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Edward and I were sitting in the airport bar, only slightly paying attention to the status of our delayed flight. Mostly, we were paying attention to each other. We had a very short period of time before we would have to part and pretend we were just friends. If you had asked me back in high school how my life was going to turn out, I never could have predicted things would look quite like this.

Edward and I shared a two bedroom apartment in Chicago. I'd been playing soccer for the Chicago Fire for the last few years and Edward was in med school. After we moved, we were both busy and found ourselves a little homesick, a little lonely, and more than a little horny. I had made the first move thinking that I did, and do, love Edward with everything that I have. We were best friends, companions, lovers, and more.

His long, slender, graceful fingers were stroking my upper thigh under our table. My hand was under the back of his jacket, rubbing soothing circles. We were both finding the prospect of this separation difficult. We knew our families wouldn't understand our relationship; we didn't fully understand it either.

All I knew was that I loved him in every way, and he me.

"Jazz..." he started.

"I know. It'll be okay. It's only a week, right? I'm so sorry that I didn't check on our flight before we left the apartment. I'd rather be there with you, too." The last part I said in a low voice, as I didn't want anyone to overhear us. I put on a brave face and exuded confidence that we'd make it through. He seemed to take comfort in that.

We were both drinking, never a good sign for us that early in the evening. A little alcohol and a lot of flirting had made us both rather horny with absolutely no way to satisfy ourselves. I stifled my frustration, lest Edward catch onto it.

I was looking at him when we both heard a commotion coming from the bar. We looked up together to see a woman had fallen from her barstool. She was gorgeous, blushing in embarrassment as she attempted to get back up.

We both got up at the same time and made our way over to her. She had long brown hair and a flush of embarrassment on her smooth, pale cheeks. Edward reached his hand out to help her up; it was then that I got a better look at her face.

"Bella? Bella Swan from Forks High School?" I gasped in surprise. She looked at me, her face showing her shock and confusion. Edward still hadn't spoken or released her hand.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" She looked back and forth between the two of us, and I could see the confusion in her beautiful eyes.

"No. Well, maybe? We all went to high school together back in Forks. Is that where you're headed tonight?" I looked her in the eye and willed her to remember us.

"Oh my God. Edward Cullen and Jasper Whitlock? What are you doing here?" She looked astonished. I stood motionless as I felt her eyes rake over us again. I suppressed an urge to do the same. I chanced a look over at Edward and felt my pants tighten at the look on his face.

I guess I teased him to the point of no return. I know that look; he's horny as fuck.

I had to adjust myself at the thought. Horny Edward meant Lucky Jasper, and by the look on everyone's faces, Lucky Bella too. We had never been together with a girl before, but there was a first time for everything.

So much for a final few moments alone with Edward. He hasn't taken his eyes off her since we saw her topple off the stool.

"Well, Edward goes to med school at the University of Chicago. I play soccer for the Chicago Fire. We were flying home for the holidays. You?" My eyes, I knew, showed my amusement. Bella was unfocused and slightly out of breath.

"Uhhh... What did you ask? Oh, sorry Jazz, I'm in law school at Harvard. I was flying home too and had a layover in Chicago. Now my plane is delayed," she finally answered as I guided her back to the table we'd been sharing. She grabbed her drink and took a long pull.

"Whoa, back off there. You already fell off one barstool tonight," I teased.

She flushed again.

"Oh, this is my first one. I fell because I'm still as clumsy as I was in high school. You two look pretty good."

Edward laughed, making the first sound since we saw Bella. Between our flirting earlier and the appearance of Bella, I knew if he didn't get some that night, he was going to be unbearable.

"Well thanks, B. You look pretty good yourself."

She had filled out in all the right places. She wore tight, curve-hugging black slacks, a pink cashmere sweater that accentuated her full breasts, and sexy patent leather heels. She smelled fantastic. I knew it had been awhile since either one of us had been with a girl. The thought of the three of us naked and in Edward's bed had me thankful for the table covering me.

Edward noticed my problem and brushed the back of his hand across my zipper. I suppressed a moan, but was unable to stop my eyes rolling back into my head. Bella's eyes widened as she zeroed in on Edward's hands and their activity, yet she said nothing. I wished I knew what she was thinking, or even feeling.

I had a hunch that she wouldn't be opposed to joining us that evening, if presented with the opportunity. I tried to test my theory as Edward began talking. I placed my hand on Bella's knee and slid it slowly up her thigh. I thought I heard her moan softly and I felt her press her leg into my touch. I smiled and turned to look at Edward. Sex was pouring from him as he flashed his famous crooked smile at the two of us. Bella and I both swooned.

According to the monitors, our plane was still delayed, so we ordered another round of drinks. I went to the bar to retrieve them. When I came back to the table, Bella reached for hers and asked me what it was before she took a sip.

"Well, it's called an 'Eclipse'. It's gin, sloe gin, grenadine and cherries. I thought you might like it."

She took a sip. As Edward and I watched, transfixed, she pulled the cherry out of her glass and licked the tip before popping it in her mouth. That time, I couldn't suppress the moan.

She leaned over and ran her teeth over my earlobe before whispering huskily in my ear, "Thanks Jasper. It's really good." Her tone was dripping sensuality and I could see jealousy and lust warring in Edward's eyes.

We finished our drinks and I asked Edward to get the refills. I gave him a light pat on his perfect ass as he got up from the table, watching his eyes darken with pure lust. He was back in a flash.

"Alright Edward, what have you got for me?" The sound of Bella's sweet, honey voice was doing nothing for the tightness of my pants. Edward's hand made it's way up Bella's unoccupied leg before he answered.

"It's a 'Horny White Girl'. Vanilla vodka, Bailey's, and cream soda. I wonder if it tastes as good as it sounds?" He took a sip and licked his lips, without ever moving his eyes from Bella.

"Mmm, delicious. Don't you think so, Jazz?" His eyes flicked to mine and I knew that if I could get one or both of them back to the apartment, I would be a very happy man that night.

I followed his lead, looking Bella dead in the eye and taking a sip. To be honest, it was a little sweet for me, but I was going along for the ride at this point.

"Oh, I like it, too. Bella, did you try it yet?" We were doing our damnedest to charm her. She took a half-hearted sip and tried to slow her heavy breathing.

"Oh, it's good but it's my turn next. I think you'll really like what I'm going to get for you."

She flashed a deliciously evil grin and leaned over Edward, giving him what I assumed was the same thanks I received. An involuntary shiver went down my back thinking about it.

We chatted about everything and nothing while finishing up the drinks. Edward and I were becoming more adventurous in our touches to Bella and to each other. I was pretty sure she was enjoying watching us touch each other just as much as she liked to be touched.

Ohhh, I'm always up for a dirty girl in bed.

She threw back the rest of her drink and stood, to my amazement, without wobbling. She tossed her hair over her shoulder and charged up to the bar.

I turned to Edward with my mouth hanging open. He pulled me further into the dark corner behind our table before placing a searing kiss on my lips.

"When we get home, I'm going to make all of this waiting up to you," he growled. He kissed me again, dipping his tongue into my mouth for a quick taste before pulling back and straightening his shirt.

Bella bounced her way back over to the table, pretending to be oblivious to what just happened. I, however, knew better. Her face was flushed and she wasn't looking either of us in the eye, just staring at our lips. Mine curved up into a smile.

"And what have you treated us to?"

She seemed momentarily stunned, then she broke out of the fog and answered.

"Fuck Me Hard."

She smiled, and the little minx darted her tongue out against the glass briefly before taking a seemingly innocuous sip. I was lost to my imagination after that. Edward took over the conversation as I stared longingly at Bella's body.

God, I hope our flight gets canceled. I really want to take these two back to the apartment and fuck them 'til New Year.

As I was lost in a haze of desire, I barely noticed Bella trying to get my attention. She snapped her fingers in front of my eyes and I came back to reality. We smiled at each other.

"Sorry, I was... Thinking happy thoughts."

"Oh! Well, I was just saying that our flight was canceled. Could you boys give me a place to stay for the night?" She smiled demurely. I wasn't fooled for a second. She was just as worked up as Edward and I.

Edward chuckled lowly. "Of course, Bella. You're more than welcome to stay with Jasper and I." He grabbed Bella's hand while I grabbed our things and we made our way out of the bar. Edward gave me a stealthy pat on the ass when I passed him. My head shot up and we looked at each other.

He's thinking the same thing I am.

We each held one of Bella's arms, justifying it by telling her that O'Hare airport was a nasty place to get lost in, especially during the holidays. When we hit the first big crowd, I pressed myself up behind her and Edward pressed himself behind me, a human chain of raging desire and lust.

I knew Bella could feel my arousal pressing into her back the same way that I could feel Edward pressing into mine. We stood in the line for what seemed like years, until finally, there was a train with room for the three of us.

It's gonna be a good night.

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