I glanced up at the calendar hanging from my pale lavender room. It seemed unreal, a nightmare that I couldn't wake from. It had been 120 years since he left, and still my wounds wouldn't heal. Time had not healed this raw hole that still ate away at my chest. I learned to bare the pain, but it occasionally left me breathless.

I broke away from the pain of my thoughts and gazed at my room. It was what I would call a "box" room, just a square room without and nooks or crannies. Three walls were pale lavender and the other was midnight black. The oak wood floor was littered with clothes. My bed, a queen sized, was dark purple and black. I had a desk in one corner to do homework and a black butterfly chair on side opposite the bed. The door by the butterfly chair led to my bathroom and closet. All in all it was a pretty plain room.

"I'll never spend much time here anyways," I thought. I sighed; I didn't like the move to begin with. "Even after all this time, this town seems too painful." We had moved back to Forks, my brother and sister thought it would be a good idea to help put the past behind me.

"Where are Sara and Jockoe anyways?" I had found Sara dying in the forest 50 years back. I changed her and she had stuck by my side ever since. Sara had the power of telepathy; you would be surprised at just how handy that is in a fight. Sara and I had met Jockoe at a school in Canada 27 years back. Sara and Jockoe's story was much like my own, only with a much happier end.

I walked out of my room, to the end of the corridor where the stairs were and yelled, "You two better be ready on time. You were ones that made me come here in the first place."

I walked quickly back to my room. Already I could hear sounds of life, or rather existence, coming from downstairs. I went into my closet and grabbed a pair of dark jeans, a blood red t-shirt, and a plain black hoodie that I knew would cover most of my face when the hood is down.

I put them on and turned to look in the full length mirror. The clothes fit great on my perfect body. My hair was a soft chocolate brown and was slightly curled; it hung down past my shoulders. My face was angular, but not to much and my lips were red and full. My own butterscotch eyes stared back at me.

"Well time for my precaution." I chuckled without laughter at my thought. My power was that I could change my appearance or the appearance of any others around me. I had also kept my blocking of any powers, it had become even stronger being changed. I always changed my appearance so that incase I ran across anyone that might know me, they wouldn't recognize me.

I started to change before me. My butterscotch eyes turned a very bright blue, my face turned less angular and my hair turned dirty blonde. I shrank my height by a couple of inches and gave my pale white skin a bit of color. My scent changed from freesia to vanilla. I decided to give myself the appearance of a heartbeat. Even though I didn't have one, it now seemed like I did.

I gazed approvingly over my new look. "I look nothing like my old self." A stab of pain shot through me, making me grimace. "Oh well, that Bella died along time ago." I turned and ran vampire speed down the stairs to see if Sara and Jockoe were ready to go.

They were sitting next to each other on the coach when I got into the living room. "Hey Is, you ready?" Jockoe inquired. Sara looked over at me with worried, anxious eyes.

I took a deep breath. "Yea, I guess so, lets get this torture over with," I said dramatically. Sara gave me a reassuring smile. Jockoe just gave a knowing nod.

"Alright then," he said. They both stood up as I headed toward the door. Love just seemed to radiate from them, and it made the hole in my chest burn every time I saw them. We all walked outside and I hopped into my red Ferrari. Sara and Jockoe got into the black Lamborghini. I rode in a different car not only to give them privacy but also because I would take detours sometimes to distract my mind from my painful past. We didn't much care to be inconspicuous like my other family. I had often asked my brother and sister if they wanted me to change them so that they looked more human, but they never did. They enjoyed the awed and lustful gazes the humans gave them. "Ha they really are perfect for each other," I thought.

I looked back at our new house. It was a modern two story with a wrap around porch. The lawn was green and perfectly manicured, it spanned about thirty feet in each direction before the forest took over. We lived outside Forks city limits, the opposite direction of their old house. I snapped my attention back to the road as the raw memories threatened to take over.

We sped along the roads until we finally arrived at Forks High School. "It looks exactly like it did," I thought bitterly. We parked next to each other, the humans' attentions already caught by our flashy cars. Before stepping out of the car, I pulled my hood down. I knew it would almost cover my entire face and what parts it didn't were cast into shadows.

I met Sara and Jockoe at the ends of our cars. "You're sure your ok?" Sara asked concerned. I merely nodded. Agony already started to rise within me. I looked at the humans walking around the school. Their gazes were all fixed upon Sara and Jockoe. "Of course, they do still have their vampire beauty and they can't even see my face."

"Hey I'll go grab our class schedules, you just stay here," I said.

"Alright that's fine with me," Jockoe answered.

"Ok… wait do you smell that?" Sara asked.

Jockoe and I took a deep breathe at the same time. "Vampires," we both said. "Great," I thought. We had dealt with other vampires at schools before, most of the time it was fine, sometimes it ended badly.

"I hope they're nice, maybe we'll find some new friends huh," Sarah said enthusiastically. I couldn't help but think of them. How strange it was to find vampires at their old school. "It couldn't be them, they would never come back here," I thought desperately.

I made my way quickly to the school and went into the office. "Time for some dazzling," I bitterly thought. Even though my face was still covered and the hoodie hid all the curves I had, I could still dazzle people using only my voice.

A tired looking man sat in the reception desk. His face almost pressed again the computer screen he was looking at. I cleared my throat. "Excuse me, I need my and my sister and my friend's schedules," I purred. Even to me my words sounded like silk, the one thing I never change about my appearance is my voice. The man jumped, his head snapped toward me so fast I was sure he had whiplash.

He quickly appraised me and looked at me suspiciously. I guess it was the black hoodie and not being able to see my face that made him suspicious. "Please my sister and her boyfriend are waiting for me outside," I said laying the dazzle on thick. It worked, the poor man looked shell-shocked. "O-of course," he stammered, "what's your name?"

"Isabella Lance, Sara Lance, and Jockoe Night." I replied. He typed in some things on the keyboard and then printed out three sheets of paper. "Here you go Ms. Lance," he said with an inviting smile. I nodded, took the papers and headed out to meet up with Sara and Jockoe.

I walked back down to where they waited and handed them their schedules. I only had gym with them. Some how, Sara and Jockoe had all of their classes together. "Well I'll see you guys later, I have to go to Chemistry," I said wearily.

I walked into the class room and all the heads looked up to see who I was. Many of the students had curious stares. I sighed and shook my head. "I hate starting a new school." I looked around the room at each face. I found myself staring into some very familiar topaz eyes.