The Wedding Singer (office style)

Disclaimer: I don't own the wedding singer or the office

Okay so here are the characters Jim will be Robbie, Pam will be Julia, sammie(Robbie's friend) will be played by Andy. Holly ( Julia's cousin) will be played by a less uptight Angela. Karen will be Linda, George will be Dwight and Glen will obviously be Roy. Now onto the story.

"I'm talking to you Grandma Molly!" Stated Jim Halpert as he finished singing his last song of the night You Spin me round. "Okay thank you ladies and gentlemen. Now for the best man's speech. Will everyone welcome up the brother of Ashton Scott-Michael Scott!" Everyone clapped as an obviously drunk man stumbled onto the stage laughing hystericly.

"Hi everyone! I'm Michael, Ashton's brother and I think that it is great that the best son gets married first. Right dad!" Michael pointed to his father who was hiding his head in shame. "I mean everyone knows about the marijuana we smoked in my dorm! No biggie. Thank you. I am Michael Scott- the worse son." Michael said and rushed down the stairs.

"Thank you Michael. Now I am done for the night but here is our keyboardist Dwight Schrute singing Do you really want to hurt me." With that Jim left outside to go get his cell phone. There he saw a beautiful young woman sitting on the steps crying.

"Upset because you're not getting married?" Jim asked. With that the woman lifted up her face to reveal her tear stained cheeks.

"I'm upset because I am getting married. I mean Roy is great but is he someone I could grow old with? Sorry I probably look like a freak right now." She said.

"A freak-never." Jim said. "I'm Jim Halpert and you are?"

"Pam Beesly. I'm the waitress who will cater your wedding." Pam said.

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