and dropped it on to the ground, opening up, "me too." She smiled. "So I hope you enjoy the show. Hit it, Rick!"

A soft violin played from beside the piano and she took the microphone off the stand. She inhaled softly and the words fell out of her mouth in the lullaby-like voice of hers.

"At last my love has come along, my lonely days are over, and life is like a song, oh yeah yeah. At last, the skies above are blue, ooh, my heart was wrapped up in clover, the night I looked at you. I found a dream that I could speak to, a dream that I, aye, can call my own, I found a thrill to rest my cheek to, a thrill that I, aye, never know. Oh yeah yeah, and you smile, you smile, and then the spell was cast. And here we are in heaven. For you are mine, at last."

Her voice was sweet and very much like what the advertisement had said, seductive. And the fact that she was in that dress only helped. But if she'd been up there in rags she would have had the same effect on anyone. Men crowed around the stage tossing money into the hat and receiving bright smiles in return and then running to the back of the line to give more. People were even at the bar now.

She finished holding that last note and smiled. "Thanks. I really appreciate the tips gents." She smiled. "So, it's a nice night tonight. I'm pretty sure it's a full moon. It's beautiful. You all should go and look at it. But don't leave if you haven't tipped me." Laughter filled the restaurant and she smiled again.

And the night went on. Her singing and telling jokes. Anyone could tell that she looked being up on that stage. She loves being the center of attention. And if fit her. She was beautiful up there. She belonged on stage. She was so comfortable up there that it only seemed to make sense that she lived there. But he was pretty sure that she had a home.

"Well, ladies and gents," She said after a while. "It's time for me to get going." The crowd 'booed "I know, I know. I hate to leave too. But I have to go home. But I can do one last song for you." She smiled and sat down on the edge of the stage. "Can everyone still see me?" She asked. "Good, because my feet are killing me. Okay. Rick once more, hit it."

The soft piano played and she smiled.

Don't cry, don't cry baby, don't cry baby, dry your eyes and let's be sweethearts again, oh oh. Cause you know, you know I didn't mean, to ever treat you so mean. Come on, come on sweetheart and let's try it over again. And, whoa, don't cry, don't cry baby, don't cry, don't cry, dry you eyes and lets be sweethearts again. Oh, cause you know, you know I didn't mean, to ever treat you so mean. Come on, Come sweetheart and let's try it over again. Don't cry, don't cry baby, don't cry, don't' cry, don't cry, don't cry. Dry you eyes, let be sweethearts again. Don't' cry, don't cry, don't cry, don't cry, don't cry, mmmmmm, don't cry.

There was more applause. Edward even found himself standing and clapping. Al, who stood and clapped every time, did what he'd done the whole time. He did however; look over at Ed when he stood. She picked up her tip hat. "Any last minute tips?" No one moved. "Okay. Thanks for coming out tonight everyone. Really I appreciate it so much. I really do. And I'll be here tomorrow, too." She curtsied and turned on her heel and walked off the stage. Leaving every guy in the restaurant clapping and in awe.

And yes, that included our, Mr. Edward Elric.

After she was off stage the lights went back to their full brightness. The all of the patrons were gone within five minutes of her performance ending. They all talked about her and how great she was and how they'd be back tomorrow.

"Are you ready to go brother?" Al asked.

"Um," Ed muttered. "You go. I have to stop by the Colonel's office. I forgot to got today. He's going to be extremely mad at me."

"Oh, well, I'll go with you," Al said.

"No, that's not really necessary," Ed shook his head. "Go home. I'll be there after a while."

Al looked at his brother and then sighed as he walked away. He was confused. What was so important to Ed tat he not share it with Al? Why was he keeping secrets? Was Ed going to make the stone anyway? Al shook that thought from his head quickly. Ed would never do anything that dumb.

Ed watched Al walked away. He then walked back towards the restaurant. He looked inside and saw no one. Well no one except Katie. She was wiping the bar down. She looked up and out of the door. He hid in the shadows quickly.

Why was he doing this? She was just a girl. And girls come and go. But this girl was different. He felt like he knew her. Even from the few words that she'd said to him. She looked so familiar. He felt drawn to her. He felt like he had to find out who she was. It wasn't and option. It was yes; find out everything about this girl. He was glad that she'd told him her nickname. It made research on her easier. He started walked home. He would find out about her in good time.