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"That was the selling point on this room, love. We've spent so much time in our shower, I thought you might appreciate a tub for once," he mumbled against my skin.


"That sounds heavenly," I sighed, melting back into his body just a bit. "I'm just afraid I might fall asleep if we climb into a warm bath."

"I can promise you're not going to fall asleep with what we have planned, Bella."

He was trailing soft, warm kisses along the back of my shoulders. Edward's hands fisted the hem of my shirt and took it over my head, tossing it to the floor. Jasper came into the bathroom then, and began to run the tub after some silent communication between the two of them.

Edward undressed me slowly, taking time to brush his fingers over every part of my exposed skin, and I focused on the sensation of it all while I watched Jasper undress. Once his clothes were off, he moved out of my line of sight, I assumed to help Edward get undressed. My thoughts were confirmed when I felt Jasper's fingertips skim the swell of my behind as Edward's were touching and loving my breasts, not quite having removed my bra entirely yet.

We finished getting undressed and Edward stopped the tub what looked like way too soon. He climbed in, then motioned for me to get in as well. He pulled me to his lap and as we began to kiss, I felt the water rise even more and saw the wisdom in under-filling the tub. I could feel Jasper's body behind me, the excitement swirling around the room. Jasper's hands were on my body, rubbing and touching as Edward and I kissed.

My knees were on either side of Edward's body and I felt his hands at my hips, lifting me slightly. I looked down between our bodies to see Jasper's hand reach for Edward's length. Jasper's other hand went to my body, stroking me softly before he lined us up. Edward helped me sink down slowly and I let out a soft groan at the sensation of him filling me.

Jasper reached around my shoulders and pulled my upper half back to rest against him. He was kissing my neck and nibbling on my earlobe. I could see Edward smiling and I smiled back, what I was sure was a happy, lazy smile.

Edward's hands left my hips and trailed up my body, stopping at my breasts to tease my nipples and run his thumb along the underside.

"Do you have any idea how loved you are?" he whispered.

I bit my lip and tried to shift my body, willing him to move. A devilish grin crossed his face and his hands quickly moved back to my hips.

He shook his head at me and began to speak. "No, greedy girl, I'm setting the pace right now, and we're just enjoying each other. I want you to feel me. I want to feel you around me."

Oh, and I did. At his words, I felt him throb inside me. I knew his need was as great as mine, but he clearly had more self-control in that moment.

"I want to go slowly and enjoy every moment and movement of our bodies together," he said. "The three of us, the way we are together." He squeezed his legs together slowly, which helped to push my body up and off his slightly. We were deep enough in the water that it helped with the weight of my body, and together they lifted me effortlessly. We stayed connected, Jasper's hand touching and stroking between us still.

As Edward's legs relaxed and let me slip back down onto him, Jasper's fingers on his other hand ghosted over my nipples. They worked in a coordinated effort to bring my body to a slow, sweet burn of pleasure.

"Every time I see you, I'm reminded of how fucking lucky we are. I'm sorry we haven't done a good enough job of telling or showing you just how much we worship and love you. We would walk to the ends of the Earth for you, love."

He was speaking, touching me, pushing up into me, pulling back from me, and Jasper was doing similar things. His lips and hands never left my body as Edward talked. He was humming and making noises to let me know he agreed, sometimes repeating the words Edward said in a whisper against my ear.

"In your eyes, in your hands, in your heart, you hold our future. Whatever you want us to be, that's what will happen; you have that power. However you want us to commit to you, we will readily and eagerly do so. If you want a big wedding with gorgeous flowers, it's done, baby. If you want to fly to Vegas and drive-thru..." He paused his speaking, eyes closed and head rolled back, fighting for control over his body.

I felt powerful. I felt sexy, maybe for the first time. I felt wanted, loved, desired, all those things, wrapped into one – the balance of the emotional and the physical finally coming together and making sense in my heart.

"Whatever you want, Bella, that's what we want. The rest of our lives belong to you, and only to you."

Jasper pressed my body forward until I was leaning against Edward. His hands were cupping my breasts, the three of us sandwiched and still together.

From the side of my field of vision, I saw Edward's hand reach out for Jasper. He grasped Jasper's cock and began to stroke as he increased the speed of our movement. We were all moving together, each upstroke from Edward's hand timed perfectly with the motions of my body.

"You are both my life. I need you both so much," he whispered, then sighed against my mouth, and I wondered for a moment if he was going to cry.

Jasper brought his head between us, the three of us kissing in one impossibly slow movement. Then I knew for sure – it wasn't Edward that was going to cry, it was me.

The water was getting cold, but the heat and warmth from them comforted me. I felt the vibrations of Jasper's moan against my lips and someone's hands were back on my body, touching my swollen clit. I pressed against both of them as I climbed toward my climax, feeling like with each swipe of their fingers, their message sank in a little deeper.

My head was heavy; from emotion, thought, lack of sleep. I rested it between their bodies, half on Edward's shoulder and half on Jasper's. This had the side benefit of watching them touch and love each other, as they loved me. I could see now that it was both of their hands stroking my aching body, and I felt tighter, that much closer to coming.

I brought my hand to Jasper's cock and wrapped my fingers with Edward's. The increased pressure and sensation made Jasper groan and thrust his hips up. My tears were still falling, body overwhelmed, and I came quietly around Edward. I was already completely spent, I simply didn't have the energy to spare on unnecessary noise or motion. His hands pressed against my body more firmly when he felt my orgasm around him, and I could feel him twitch and grow impossibly longer and harder, hitting deeper and filling me even more. Edward sighed and his whole body tensed, hand gripping Jasper in what looked like a painful grip.

Jasper kept thrusting his hips though, and seconds later, I watched as he came as well. I had never paid close enough attention to really see it happen, and I was fascinated watching him. I realized when it was over that I had stopped crying, and I was grateful for that.

"Every time you allow us to watch and give you that pleasure," Edward said softly, lifting my eyes to meet theirs again, "you're giving us a gift. Thank you."

The boys were sitting side by side then, and I kissed them both softly, my body sort of straddling each of them in a cradled position. My head was up by Jasper's, resting on his shoulder, and I heard the sucking noise of the water spilling down the drain. Edward climbed out of the tub first, drying himself off as I snuggled and kissed Jasper.

He carried me to the edge of the tub, then set my legs down on the ground and Edward dried one side of me with a fresh towel as Jasper got out and did the other. They would each stop to kiss or pay loving attention to my body as they did so. Once I was almost dry, Jasper left the room with another dry towel and I saw Edward wink at him on his way out.

"Ready for the next phase, sweetheart?" I nodded and smiled.

We walked to the sleeping area and I saw the clean towel laid out on top of the bed. I gave both of the boys a questioning look and they smiled back at me.

"Lay down on your stomach, please. We're going to give you a massage," Jasper said.

As I crawled onto the bed, I noticed the room wasn't as cool as it had been when we first came in. The air conditioning wasn't running, at least at the moment, and it felt nice. The urge to put clothes on and bundle up was gone and I realized neither Jasper nor Edward was getting dressed either.

They whispered between themselves and I closed my eyes, willing my body to relax further. I could hear the friction of hands rubbing together and smell the clean scent of … something. Before I had too much time to think about things, four warm, slippery hands were on my skin – two on each leg. They worked in tandem, moving up and down my tight calves together, and then on to my feet. As they worked their way back up to my thighs, I wondered if they'd taken a class and made a mental note to ask them about it later. Much later.

Rubbing softly over the swell of my bottom, they used their fingertips with the right amount of pressure, their strokes loving, restoring to my muscles, and healing. The bed dipped on both sides of me as they knelt and worked up my back. I couldn't help groaning as they each worked knots of tension out of my shoulders and pressed with the most delicious friction up and down my spine. Even with my eyes closed, I could see them above my body and imagined them exchanging loving glances with each other, kissing from time to time as they paid homage to and adored me.

Two hands met in the middle at the base of my neck, alternating between light tickles and using more firm pressure on the tight and tense muscles there. Two more hands wove into my hair, tangling through the mess and massaging my scalp.

As they left my head and then traced light fingertips down my spine, I exhaled louder than expected. I was perfectly content to lay right there and curl up with both of them for the night, a positively blissful pile of rubbed-down happiness.

"Turn over, love."

Had I been slightly less relaxed and blissed out, I might have giggled at the request. Instead, I willingly complied, enjoying the idea that the other half of my body was about to get the same attention the back half had. The two of them looked very pleased with themselves and I smiled softly at them.

Again, they began at my feet, touching and rubbing, leaving slippery, soft skin in their wake. They were more gentle on my legs on the front-side, since it was mostly bone from that direction. My thighs quivered without my permission as they rubbed and touched me. They never even skimmed the surface of my center, skipping right over it and moving to my abdomen. I watched as they touched the soft, fleshy skin of my belly, one of the parts of my body I hated the most. Instead of the looks of disgust I was certain would appear at any moment, they kept their looks of reverence. I was fairly certain I even saw the corner of Edward's mouth turn up as his hands glided over the skin one last time before moving up to my ribcage.

My breasts got equal and undivided attention, the soft strokes both calming and exciting me. They touched and teased both nipples, somehow mixing caresses that felt both tender and erotic. I hitched out a breath as they reached my shoulders, relaxing further as they wound up the top of my body and began to stroke my neck. They each bent down and then slid into a side-laying position next to me, softly touching and kissing my skin. Jasper was kissing my collarbone and Edward had shifted slightly lower, capturing a nipple between his lips.

Two hands went to my hair again, the soft touching and rubbing back and drawing soft moans from me. I had my scalp massaged before while getting haircuts, but it was never quite like this. The other two hands slid lower, taking their time to stop and cup, touch, stroke and tease the various parts of my body. I felt them on either side of me, tapping my thighs gently, a silent request to open my legs, and I did so. Things had taken a decidedly different direction than I thought, each of their moves now drawing pleasure from me.

Closing my eyes, I gave in to the sensations. I had no idea whose hands were where anymore, I simply lost myself in the pleasure. There was a hand lower on my pussy, sliding easily between the lips and teasing my entrance, and fingers up higher, periodically circling my clit and then moving up to touch and rub my mound. My hips moved on their own, pleasure-filled noises were coming from somewhere – me, them? I had no idea.

Fingers touched and teased, dipping into me, sliding back out, circling and pressing on my clit as mouths licked and sucked, kissed and bit. Whispered mumblings of love and devotion came from all of us.

"Yes," I hissed out, as I felt fingers slide deep inside of me. One, two, ten, I had no idea how many it was, just that the feeling was euphoric. The hand at the top of my pussy rubbed and plucked at me, alternating movements and then going back to a steady pace.

"I wish we could spend every second of every day making love to you like this. Watching your body move and react to us. Seeing our love spill out into you and radiate back at us."

Edward was kissing a line up my neck as he spoke, then shifted over to my mouth. My eyes were still loosely closed and I then felt two pairs of lips against mine as the hands below sped slightly. A tongue dipped gently into my mouth, stroking my tongue. A moan, mine or someone else's, shook through all three of our bodies and I felt my orgasm approaching quickly. My hips had kept their rhythm with the hands, each of us working on the build of love between us.

This is what love is, I realized. This is what making love is. This is where forever happens. It wasn't about a cock in a pussy, who came first, or even about sex at all. It was that intensity between us, the flow of emotion that we would have even during the weeks Jasper might be away in the future, during the weeks I had been apart from them, the weeks I was certain would happen between us as time and children and jobs and real life interfered and we forgot to make time for each other.

The thoughts burst through me at the same time as my orgasm, and I flexed my hips up.

"Oh god."

It was a whispered half-sob as I felt my body tense and release, the pleasure overwhelming me. My brain chanted to the beat of the blood flowing through my body and I realized it was out loud after a few moments.

"I love you, I love you, I love you..."

I repeated it over and over. I felt the bed shift, words still escaping with each breath from my lungs, and then the weight and warmth of them surrounding me again. Wrapping me in their arms, in their love, in their lives. I was pretty sure I had fallen asleep still proclaiming my love for both of them.

I woke up refreshed and feeling loved. And hungry, very hungry.

I snuck out of bed without waking either of the boys and went to the other room in the suite. The fruit from the night before looked okay, so I walked to the round table the bowl was resting on and grabbed a piece of honeydew, popping it into my mouth. I chewed and hummed quietly to myself, letting the sweet, juicy fruit flood my taste buds with its essence. Next, I reached for a piece of pineapple and chewed it slowly as I thought about the night before, and what the day ahead might hold. As I was lost in thought, warmth from behind startled me and I jumped a little.

Jasper's hands slid over my hips and his mouth went to my neck. He was softly kissing me as he touched me everywhere he could. I leaned back against him and realized he was just as naked as I was. I groaned and felt him twitch, then smiled. My hands went behind me to guide his lips to mine, the sweet taste of the fruit lingered in my mouth and mixed with his toothpaste into an odd combination of flavors.

"Jasper..." I hummed again, whispering against his mouth. "I love you."

"I love you too, baby."

He had begun to rub lower on my body, trailing my wetness up and down the space between my lips. His fingers dipped in slightly, then pulled back out, making me ache for him. His dick twitched against my body again, and I felt his other hand guiding him inside me slowly. We were still standing and he began to pull back and thrust into me with the same measured, gentle pace from the night before.

I'd had enough of slow and gentle, however.

"Jasper, please," I begged. "Oh please, please, baby."

I turned my head as much as I could to look into his eyes and plead my case silently. A wicked grin spread across his face and he ducked down to kiss me.

"Mmm, Bella, you better reach across the table. You're gonna want something to hold onto."

He punctuated the end of his speaking with a sharp bite to the flesh on my neck. The realization that it was going to leave a mark made me even more wet than I already was at his words. I leaned forward, my nipples puckering and tightening from the cold wood of the table as I pressed my body against it. Jasper's hand came between my thighs and he spread my legs with force.

Grabbing the opposite edge of the table, I curled my fingers around the wood and then raised the lower half of my body as much as I could in what I hoped was an enticing move.

"Look at you sway your ass for me," he said coolly. "How bad do you want me to fuck you right now?"

There were utterly zero words I could come up with to respond.

The rough skin of his right hand smoothed over my ass and I yelped when he pulled it away, only to bring it back with a sound smack.

"I said, how badly do you want me to fuck you right now?" he repeated.

I shivered.

"Oh God. Please?"

Rubbing the head of his cock between my legs, he was torturing and teasing me. I could feel the tip slide over my clit and I was almost vibrating with need. Jasper's hand moved up from the swell of my ass, over my back and onto my shoulder. His left hand continued the path, scratching my scalp briefly before tugging my hair. It didn't hurt a great deal, it simply got my attention. His right hand left my shoulder, nails raking lightly down my skin, and then he was at his cock, pressing harder against my clit. I almost came from the stimulation of his hardness against me, but just as I was whimpering in the pre-orgasmic moments, he pulled back.

My head rested against the cool surface of the table as I collected my breath. After a few moments, I began to wonder why Jasper hadn't moved back to teasing me again. I turned my head and realized Edward had joined us.

"I'll give him back in just a minute, love," Edward said, giving me a wink.

I laid my cheek on the table as I relaxed to watch them. Edward was behind Jasper, one of his hands had a firm grip on J's cock and the other was up at his jawline, clearly turning his head to him. Jasper's eyes were closed and I noticed Edward was whispering in his ear. I realized Jasper was responding to questions, very small nods yes or shakes of his head no. The whole time, Edward was stroking his cock slowly, and I began to watch them, mesmerized. Each time his hand got to the end of Jasper's length, he would alter the move or vary his pacing somewhat. I watched as Edward's hand squeezed tightly down, the delicious bead of moisture forming at the tip. His thumb swept out and over the head to spread the wetness, palm pressing over the tip as he turned his grip in another direction.

My gaze only averted when Edward's hand left Jasper's thick erection and he turned to leave the room. Jasper looked at me again, eyes wide and hungry, and my heart rate increased. I was briefly scared, to be honest, he looked so raw and ready. He moved the step forward back to my body and I kept watching long enough to see Edward return, condom and lube in hand. I bit my lip at what I knew was coming.

Turning my head to its original position, I again rested my forehead on the table. My fingertips tightened against the unyielding wood, legs relaxing against Jasper's body. It was his fingers I felt first, again dipping into me, spreading my lips, teasing me.

He took only a moment to stroke me before he thrust deep into my body. I let out a quick, loud grunt at his movement, the table cutting into my lower half and forcing the air out of me. The next stroke I was ready for, legs braced, lungs filled with air. It was no easier to take than the first, but far more pleasurable. Jasper's left hand was up at my shoulder, pulling my body back tightly against his, and his right was at my clit.

There was a pause in his movement after a few rough thrusts, and then I heard both of the boys groaning. The visual in my head of Edward penetrating Jasper was nearly enough to send me over into my orgasm. Once Jasper began to move his hand again, I couldn't have stopped it if I had wanted to. I came with a small cry, my breathing erratic and strained.

I heard Edward moan loudly and could only imagine what the two of them were doing. Jasper was still thrusting into me, his hand giving my body a brief respite. My brain, however, was still throbbing with pleasure each time I felt them moving or talking. I whimpered slightly and it was so low, I was certain Jasper couldn't hear it, but it was the only noise I could make.

A moment later, I was able to gather enough strength and breath to mutter a garbled "fuck," and it was exactly what Jasper needed to bring his attention to me again. He lowered his upper body and kissed the center of my back between my shoulder blades, then resumed moving his hand against me.

My body was exhausted with the effort I had expended over the last few days, but even as Jasper expertly worked me, I felt myself rising again to another orgasm. I heard Edward panting and grunting and felt the force of his thrusts into Jasper as they echoed through my own body. I felt Jasper still inside me, Edward's hands on his hips. Edward had leaned down against Jasper's body and I felt his breath against my skin as he exhaled sharply after his orgasm had subsided.

As Jasper resumed his pace inside me, fingers frantic to bring me to another release, I felt Edward's body slide next to us. He stood and watched, a smirk of satisfaction on his mouth. Knowing he was looking at our bodies, appraising and approving, even enjoying vicariously, threw me off the edge and into my next orgasm. My eyes drifted closed, body tightening as Jasper thrust deeper and harder than before, and I assumed he was coming as well.

We half-laid together for a few minutes, catching our breath as Edward touched us. I opened my eyes as Jasper moved away from me.

"Are you okay?"

He helped me to a full standing position and began to rub my abdomen. I could see the pressure marks from where the table was cutting into me, but I had more urgent needs.

"I'm fine, I promise," I said, giving him a soft kiss and looking into his eyes to reassure him. "I'll be right back."

By the time I got back from the bathroom, both boys were cuddled back up in bed. I crawled between them and enjoyed the warmth and tenderness.

"Do we have to check out soon?" I asked.

"A few hours," Edward said, his exhaustion clear in his voice. "Just enough time to maybe take a quick nap and shower together before we enjoy the day."

I warred in my head for a moment, debating whether I wanted sleep or food more, but sleep won.

When I woke up, I could hear the shower running. I stretched, alone in bed, and took a few moments to think about my life. Edward walked into the room and looked down at me, clearly surprised.

"Sorry, love, did we wake you with the noise of the shower? We were trying to let you sleep a little longer."

"No," I said, with a yawn and a stretch. "I think I'm just rested enough, and hungry. Starving, maybe."

He bent to kiss me and I held his face between my hands. Droplets of water from his hair fell down onto my face and I laughed.

"Did you bring the shower to me?" I asked, patting his cheek.

"Sorry, not on purpose. Why don't you get cleaned up and we'll grab some lunch and head out for the day."

I nodded and made my way to the bathroom. Jasper was drying off as I entered and we exchanged smiles and a quick kiss. Once I was in the warm shower, I thought about how we might spend the day. I thought we would just check out and go back to the apartment, but it seemed like they had more planned for us. I rushed through the shower and getting ready. Edward checked us out of the hotel and we took a cab back to the apartment to drop off our luggage.

As we were leaving again for lunch, I caught both of their hands and pulled them each closer.

"Thank you for a great second first date. I've had an amazing time."

"Well, it was your last first date, so we wanted to make it a good one," Edward said.

"Are we coming back here after lunch?" I was shamelessly attempting to get information from them.

"Eventually," Jasper smirked.

"Smartass," I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

We spent the day at the Navy Pier. We had lunch at Bubba Gump's, then walked around. We rode the Ferris Wheel and had ice cream as we watched families on the Carousel. A walk by a temporary tattoo shop sparked a lively discussion about body art, and I knew I'd want to talk about that more later. One of the ideas I had for us was to get small, discreet, matching tattoos before we had our commitment ceremony.

A lot of the day was spent on a bench, people watching. We talked about couples and families as they walked by, wondering what their histories were. It made me curious what people thought of us when we passed by, what sort of history they filled in for our lives.

Eventually, we had our fill of the area and made our way back to the apartment. The sun was beginning to set and the three of us stretched out on the couch, Jasper and Edward sitting on opposite sides with my head in Jasper's lap and my feet in Edward's. I was reading a book when my phone rang. Edward reached down into my purse, glancing at the Caller ID briefly before handing the phone to me.

"Hello?" I answered, knowing it was Charlie from the ringtone.

"Hey, Bella," he said, his voice filled with tension and uncertainty.