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Harry Potter and the Guardians' Wyrd

By Zaion Indulias

Chapter 2: The Ferret

Yūki and Saiya walked slowly down the length of the train, in no real rush. They still had hours to go until they reached Hogwarts, and were in no rush to return to their compartment. They smiled politely in response to the smiles they received from a number of students they passed in the corridor, returned the glares of some others, and when met with curiosity just smiled knowing smiles.

They also noticed that the entirety of the students sending glares at them were wearing green and silver ties. That did not engender them any friendship towards House Slytherin at all, as they were already treating them with distaste without even having gotten to know them.

Yūki and Saiya bypassed Andre and Annelise's compartment as the two were still busy with the girls obsessing over Andre's wolf pup, instead making a bee line for where they had left James and Michael to discuss Quidditch with the other students. Yūki remembered from his briefing that blue and bronze was the color of House Ravenclaw, a House that prided knowledge and intelligence above all others. The remaining three houses were Hufflepuff, which valued loyalty and hard work, Gryffindor, which valued courage, and Slytherin, which valued cunning. Given what he had gathered about the sorting process he was fairly certain that he would be dropped in Gryffindor, but he couldn't be sure about the rest of his friends.

When they reached the compartment Yūki slid the door open and stepped to the side, waving Saiya in with a smirk. The wolfish girl mock-glowered at Yūki as she stepped through the open door and took a seat on the bench next to James.

"Grrr, you know I hate chivalrous men, Yūki." Saiya growled, shooting a glare at Yūki as he entered the compartment and closed the door behind him. "Unless they're beating the crap out of someone for offending me. Then it's ok." She added with a smile.

Yūki chuckled and leant back against the compartment door and crossed his arms, holding the box with his familiars in his arms while grinning at the inhabitants of the compartment.

"Yo, I'm assuming James and Michael here filled you in on the gist of why we're here?" He said as he continued to grin, analyzing the students before him.

As he waited for a response Yūki noted several things about the students before him. One, they all appeared to be roughly his own age, not that he looked anything like his own age in the first place. Two, the three brown haired boys were paying what he felt was undue attention to Saiya, who unlike them was not wearing school robes yet. She was still dressed in her tight worn blue jeans and her form-fitting black shirt, and because of how she was sitting her cloak was entirely behind her back, obscuring nothing at all. Third, not a one of them bore even the slightest tingle of the power that he was seeking.

Within his mind Yūki sighed as he came to the conclusion that whoever it was who had been releasing such powerful temporal magical fluctuations for the past thirteen years did not have any prolonged contact with these three, at least not in the past several months. At least if any of his friends got sorted into their house they might be able to use them to, discreetly of course, figure out who had been causing the fluctuations.

"Ey, eyes up here boyos!" Saiya barked as she turned away from speaking with James. "I'm happily taken, and I'll thank you to keep your eyes to your self."

Saiya crossed her arms in annoyance before standing and leaning against the compartment wall next to Saiya. The three boys all swallowed as they got Saiya's message loud and clear.

"Um, sorry Saiya. You're just so attractive that we couldn't help it." One of the boys muttered, blushing fiercely.

Saiya smirked and then adjusted as Sora slid an arm around her waist.

"Just don't do it again." She said flippantly before returning her attention to her two friends. "Anyways, James, Michael. Yūki and I wanted to make sure that we knew what everyone was planning to demonstrate. We don't want to all do the same thing after all."

Saiya smirked as the three other boys in the compartment blinked in confusion and James and Michael shared a knowing grin.

"Well Saiya," James began. "I figured that I would demonstrate Magus Ball with Michael's assistance, since it's become popular in Australia as well. Michael figured he would demonstrate his skills with elemental magic afterwards."

Saiya smiled and nodded.

"Ok, cool. Yūki and I were planning to demonstrate a small sword duel first. Then I was going to display variant flying devices with Tsubaki here." Saiya began, patting the sword strapped to her back. "Before Yūki wows everyone with a display of hand-seal magic."

Saiya shot her boyfriend a wolfish grin while Michael and James shared a knowing look and the three other boys in the compartment looked at one another in confusion.

"Anyways, now that that's clear, we'll leave you guys alone. We still need to go speak with Andre and Annelise. We know we have a long train ride ahead, but we want to be clear on this stuff now. Jaa ne James, Michael." Saiya said, kicking off from the wall as she finished.

She turned and waited as Yūki slid open the door, shooting the taller boy a smile before stepping out into the corridor. Yūki followed and slid the door shut behind him after waving goodbye to the occupants, who had quickly fallen upon James and Michael to ask them about what was going on.

Still smiling, Saiya sashayed back down the hallway towards the compartment that Annelise and Andre had claimed, Yūki following in her wake. The two were too preoccupied with their flirtations to notice a pair of light grey eyes under a shock of platinum blond hair watching the green-haired girl and licking his lips as he took in her curves and elegant features.

When they reached the compartment Yūki again slid the door opened and waited for Saiya to enter first. The couple knew that to outsiders this looked like simple chivalry between a boy and his girlfriend, but having been raised in the complexities of the Yokai Courts the two had developed certain instincts that they couldn't shake very easily. Since Saiya was of higher status than Yūki, back home he would have been expected to open doors for her as a matter of course, and that was one behavior that he had not been able to shake.

The fact that the two had fallen in love complicated their status, as did the fact that Yūki would be freed from his obligations upon reaching his majority and that Saiya had manipulated their parents into signing a bonding contract for the pair, to ensure that her claim on him was never challenged or in doubt. So they maintained many aspects of Court Formal behavior while in public, but in private Saiya relaxed, letting all the bluster and aggression of being Alpha slip away.

A crowded compartment involving teenage girls fawning over Andre's wolf pup was most certainly NOT private…

"Hey Andre, Annelise." Saiya said as she heard Yūki close the compartment door behind them. Grinning at the occupants of the compartment, the girls of which were eyeing her figure enviously and the guys of which briefly eyed her as well before noticing the imposing figure of Yūki standing behind her, Saiya leant backwards into Yūki's waiting arm and snuggled up against him, relaxing into his embrace.

…but it would have to do.

"Hey Saiya." Annelise replied with a smile. "We didn't expect to see you two this soon. Andre and I were betting on how long the two of you would spend making out."

Saiya mock-glared at the French girl's cheeky comment, not for the first time marveling at how well Annelise was able to hide her accent. Annelise just smiled back, her pale face and blue eyes framed by her shockingly blond hair.

"How dare you mock me? Don't you have any respect for polite company?" Saiya asked with an affectation of being shocked.

"Moi? I would never dream of mocking you, m'lady." Annelise replied with mock politeness moments before both she and Saiya broke down into giggles. The two had been goofing off like this almost from the moment they had met.

Yūki shared an exasperated look with the twin boys in the compartment wearing red and bronze ties and shrugged his shoulders.

"What can you do? Can't live with them, can't live without their say so."

Saiya caught Yūki's comment just as she was calming down and she burst out laughing again, grabbing a hold of his arm in order to ensure that she didn't fall over as she proceeded to laugh her ass off. Yūki just chuckled.

"Yeah, sorry about my nearly-insane girlfriend here, but you just wouldn't understand why my comment was so funny unless you understand how marriages are arranged where we come from."

The two boys nodded while the two girls were eyeing the firm muscles of his chest that were being framed by his tight t-shirt.

"Aye, it's all right mate. We tend to pull some pretty heavy pranks around school, and we often laugh at our own inside jokes as well." One of the red-headed twins said. "I'm Fred by the way."

"You're not Fred, I'm Fred." The second boy said in indignation, drawing a pair of snickers from the two girls sitting across from them. It was obvious to both Saiya and Yūki that the girls knew the two brothers quite well.

"Are you sure? I could have sworn I was Fred last time I checked." The first boy muttered as he reached into his robes.

He withdrew a standard Wizarding ID card and after scanning it for a second he looked up with a bemused expression on his face.

"Well, what do you know? I'm not Fred after all. I'm George."

The way he delivered this last comment resulted in most of the compartment's occupants either laughing or grinning widely.

Yūki and Saiya remained with Gryffindors, whose names they learned were Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, and Fred and George Weasley, for well over an hour before they left to return to their own compartment. Saiya headed off down the train first while Yūki said his goodbyes. The Weasley twins had intrigued Yūki, and he vowed to learn a bit more about their pranking techniques while he was at Hogwarts.

As Yūki stepped back out of the compartment and slid the door shut behind him he mock-bowed to those inside before turning to head down the train. He barely got three steps before he heard a sound that made his blood run cold, which is quite a feat considering his ancestry.


Yūki took off at a run, his blood beginning to boil as he slid aside the door blocking access to the next segment of the train and saw Saiya pinned against the wall of the hallway by a boy about her age with platinum blond hair and a sneer plastered on his face. Yūki was already rolling up his right sleeve to prevent anything from interfering with his casting as he approached, and he caught wind of what the blond boy was saying.

"Such a pretty girl like you, you shouldn't be hanging around with trash like those Weasleys. And given the hair color on that tall boy I'm guessing he's a Weasley relative as well. No, you should be giving your favors to someone like me." Draco sneered arrogantly. "After all, I am the only son of Lucius Malfoy and heir to the Malfoy fortune. I can do so much for you, and all you have to do is be a good little girl and obey me."

Draco reached up a hand to stroke Saiya's cheek, only to have her turn her head suddenly and bite down hard on his hand. Draco cried out in pain and stumbled backwards, clutching his injured hand to his chest. Even at the distance he was at Yūki could see the twin rivulets of blood running from where Saiya's canines must have pierced the skin. Yūki's eyes narrowed as he heard Draco shout orders to the two hulking brutes flanking him, named Crabbe and Goyle apparently, and he brought his hand up to point with an open palm towards the nearer of the two.

"Nox noctis!" He exclaimed as a bolt of dark-purple light shot forth from the center of his gloved palm, slamming into the nearer of the two ogres' face and causing him to drop like a stone.

Draco was so surprised that he and the second ogre of a boy stood stunned. It may have only been for a moment, but that was all Saiya needed.

"Deformis!" Saiya cried as she grasped the hilt of the sword strapped to her back. The entire sheathe glowed with a faint blue light for a moment and suddenly Saiya was sliding the blade forth through her own body, the blade insubstantial and glowing with an otherworldly blue light.

"Transformo Furo!" She cried out as she brought the glowing immaterial blade up and through a shocked Draco Malfoy's torso. There was a flash of blue light as she sliced the blade up and out of his body and Draco Malfoy vanished. In his place chattered a pure white ferret on the floor of the corridor.

A second "Nox noctis" slammed into the remaining ogre of a boy and dropped him like a stone just like the first one as Yūki ran up to Saiya's side, just as the shorter girl slid her sword back into its sheath with a flash of blue light.

"Are you okay?" He asked, ignoring the frantic ferret that was scrambling around below his feet.

"Now I am." Saiya muttered as she dusted off her shoulder where Draco had touched her. "Come on, lets get back to our compartment. I'm sure Fubuki is missing me, and I can't stand the stench of scum that's filling this corridor."

Saiya grabbed Yūki's hand and took off down the corridor dragging the taller boy after her. Those students who popped their heads out to see what the results of all the shouting had been were shocked to find an unconscious Crabbe and Goyle slumped on the floor of the compartment while a pure white ferret ran around frantically.

Saiya and Yūki returned to the compartment at the end of the train to find Fubuki was curled up quietly on the empty side of the compartment while Harry and his friends were busy enjoying the snacks that they had purchased from the snack cart.

"Where have you guys been?" Ron asked. "You missed us intimidating the hell out of Draco Malfoy. He wasn't brave enough to pick a fight when a teacher was around."

Yūki chuckled as Hermione shushed her friend and attempted to apologize for his behavior.

"Don't worry about it, Miss Granger. Saiya and I had our own run-in with the bloody bastard and his hired ogres just a few minutes ago. Needless to say, they won't be bothering anyone for a while." Yūki said with a chuckle as he sat down, removing the box from under his arm and placing it in his lap. Hermione and the others could once again hear a soft crooning from inside the box.

"The bastard didn't harm you, did e' mate?" Ron asked before either Harry or Hermione could respond.

Saiya grinned ferally. "Only when he shoved me against the wall, but I got the last laugh on him."

"What did you do?" Harry asked as he opened another package of chocolate frogs.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll hear about it soon enough. Let's just say, that bloody bastard as ferrety as they come." Saiya replied with a snigger as she stroked her drowsy pet. Fubuki yipped happily at the attention before settling back down to sleep.

"So, Yūki, are you going to show us what's in the box now?" Hermione asked, leaning forward in interest. Yūki chuckled.

"Guess I should have figured that you would remember. I did promise, ne?" Yūki said with a smile as he reached to unlatch the box. "Well, if you all promise not to be frightened and not to draw your wands I guess I can show you."

As soon as all three had promised Yūki grinned and opened the box. A pair of winged figures, one red, one blue, shot forth from the box and chased each other around the chamber. After a few moments the figures let out a pair of harmonious croons and settled onto Yūki's shoulders, fluttering their wings for balance.

"Gentlemen and lady, may I introduce Ka and Kōri, my firelizard partners." Yūki said with a grin.

Even Hermione was at a loss for words as the trio og Gryffindors leant forward to gaze at the two winged lizards sitting on Yūki's shoulders. The one on his right was a brilliant ruby red, its fractal scales glinting like fire red gemstones over the silvery-red skin they protected. Its claws and teeth glittered like translucent rubies, as did the fragile looking crystalline feather-like spines that sat on top of its head. Its eyes were multifaceted like crystals and seemed to change color as the creature eyed them curiously.

"This is Ka, a male Red Firelizard, also known as a Rubytalon." Yūki said, motioning towards his right shoulder.

The one on the left stood in stark contrast to Ka. Kōri was a brilliant sapphire blue, its fractal scales glinting like glacial blue gemstones over the silvery-blue skin that they protected. Kōri's claws and teeth glittered like dark sapphires, a glimmering counterpoint to the bright red flame of Ka's. Kori's crest was smaller, but she had a pair of silvery-blue horns on top of her head, flowing backwards sleekly over her skull. Her eyes were multifaceted and currently glittered green, indicating her curiosity.

"And this is Kōri, a female Blue Firelizard, also known as a Glacialtongue." Yūki continued, motioning to his left shoulder.

"Excuse me." Hermione began. "But, is it just me, or is Kori larger than Ka?"

"Kōri" Yūki began, emphasizing the correct pronunciation of his familiar's name. "is indeed larger. And no, it's not an age thing. All firelizard species are closely interrelated, and there is a distinct sexual dimorphism that is pretty standard across all species. Males are smaller and are faster and more agile than the larger females. Females on the other hand have distinct backward-swept horns, larger teeth and claws, and tend to be more aggressive."

Yūki reached up and stroked Kōri, eliciting a soft trilling croon from the pleased reptile. To his right Saiya raised a hand and stroked Ka in a similar manner, eliciting a second croon that settled upon the compartment as an eerie harmony for Kōri's.

"This is just amazing!" Hermione exclaimed excitedly. "I mean, I read a brief notation about them in my Care of Magical Creatures textbook, but all it mentioned was a brief description and that they are believed to be related to dragons. I never imagined they would be so beautiful."

Yūki chuckled again. "Well, I tend to take their existence for granted since I've been raised in a family that takes care of them. Kōri and Ka were both orphaned after a fire damaged the nests and killed several of the adults, so I took them in and nursed them back to health. The pair have been inseparable from either each other or my self ever since."

Yūki held out a hand and whistled a croon surprisingly similar to that of the two lizards and Ka hopped into the air and glided to his outstretched hand, fluttering his wings for stability as he landed. The red-haired boy held Ka up so that Harry, Ron, and Hermione could get a closer look. Sensing that he was on display Ka trilled and spun around, flaring his wings and posing in what he was hoping was a dominating sort of way. Unfortunately for the little flying lizard, all he succeeded in doing was looking irresistibly cute.


Hermione leapt back, beating at part of her hair that was smoldering as the frightened fire lizard scurried up Yūki's arm and hid against his neck. Yūki was trying hard not to bend over as he laughed.

"Sorry, I should have warned about that. I guess I assumed that since you had read about them that you would have known that they are creatures of the elements."

Ka poked his head around and trilled in response before poking his snout into the air and snorting two tiny jets of flame out. In response Kōri poked her snout into the air and let forth a jet of blue flame that crossed paths with Ka's. However, as the two flames met Ka's solidified suddenly into a burst of ice, flame immortalized in solid form. Before it could fall Yūki reached out and caught it, a grin plastered on his face as he handed it to Hermione.

"Red's are creatures of fire, while Blue's are beings of ice. It is this dichotomy that makes the two breeds so valued by the Hanyou Clans back home."

Hermione blinked at the frozen flame in her hand before looking up in confusion.

"Hanyou Clans?" She inquired as she sat back in her seat.

"Maybe I'll tell you about them sometime." Yūki chuckled, not realizing that Hermione was going to go look them up in the Library as soon as she had the chance.

The train ride continued in relative peace, although the steadily increasing rain outside was making Yūki feel uneasy. He had never really liked the rain, since it was too unstable for his liking. He preferred environments that he could control easily. Things were going just fine right up until the moment Ron jinxed everything by muttering that they must be almost there. All of a sudden the train began to slow, coming to a complete stop with a jolt before the lamps went out and the train was plunged into total darkness.

Ignoring the exclamations from Hermione as Ron stumbled on her foot Yūki opened his senses and reached outward, seeking for any sign of trouble. He instantly recoiled as he sensed the utter darkness surrounding the train. As the others noted that there were figures moving around outside and as another student stumbled into the compartment Yūki curled in upon him self. In the distance he could here faint cries of pain, cries he recognized well.

"Quiet!" He faintly heard as Professor Lupin woke up.

No one in the compartment spoke.

There was a soft, crackling noise and a shivering light filled the compartment, but Yūki noted this only peripherally as the dark presence closed in, bringing forth his worst memories.

"nononono" he muttered softly, faintly aware of Saiya cradling him against her self as she attempted to fight off her own bad memories. Saiya was thankful that in the faint light none of the other occupants of the compartment noticed the way the skin on Yūki's face was rippling, becoming scaled for brief moments before returning to normal.

As the door of the compartment was pushed open and a hooded figure entered Saiya let out a screech and without thinking, reacting before even Professor Lupin could, she pointed both hands towards the dark figure and pushed. Everyone in the compartment was forced to look away as a burst of intense blindingly-white light burst forth from her palms, forcing the creature back for a moment. The light died as Saiya dropped into uncontrollable shivers and sobs, but it had been enough. Saiya was remotely aware of Professor Lupin casting a Patronus charm as she slipped into unconsciousness alongside Yūki.

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