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Four months after her marriage to Neji, her mystery ninja, Hinata has been busier than ever.

She had gained the title of Hyuga Head the day after her marriage, and has only recently caught up with all the complaints, notifications, and paperwork that came with the job.

Her father was rather quick to step down and give her the full reigns.

Now, within the warm month of April, Hinata finally found time to get away from the compound and spend time with all her friends in the training fields.

Hinata leaned against her husband's well-toned chest as his arms embraced her from behind. Listening to the light chatter of voices around her, Hinata closed her eyes with the cooling breeze underneath the large shadows of a tree.

"I've been meaning to ask you," Neji whispered into his love's ear, "what did Lady Tsunade tell you about your health?"

For the past few weeks, Hinata had been feeling more nauseous and light headed then normal and had seen Tsunade for a medical examination.

"She said that she would inform me later today about the results."

Neji sighed: he wasn't used to not knowing what to do when Hinata suddenly got sick in the mornings, and he didn't like it.

"Speaking of asking," Hinata turned to him, "I never got the chance to ask you."


She smiled. "About how you were able to do all those things as the ninja."

Neji laughed, which caused everyone else to sit around them. "What are you talking about?" Sakura asked, hugging her arms around her knees.

"I never told her how I played the `ninja`." All the guys laughed as well.

"You mean you knew about it?" Ino accused them.

"Well they obviously had to know something of his plan: how else could they have played the part in the `ninja's` role?" TenTen stated matter-of-factly. Ino huffed.

"So," Hinata brought the conversation back to herself, "will you answer my questions?"

Neji smiled. "Of course."

"Why did you start becoming `him`?"

Neji thought. "I got the idea on that first day; remember when I asked you what you would do if I wasn't around?" She nodded. "Well, based on your answer, I decided that I needed to help you gain more confidence. But I couldn't do it as myself, for you would become more dependent on me, so I created the `nameless ninja` to become your support."

Hinata thought to herself. "That explains the first time, but what about the others?"

Her partner sighed again. "The second arrival was after the council announced that you had to get married, right? After the meeting I met with your father, who seemed to be almost as upset about the arrangement as I was, and told him of the person I had created. We came up with the plan that I would appear to you once for every male you could possibly have wished to get married with."

He chuckled to himself. "It was decided then that once I found who you loved, Hiashi-sama would do everything he could to force the council into his decision."

"And that was the plan you told me before, right?"


"Don't you dare leave us out Neji! We played our part too!" Naruto complained, leaning against his arms while lying on his stomach.

Hinata blinked. "That's right." She turned to them. "It was so considerate of you to help me, but why?"

Kiba grinned while scratching Akamaru behind his ear. "When Neji told us of his idea and the position you were in, we all jumped at the chance to help."

"But what if you were forced to marry me?"

"We would have helped anyway we could, no matter the outcome, Hina-chan." Naruto grinned.

"And who could not have any feelings for you, Hinata-chan, when you are just bursting with youth?!" Lee shouted, grabbing her hand and pretending to kiss it.

Hinata blushed as Neji growled. The group laughed.

"Really, the only one we had to convince was that Sasuke-teme." Naruto pointed to the lone figure trying to hide in the shadows.

"You're right," Sakura agreed, "I can't imagine Sasuke-kun willing to do something like this."

The guys shared a glance. "Well…we did kinda force him." They sweat dropped. Hinata sighed. "I'm sorry Sasuke-san for having them put you through that."

Sasuke let out a small edged smile. "But it was really easy to convince him once we knew where to hit," Naruto teased. That caught the girls' attention. "What did you do?"

Naruto smiled evilly. "You know how Gaara has that stuffed bear since he was a kid?" They nodded. "Well we threatened to tell everyone in the village that he has a-" A kunai knife whizzed past Naruto's face and embedded into a tree.

"Say one more word," Sasuke threatened, pulling out more kunai, "and you will be missing a body part very dear to you."

Eyes wide, Naruto gulped. He submissively leaned his head down and watched Sasuke put away his weapons.

"Sasuke sleeps with a stuffed duck every night!"

The girls burst out laughing as Sasuke chased Naruto around the clearing. Hinata was the first to calm herself. "Al…alright. But what about the flowers?" Neji tried to stop laughing as well, although his eyes trailed after the two fighting nin.

"I determined them based on their meanings. And the area you would most likely be in."

"The sayings?"

"Created on what you needed the most at the time."

As everyone else's attention were on the run and chase duo, Hinata leaned closer to Neji. "And how long have you had feelings for me?"

Neji couldn't keep the smile off his face. "Once I returned from the Uchiha retrieval mission, I started noticing how important everything in my life was to me. Especially you." He also leaned closer to her. "My actual feelings began when you first gained the courage to ask me if I would train you personally when you clearly wanted to run away."

Their foreheads touched gently as they looked into the other's eyes. Their lips inched closer, willing to connect when rushing footsteps came toward them.

Everyone stopped to watch as the current Hokage approached them. They were silent as she reached them and caught her breath.

"Lady Tsunade, is something wrong?" Sakura's muscles tensed, waiting for her master's orders. The Hokage shook her head as her eyes searched the group.

They landed on Hinata.

"Hinata Hyuga, I have the results from your earlier testing." Neji's hands tightened around his wife. "Lady Tsunade, if that is all you needed, I could have gone to you instead," Hinata explained.

Tsunade smiled. "Yes, but I think you shouldn't be working yourself too much for a while now." Hinata's eyes widened. "Is it that serious?"

The silence was tense as everyone awaited her answer. "Well…it might be, depending on your personal views." Neji tensed, already preparing for the worst: heart problems, brain defect, chakra malfunction…

"Hinata and Neji Hyuga." They both looked to her. Tsunade's face was stern as she watched them, but broke out into a grin in her excitement. "In seven months time, you will welcome the newest member of the Hyuga clan to the world."

It took a few seconds for the meaning to set in before every person was speaking at once. "Congratulations" "I can't believe you're already pregnant!" "Man you guys sure went at it full force, huh?"

The two Hyugas were still in shock until Hinata made the first move. "I hope you're ready to become a father." Neji was silent before he answered her with a kiss.

xxxxxxxxxxSeven Years Laterxxxxxxxxxx

Hinata sat on her living room couch, staring at her old photo album. She smiled at the pictures where her husband and daughter played together, unaware of the impending flash.

Strong arms wrapped around her shoulders as a kiss made its way atop her head. "Welcome home, Neji. How was the meeting with the Hokage?" Said Hyuga removed his Anbu mask, an old bird featured embalmment, and sat next to his wife. "Simple. Naruto just informed me on my team's recent success in their mission. How are you feeling today?"

Hinata laughed. "Your son's been kicking up a storm. He seems very impatient to meet the world." Neji gently caressed his wife's eight month pregnant stomach and grinned at the slight push he felt underneath his palm.

Suddenly, their seven year old daughter, Yuki Hyuga, came running into the room. "Hello," she greeted her parents with a kiss to the cheek and sat on the floor before them.

"How was the academy today, Yuki-chan?"

She shyly smiled. "It was fine. Kiroshi was really nice to me today: he said that I was the prettiest girl in the class!"

Kiroshi Uzumaki, Naruto and Sakura's boy, was known for his obvious attachment to the Hyuga daughter.

"Really? I think I just might have to have another talk with that boy," Neji said, inwardly planning on `reminding` Kiroshi that his daughter belonged to him alone.

Yuki's face paled.

"Don't go scaring the poor child, Neji. Naruto is higher in status then you," Hinata reminded her husband. 'That's wonderful, Yuki-chan."

Yuki relaxed at her mother's voice. "Oh yeah!" She remembered a question she had wanted to ask her parents. "Can I ask you both something?"

"Of course," Neji encouraged.

Yuki took a deep breath. "How did you two fall in love?"

Both Hinata and Neji's eyes widened as they looked to the other. Simultaneously, they smiled and turned to their daughter. Hinata began.

"It all started when I received a single flower…"

Me: And there you have it. I wanted to finish this story with Hinata and Neji fairly young (they both are around 25) so that I, or someone else, could make a sequel. But I like it just the way it is, so a sequel probably won't happen from me.

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NaruHina: Oneshot comedy - Naruto gets hit with a truth telling potion on a mission with Hinata that works only when he is sleeping: He reveals what he really thinks about everyone in the series. Rated T for some language, will make fun of almost everyone in the Naruto Saga

GaaHina: Oneshot friendship – Hinata goes to Suna with her father when she is three and meets Gaara for the first time. 9 years later, they meet in the Chunin exams where Gaara has become like a monster. 4 years after, Hinata revisits Gaara in Suna for the final time. Rated K

SasuHina: Multi chapter fantasy – Hinata and Neji were once vampire hunters until the great Vampire War wiped out their entire village and changed them into vampires themselves. Centuries later, they return to their village where Sasuke is the leader of the new vampire hunter generation. Rated T for language and violence

ItaHina: Multi chapter romance – The Akatsuki have returned to Konoha, sending a demand that they will destroy the village unless they get one person. Naruto? No. They want…the Hyuga prodigy, Neji. As the next Head of Hyuga, Hinata agrees to their demands, but takes Neji's place instead to keep Konoha safe. Rated T for violence

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