Entry 1.

Dear, whoever cares.

Why does everyone think there's something wrong with me? Sure I may be able to guess, often times right, what may happen in the future, but that doesn't give them any right to label me as 'mentally unstable'. I don't think that gives them, my own parents, the right to lock me up in the room!

Its not even decorated. The walls are white, the bed, all though very uncomfy, is white, the small closet sized bathroom is white and the lonely dresser, which might I add has 1 spare set of clothes, is also white.

The only things decorative in my room are my 3 personal belongings. My teddy bear that my mother gave me when I was 4, a book I've had since I've been here. And…my gold heart shaped locket, that never leaves me at all times. My sister had given it to me on my second year here, it has a picture of me and her in it and engraved on the front, in Italian, says "la mia amata sorella, in eterno nel mio cuore" which in English it means "my beloved sister, forever in my heart".

I never get to see anyone except the nice lady who brings me my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh also that creepy guy who always wears sunglasses over his eyes, he comes and checks how I'm doing every couple weeks. And, my sister, who visits me every year, for 3 years now, on my birthday, which was today…or yesterday now.

I had one of my 'visions' as they call it, today. It was when my sister came to visit, we were just chatting when I suddenly saw my bowl of soup, which the nice lady just brought me for lunch, getting knocked over and onto that strange man with the sunglasses. Not 4 seconds after I had seen that, the strange man walked in and my sister jumped up, knocking the bowl of soup onto the man, who dropped a small glass container of smelly red liquid, he cursed and left the room almost angrily.

About and hour later my sister left, giving me 3 wrapped packages. I opened the smaller, box shaped one first, it was a charm to add to the chain my locket is on. The other present, was a book, it is about vampires, werewolves and mythical creatures. She told me it'll keep my busy for at least a day. And the last was this diary, which I am writing in right now.

So here I am now, in my white room, with white walls and a small bathroom, finishing my first diary entry. I look out my window, into the ever green forest, up to the glowing full moon and wonder 'what did I do to deserve this?'.


Mary Alice Brandon.

End Entry 1.