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"Are you going to tell us where we're going? We'll find out at the airport, you know," I pointed out.

Jasper's face lit up and he smiled broadly.



The flight seemed to take forever. It had been over 19 hours of travel by the time we got to Greece, with a brief layover in Germany, then Athens. I almost cried when we were in Athens, what I thought was our final destination, and Jasper sadly informed us we were getting into a turbo prop plane for the rest of the trip. Thankfully, the last leg was under an hour, and as we landed and made our way to Santorini, I took in the sights around me.

This is going to be a fanfuckingtastic honeymoon.

My only regret was that we didn't have more time, but I was powerless. Better to enjoy what we had than to spend the time bitching about having so little time.

After Edward and Jasper gathered our luggage, we got into a car Jasper had clearly arranged for. I was nodding off in the backseat between them, exhausted from all of our travel, but too excited to sleep. I could tell they both felt the same, their fingers lazily weaving into mine.

Finally, we were dropped off at the hotel.

Except, when we went inside, there was no check-in desk.



"Where's the check-in desk?"

Jasper just laughed, guiding Edward and me through the doors. As the driver brought our bags in, we followed Jasper out to the patio. There was a platter with seasoned feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, peppers and onions (a traditional Greek salad), and another with various cut up seasonal fruits. A bottle of what looked like wine sat on the table, with three empty glasses.

"What's so funny? Wait..."

I looked around, a few things clicking into place.

"This whole place..." I took a deep breath, trying to really take it in. "The whole thing?" Apparently my verbal skills had gone out the window. "No," I whispered, shaking my head.

"Yes," Jasper confirmed. "The whole thing."

I looked at Edward, then back at Jasper... then I walked from room to room, refreshed with enthusiasm. We had a whole fucking villa to ourselves? It was HUGE! There were entire rooms we'd never touch during our stay, two master ensuites, a gorgeous swimming pool, more balconies than I could keep track of...

Returning to where the boys sat, noshing on the food laid out for us and sipping their wine as they talked quietly, I flopped into a chair, still partially disbelieving. It was already late in the day, almost evening according to the clocks around, and I began to eat with them, anticipation heavy in the air.

"I arranged for the chef to set out some food for us, figuring we'd be hungry. She won't be back until tomorrow morning, but the fridge and pantry should be stocked."

"Jasper, this is truly amazing," Edward said. "Thank you."

They reached for my free hand and we all squeezed our fingers together, greedily eating and drinking. As we watched the reflection of the setting sun dance off the water, I marveled (out loud several times) at just how blue the water was. I'd never seen such blue water before. It was just like in every photograph or postcard I'd seen, only right there in front of me.

Popping one last cheese cube into my mouth, I licked my fingers clean. Leaning back in my chair, I crossed my arms behind my head and stretched out. The boning in my lingerie was getting to be uncomfortable and I wiggled a bit, adjusting. Traveling for almost a full day in a corset wasn't my best plan, but I knew it would be worth it. At least, I hoped it would.

Edward had been looking right at me, and I actually blushed under his gaze. It was so intense, I shifted in my chair and raised an eyebrow at him in question.

"Love, you have to know what I'm thinking about," he whispered, leaning closer to me.

He licked his lips, then planted soft kisses along the column of my neck.

"Can I take you to bed, Mrs..." He paused and pulled back. "Miss Swan." Edward shook his head, eyebrows furrowing in the middle. "I'm still going to lobby for Cullen eventually, I hope you both know that."

The three of us laughed, and I took their hands in mine. A saucy smile spread across my face as I glanced between them, taking just one moment longer than normal to absorb their faces, their smiles, their happiness, and their exhaustion.

"You can both take me to bed," I said, trailing into another yawn. "I am kind of tired."

I bit my lip to hide the smile from them as they trailed behind me. I was tired, but I had plans first.

Hearing them talk softly between themselves, likely trying to figure out if I was kidding or not, I giggled. I sat on the edge of the bed and took my sandals off, kicking my feet out and watching as they finally entered the room, hands linked together.

Flopping back onto the bed, my arms went above my head as I stretched and relaxed. I could hear the rustling of clothes and smiled up at the ceiling. I didn't have much time to be smug before I felt warm hands on my skin. I was glad I'd worn a comfortable cotton dress on the plane, but it also meant I'd been subjected to their teasing several times during the flight.

I couldn't hold in the soft hum at their touch. One hand on each side of my body went under the fabric of my dress, lifting it as they moved. My hips raised up and the material continued to gather. Grateful for the warm weather, I sat up and pulled the garment off. They both groaned, but Edward was the first to attack me, pushing me back to the bed. When his fingers flew underneath the cups of the corset, I gasped.

"Please tell me you brought more lingerie," Edward begged.

Jasper and I laughed, but I suspected not for the same reasons.

"I don't know, my love, you have to ask your partner in crime over there. He's the one that packed, remember?"

Tilting my head so I could watch them both, I smiled as they simply nodded their heads a few times and raised eyebrows, some strange and silent guy code passing between them. Satisfied with Jasper's non-answer answer, Edward went back to teasing me.

Usually, Edward's hands were soft and gentle, but the travel, school, stress, I wasn't sure exactly, had made his skin more rough. The pads of his fingers swept over my nipples, and I felt my hips move, pressing my lower half into his. A soft whimper escaped when he grabbed me more roughly than usual.

Pushing his body into mine, I sank slightly further into the plush bed. My legs were spread wide, his body between them, and I realized I was shamelessly rubbing against him to seek friction. Jasper's hands were still on my body and I turned to kiss him as Edward shifted lower. Edward's hands were on my hips, his chin resting at the top of my pelvic bone as he looked up at us. I made eye contact with him and smiled, the three of us seeming to take a collective deep breath of relief in that moment.

As Edward sprinkled kisses all around, he slowly pulled my panties off. Jasper's hands moved to my breasts, repeating the same attention Edward had just given them. Smiling about the differences between the two, I was taken out of my thoughts as I felt Edward at the bottom of my corset, unhooking the snaps. Once he had it open I sat up, allowing Jasper to pull it away and off the bed.

We laid together, the three of us, nestled on top of the blankets for a lot longer than I thought we might. We touched and teased each other, kissing, whispering, licking, sometimes biting... always enjoying. It was unspoken that we were all exhausted, however, and I knew we'd be saving the acrobatics for some other day. The way they were touching me, I was touching them, was intensely sexy and sensual at the same time.

I was reduced to begging for them after they'd brought me to my first slow orgasm of what I was sure would be many on our trip. I felt Jasper's body shift away and then return, hands snaking low on my body in preparation. Over the last eighteen months, we'd learned what we each liked best, learned how to perfectly tease and ready our lovers' bodies. Each practiced move was skillfully executed, and before I even thought about it too much, we were joined and moving together as one.

My eyes closed lightly as my hands roamed in front of me and behind. We were so close to each other, I had no idea how they even seemed to be moving as much as they were, I only knew I was enjoying it... a lot. So much so, in fact, that I got lost in the sensations and couldn't keep track of whose hands were whose, where they were, and what they were doing.

Feeling lightheaded for a moment, I took a few deep breaths and smiled, remembering back to how overwhelming it was being with both of them in the beginning. None of that intensity was gone, I had simply learned to tame the raging inferno that was our lovemaking into something I could handle.

"God, I love you both so much," I whispered.

Lips pressed to my closed eyelids and hands continued to tease, teeth scraping skin, as our breathing accelerated. I wanted to be greedy and selfish, live right in this moment forever; paradise at our doorstep, wrapped up in each other, lost in our pleasure and love. Both of them murmured responses to my words, verbal caresses of my heart.

Jasper's fingernails lightly scraped my hip, then teased their way to my clit. My forehead was pressed against Edward's, and when I opened my eyes again, I could see the effort of holding off his own orgasm clearly written across his face. I shifted and flexed my hips, head moving back toward Jasper. He turned and kissed me, the new position leaving my chest open for Edward's attention. It was soft and tender, the perfect way to end what was essentially our wedding day, and my body tightened quietly.

The slow burn seeped into my muscles, then seized me quickly. My lips and tongue were still playing with Jasper's as I whimpered and came, my entire body stiff. Jasper kissed down my neck and to my collarbone as his mouth latched to my skin and I began to recognize the sounds of his own orgasm washing over him. His hand had drooped lazily at my center, but I felt him press his fingers against me as he stopped moving and it was almost enough to send me into another climax.


It was all I could get out, needing both of them so badly still, and Jasper's hand began to move against my body again. Dipping lower periodically, I knew he was teasing Edward just as much, and it was in those moments that I always felt entirely connected to both of them, in every sense of the word. Jasper had pulled back slightly for a moment, then pressed more tightly against me.

As Edward's body rocked into mine, I could tell they were looking at each other and a flash of them together flew through my mind. I moaned softly and let go, feeling both of their arms around me, Edward's body still moving, Jasper's hands never stopping. Hearing Edward swear as he came made me smile, even if it was an exhausted half-smile.

Laughing lightly once we'd all gone still, I felt Jasper move my limp body as he worked the blanket down and covered the three of us with a soft top sheet. He curled back into his spot behind me and I fell asleep so quickly, I didn't get a chance to tell them the million and one things drifting in my brain. I was content, knowing we had time on our side at that moment.

I don't think any of us got up at all through the night. Typically, I'd wake up in some new position, wrapped around Edward or Jasper, waking up to pee or get a glass of water, but I slept like an absolute rock. My arms were sore as I moved after waking, still nestled comfortably between Edward and Jasper.

After a moment of simply laying there, basking in the bliss of having no plans, no errands to run, just the three of us and paradise, I pressed a kiss to the base of Edward's neck. I smiled as I ran my hand up and down his arm slowly. I burrowed my nose against his neck and inhaled, luxuriating in his scent. My leg curled up his body, hooking around his hips and pulling us tighter together. Jasper curled behind me, the three of us nestled in a cocoon of blankets.

"Good morning, baby," Jasper said, kissing my neck.

"Good morning to you, too. And you, Edward. So weird sometimes to not just be saying that to one person..." I mused.

Edward's hand tightened on my arm and I thought about what we might do that day. I peeked up and looked at the clock, surprised it was already late in the morning. Flopping onto my back, I stretched and yawned, looking out the window to assess the day. Still beautiful.

"Come on, boys, we've got some touristy things to be doing."

Sitting up, I climbed out of bed and walked to the bathroom. The shower wasn't big enough for the three of us, so we each used separate bathrooms to get ready. After my turn was over, I got dressed and joined them at the large dining table.

I scooped berries and yogurt onto my plate, then grabbed a piece of toast. Edward got up, giving each of us a kiss on his way to the bathroom. Jasper and I talked about our plans to walk the city and do a little shopping. We wanted to spend that day closer to the villa relaxing, with plans the next day to do a bit of sightseeing, then go into Fira for more relaxing, a nice dinner, and drinks at a nearby club. I was impressed with the research Jasper had done and the time that had gone into his plans. He had a short itinerary for each day, but told me he was flexible, he just needed to contact the driver and chef if we needed things moved around.

Once Edward was ready, we walked to a coffee shop. While we didn't hold hands, we did sit together and no one hesitated with showing their affection for anyone else. The shop was doing brisk business and I felt fairly certain no one was paying close enough attention to us for it to matter. We spent several hours there reading our books, talking about the future, working on crossword puzzles together.

When we got back to the villa, the chef was putting the finishing touches on dinner. It was nice to meet her and have a wonderful, home cooked meal. We ate out on the balcony again, watching the sun dip low as we fed each other. We had another bottle of chilled wine we enjoyed as well.

"Swim?" Edward asked when the food was gone and the wine bottle was nearly empty.

"Mmhmm," I replied.

I swung my hips as I got up and walked to the bedroom to change, an extra smile in my step. We already had one night gone and the second was closing in on us fast. Rummaging through the drawers our bags had been unpacked into, I found a new, cute bikini and undressed. Of course, that was the moment Jasper and Edward came into the room, but we stayed focused and each changed.

Once we were in the pool, we played and splashed, laughing as we talked more and hung out. Edward and Jasper had begun to kiss and I decided to see just how far they'd take things without my interference. It had been a while since I'd seen them so playful with each other, real life and our time apart weighing on all of us. Jasper reached for my hand as they got out of the pool, but I shook my head, motioning to the lounge chairs. I hoped the arched eyebrow and pleading look on my face were enough of an indication of what I wanted.

Smiling at me, he moved his attention back to Edward, whispering his plan. Just as I'd hoped, I had a front-row view of them as they touched and loved each other feet away from me. I paid attention to the way their bodies rocked against each other, muscles flexing and backs arching as they licked, touched, and sucked each other to orgasm in a sixty-nine position.

There was something beautiful to me each time we were intimate with each other, whether it was a kiss on the cheek or making love, or even dirty, hard fucking. Sure, when Edward and Jasper were together it sometimes stoked jealousy in me, but watching them that night only made me remember how we began. Without their previous relationship, we wouldn't have been there.

When they'd had their fill of each other, several moments spent curled up together, I sat on the chair next to them. My hands reminded them that it was okay to be apart from me, and with me. I did my best to reaffirm my love for each of them, as well as the unit of us as three. Eventually, we went inside, each of us taking a quick shower to rinse off from the pool, then lounged in bed until we fell asleep.

The next morning, we woke to the most intoxicating smell. We got dressed and made our way to the kitchen to find the chef had left an assortment of freshly baked pastries and coffee. As we ate, Jasper told us about the specific plans for the day. We would go to Akrotiri and Ancient Thira, then move on to Fira for dinner, dancing, and drinks.

Leaving the villa seemed like a good idea, but the prospect of a full day was also daunting. Edward brought his camera, though, and I was hopeful we'd get some nice photos for our wall and photo album. We held hands through the drive, making more small talk. I was amazed at how the three of us never seemed to run out of random things to talk about.

We took in the historical sites, Edward with the camera practically glued to his face. Some other tourists wandered by and asked if we wanted a photo together several times, so I knew we'd have a few photographs of all three of us, and that made me ecstatic. I wasn't much for the history, but I enjoyed the beauty and sights.

Mid-day, we arrived back at the villa to change and get ready for our night out. Jasper warned us that the nightlife went very late, and we'd be having a late dinner as well, so we had a light snack. We took a leisurely swim and I tried not to think about the visual of the two of them together from the night before, but failed miserably. I was antsy and could feel the anticipation growing and building between us.

When we'd had enough of the pool, we got ready for our night on the town. I was glad to be going out, enjoying some of the late night spots, doing a little dancing with them. I put on a little makeup and wore the dress Jasper and Alice had obviously packed for a night out. Smiling, I stepped into my modest strappy heels, and headed into the sitting room to let the boys know I was ready. Jasper had a pair of dark jeans and a light-colored button-up on and Edward was dressed similarly. They both looked hot and I couldn't help the internal whimper and thought that perhaps we should just stay in.

Regardless of my thoughts, we did go out, and it was wonderful. We had a fresh, satisfying dinner with local wine. We tapped our glasses together lightly after Jasper made a toast to our future, each of us with a mile-wide grin on our faces.

The club was another story altogether. It was loud, pulsing with music and alcohol. We had more than one round of ouzo shots, indulging in the alcohol together knowing we had a safe ride back to the villa. No one even gave us a second glance on the dance floor with the three of us together. The silky fabric of my dress slid against my skin as we danced, and I laughed more than I'd laughed in weeks. I felt sexy, worshipped between them, supremely loved.

And horny.

Standing on my tiptoes, I whispered directly into Jasper's ear. Edward was behind me with his hands on my hips as I begged Jasper to cut our night short and head back. I didn't have to ask twice.

True restraint had been required in the car on the drive back. Each of them had a hand on a leg, slowly inching up, teasing and tormenting me. Of course, I was doing the same to both of them. When we got back, we didn't even make it to the bedroom. Stopping in the front sitting area, we let the alcohol and hormones get the best of us while we indulged in a quick, satisfyingly-sweaty romp together.

As we laid in bed after, hands and mouths back to the gentle touches and caresses I was used to, I couldn't help but sigh with contentment. We had an iPod with a dock in the room and I listened as the sounds of our playlist lulled me to sleep, aching at the lyrics and melodies of our favorite songs. Finally, long after Jasper and Edward had, I fell asleep.

We spent the next morning much as the previous; we woke up and ate breakfast together. I heard the chef leave, so I slipped into a sexy lace and satin camisole and panty set to lounge around in.

Jasper laughed as he spotted me coming into the kitchen. "Woman, are you never satisfied?"

I couldn't help it, it seemed like a good moment to tease him back. "Good thing there are two of you," I said, winking.

We sat together and ate as we talked about the day. We were going to have a picnic lunch, then have a relaxing movie night.

"It's a good thing I know you so well, my little nymph, because tonight I'm going to show you all about those curiously strong mints," Jasper said, eyebrows waggling.

My gaze turned to Edward and I raised my eyebrows at him, eyes wide.

"Oh, Jasper brought a few things from the naughty box, love. Didn't you know?" His deliciously evil smirk told me that he knew I'd been clueless to that fact, and he was enjoying teasing me.

"Pretty sure I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

Leaning back in my chair, I laughed and sighed dramatically.

The morning was spent checking email, sending photos to Alice, Angela, Esme, and Victoria. I turned the iPod on again as I laid in bed. I curled up under the covers, a little glad to hog the whole bed as Jasper and Edward each checked their email and did whatever it was they wanted in that time. It was just a short nap, but it was perfect and filled with technicolor dreams.

Pretending I was still asleep, I felt the wet kisses begin at my ankle. They were soft, tentative. The lips brushed against my skin between presses, tongue dipping out now and then to lick as they moved. Teeth gently scraped behind my knee, soft nibbles designed to help bring me from my slumber. I was fighting so hard to stay still, but I didn't want this to end, especially not with where the mouth in question was headed. Once the kisses trailed up the inside of my thigh, I felt what had to be his nose trail up and down the center of my panties, hot breath tempered through the material. A tongue snaked out and traced up and down each edge, teasing my lips beneath the fabric.

Without thought, I shifted my hips and pressed into the mouth, a soft hum coming from my mouth. The foreign body lifted and moved away from me.


Edward's voice was rough, and the single word almost came out like an answer to his own question.

"You have no idea," I responded, opening my eyes. It was true, I was starving ā€“ for food, and more.

"Come on, then. Let's take a quick shower while Jasper puts the last touches on the picnic. He's already been in and out."

"I'll say," I whispered with a giggle.

Edward and I linked hands and walked to the shower. Although I thought he was cruel for teasing me, it was totally something I'd have done myself, so I couldn't hold it against him too much. We got ready quickly, both of our stomachs rumbling and causing us to laugh.

The three of us held hands, Edward in the middle, with Jasper carrying a huge picnic basket. I had a tote bag with a blanket and some other supplies in it. We walked a short distance and set up our lunch.

Our knees touched when we sat, the three of us forming a circle. Jasper began to unpack all the goodies in the basket, and I laughed when he handed me a bag of chips.

"Oregano Lays, Jazz? That'sā€¦" I scrunched up my nose at the thought. "I don't even know. That can't possibly be good."

"The chef swears by them. You don't have to eat them if you don't like them, I let her pack most of this," he said with a shrug and a smile.

I squealed when I saw him unpack a small jar of what looked like a Greek version of Nutella. "Gimme!" I demanded. I'd been right, and we enjoyed some after eating the bulk of our lunch.

The picnic was more of a feast than a meager picnic, and we ate until we were stuffed. The blanket cushioned the hard ground as we laid back, holding hands and watching lazy clouds float by.

By the time we made it back to the villa, it was getting late. We popped popcorn and sat together, snuggling and watching the movie. I couldn't get Jasper's earlier comments, or Edward's teasing, out of my head, though, and I was practically squirming in my seat by the time the movie was over. As we shut off all of the components and got ready to go into the bedroom, the excitement in the air was palpable.

Once we were in the bedroom, Jasper told Edward and me to undress each other while he dug around in the one bag he had carried inside himself. We did so, taking our time and enjoying each other as we each tried to peek and figure out what Jasper had brought. Finally, we were undressed and Jasper was finished. The room looked like a toy shop had exploded, and I had to laugh. Jasper had brought the anal beads, glass dildo, Altoids, and several other fun toys.

He turned and gave me a wicked grin, then told me to get up on the bed. God, I love commanding Jasper.

I demurely climbed onto the bed, okay maybe wagging my hips in the air once I was on all fours, and sat primly with my legs stretched out and crossed at the ankle in front of me. My feet were wagging back and forth, the anxiety and anticipation seeping out in nervous tics.

Jasper opened the Altoid tin and held it for Edward first. I watched as his magical fingers plucked a small, white disc and popped it into his mouth. Jasper did the same, then closed the tin and tossed it to the side.

Again, small, light kisses began at my ankle, this time from Jasper's mouth. He kept his eyes up, watching me intently as he would kiss, then blow against my skin. The minty tingle had begun and as he kissed a path up, my mind extrapolated that he'd be right where I wanted him soon, the same tingly sensation likely intensified.

I was propped up on my hands watching him, but my head dipped back and my eyes closed. The bed moved and I felt heat from what could only have been Edward's body, followed quickly by his tongue lapping gently at my nipple. Moaning, I pushed my chest slightly out, not wanting him to stop. His closed lips brushed against the sensitive skin and I really wanted to feel the cold, tingling sensation again.

"More," I breathed more than spoke, one of my hands moving to the back of his head.

When Jasper reached the apex of my thighs, I had to lay back. There was no way I could hold myself up with one arm under his ministrations, and as soon as my head hit the pillow, he began to lick slowly. It was a very focused effort, and I writhed, moaning, as the tingling picked up. He blew softly at the top of my slit and I made more loud noise and shivered.

The tingling burned, not in an unpleasant way, but in a needy ache I could feel all over my body. My other hand had begun playing with Jasper's hair, twirling locks between my fingers and occasionally tugging. My hips moved against his mouth, his hands scooped beneath my body, cupping me. His tongue dipped lower, taking the sensation everywhere, and I pressed him harder into me.

Edward kept up his movement as well, switching sides and bringing the delightful tingle and ache to the other side of my breasts. He teased my nipple, kissing and licking all around the fleshy part of my breast before making direct contact.

As Jasper's movements picked up, I could feel my orgasm swell. I was literally throbbing with the anticipation and it didn't take much longer for me to come. He'd begun to pull back and whisper to me and it was a strange combination of cold from the mints and his breath, and heat from his tongue, his words encouraging me.

I could feel my fingers tighten on each of their scalps as my orgasm approached, and I was willing my hands to unclench, but unable. To my surprise, they both groaned, a deep sound of pleasure. My mind unfocused and I let go, babbling incoherently as I felt my release crash into my body. It was loud, fiery, intense, and oh so fucking good.

My first instinct when my orgasm had receded was to beg one or both of them to be inside me, but I wanted to tease and pleasure them as they had done for me. Sitting up, I laughed, certain my hair had become a tangled rat's nest with all of the writhing I'd done. I kissed them each, intense, hard kisses. I could taste myself on Jasper and it made us both moan.

"My turn," I said with a wicked grin. "Edward, help Jasper out of his clothes, please. Then, both of you, lay down next to each other, legs hanging off the bed, edge of the bed at your knees."

As I found the tin of mints, I formed my plan of attack, so to speak. I rummaged through the toy pile and grabbed what I needed, making my way back to them.

"Excuse me, did I say you two could kiss?" I tapped my foot in mock disapproval.

Edward turned from Jasper's body to look at me and I had never seen him look quite so lusty before. One side of his perfect mouth quirked up. "I just needed to taste you."

I had to shake my head as visions of my plan being tossed out the window and riding Edward's sweet face came unbidden. Reminding myself it was their turn ā€“ my turn? ā€“ I set my things down on the floor where they couldn't get too good of a look at what I had.

"Back to where you were, naughty boys." I motioned with my hands for them to move back onto their backs. "Stay closer together, though," I instructed, and they moved. "Perfect."

They were lying so that Edward's right and Jasper's left leg were touching, and I drank in their delicious, naked bodies for a moment. I smiled and went to work, having placed a mint in my mouth before I'd turned back to them.

My hands went up each of their outer legs, my knees lowering to the floor. My hair was loose, tickling them as I worked my hands higher. I made sure to give them the same attention Jasper had given me, kissing, licking and nibbling my way on each of their bodies to where I wanted to be. I'd never been a huge fan of the blow job, but this seemed far more intense and interesting. I couldn't wait to see how they would each react.

Swiping my tongue out, I explored Jasper first. I began at the base of his cock, wrapping my lips around the ridged skin. He moaned softly, his body responding and his hips pressing into me. I smiled, then moved to Edward's body, repeating the same motions. When they'd each had what I hoped was a tiny taste of the tingling sensation, I backed up for a moment to prepare the toys. I slicked lube onto each of them, then moved to Jasper's body first.

I touched and caressed him before pressing the bulbous beads into his body, a groan coming from him as each sphere disappeared. As I pressed the dildo into Edward, I realized this was going to take both hands, plus my mouth, and a lot of patience on their part.

Deciding to make them sweat a little, I quickly washed my hands before returning to them. I kept one hand at the base of each their lengths, thumb pressing and teasing the toy they had, as my mouth worked against their skin. I loved hearing them together, listening to the sounds of their growing pleasure as they mixed in the air above me.

Shifting from each of their bodies, I alternated between simple licks and kisses to taking them completely into my mouth, doing my best to make sure I didn't gag on or swallow the mint. At some point, I got tired of keeping track of it, decided it was distracting me from really focusing on them, and chewed the rest of it, hoping the lingering menthol in my mouth would be enough.

Looking up, I could see them kissing and it only turned me on more. Each of them had a hand in my hair, sometimes pulling, but usually stroking and caressing. Jasper's hand would come down and stroke my cheekbone when I was on his side, Edward's staying mostly tangled in the tresses.

Refocusing all of my attention on Jasper, I used one hand to stroke the parts of him that weren't in my mouth on each up and down movement, the other teasing and toying with the string of beads. I gripped him tighter, sucking and licking at the head of his shaft as I felt his thighs tense beneath me. Knowing he was close, I pulled off and blew a cool breath across him.

His hand in my hair tightened and redirected me back onto him. I complied with a laugh, then a moan as I wrapped my lips around his skin again. When I could feel him tense back up again, my tongue teasing and stroking him as I sucked, my other hand slowly pulled the beads out. As I felt the first one escape, his orgasm began and I tugged faster. He clearly enjoyed that, as his hand pressed me harder against his body and I took him all the way inside my mouth. I tried not to gag on him, and his other hand flew to the other side of my head, attempting to pull me back. I responded by sucking harder as he spilled the last of his orgasm inside me.

I could hear him murmuring an apology at me and I just shook my head, deciding not to respond at that moment; I had other things I wanted to focus on. I put a fresh mint in my mouth, crushing and swallowing it quickly before moving back to Edward's body. My hands focused on him and I could hear them kissing above me again, the sounds causing me to rub my thighs together in need.

My thumb tapped the base of the glass object buried deep inside him as I swirled my tongue around the head of his thick cock. Taking it between my lips, I sucked gently at first, a little reminder of our time before I had focused on Jasper. His hand was still in my hair, stroking and caressing me as I did the same to his body. I lowered my mouth, swiping licks and kisses at his base and then blowing soft streams of air. I could hear him making insanely sexy noises against Jasper and decided to end his torture, delightful though I was sure it was.

Taking him all the way back inside my mouth, I moaned again, the reverberations vibrating my lips as I moved up and down his saliva-slicked skin. One of my hands was still manipulating and playing with the toy and the other had moved to the base of him, as with Jasper, squeezing tightly. I had to laugh that I knew their bodies so well, the differences in what each of them liked versus what they loved, and marveled that I seemed to be able to keep it straight in my head. I swallowed the giggle, my throat providing an extra vacuum sensation, and I felt Edward's body stiffen. My hand pressed the dildo harder into him and he came in my mouth, his own loud cries muffled by Jasper's mouth.

Removing the glass, I laid it on the towel I'd grabbed when I washed my hands, next to the beads. I crawled up the bed between them and laid down, our hands meshing and mingling on bodies. We fell asleep without a single word needed between us.

Waking up slowly, I stretched and blinked a few times. It was our second-to-last full day in Greece. We had no plans to do anything but laze about, love each other, and make the most of what was likely one of the last days of the three of us together for a while. Edward's residency would begin the day after we got back and chaos would ensue, school demanding (and receiving) more of his time than Jasper and I.

I turned to Edward and kissed the back of his neck, fingers raking through his messy mop. I scratched his scalp like I knew he loved.

"Good morning," I whispered as I kissed just beneath his earlobe.

My arm moved to wrap around his body, beneath his arm, and I kissed along his shoulder blades. He turned in my grip and faced me, smiling back at me.

"Good morning, love."

"Sleep well?" I asked.

His arms went above his head as he stretched. His long, lean, naked body elongated before me and seemed to beg for my touch. I kissed him tentatively as my hands raked through his insanely sexy hair. Long, warm fingers wrapped around the curve of my ass, pulling me closer to him.

Edward practically purred as he continued pulling, rolling us so he was beneath me. His hands gripped my hips, guiding my body over his. It was slow as we teased each other, his erection sliding between my lips, teasing my clit. I was sitting up on his lap and looked down to watch his expression as we played and experimented, altering the speed and pressure. His eyes had squeezed tightly closed when I moved faster, head tilting back, mouth open.

Pressing harder into him, I watched as his mouth snapped closed, a fruitless attempt to keep the sound from escaping. Smiling, I let my head fall back slightly, the loose hairs tickling my back as my body moved on its own, hips swaying rhythmically. I could feel my orgasm building and I knew I was going to fall over the edge any second. On the next slide of our bodies, my nails dug into his chest as my body tightened and tensed. I let out a low whine and stopped my movement as he continued to thrust, driving my climax to continue.

Just as the sensation began to wane, his hand left my hip and held his cock so that he thrust deep inside me on his next stroke. We began to move together, not caring anymore about how much noise we were making.

"Fuck," Jasper whispered, diverting my attention.

I looked over and saw him stroking himself under the sheets, the sight and thought insanely erotic. His other hand snaked over Edward's leg to where we were joined. I always thought it was interesting, the myriad ways we seemed to connect during our activities, both everyday and intimate; even if the three of us weren't directly involved in an act together, the connection between us was still clear. I had another orgasm after Jasper's teasing and touching. It was slower, softer, less overtly intense, but far more emotional. Edward came shortly after I did, pulling me down to his chest as he rode out the last bits of his orgasm.

As we laid together, I imagined what "Edward, Jasper, and Bella" would look like in the future. We talked about how long Jasper wanted to play soccer (forever, if he could, he said, which made me laugh), what Edward wanted to do once he was done in school (open his own practice), and how many babies we wanted (we never could agree on a number). We laughed, I cried (happy and sad tears, over a variety of subjects), and we enjoyed.

Around lunchtime, we realized we'd skipped breakfast, and made our way to the kitchen. We dug through the refrigerator and pantry to fix ourselves lunch, and ate in bed. Eventually, we each put on the bare minimum of clothing and went to the balcony to soak up more beauty and sun.

We walked into the small town again, picking up a few souvenirs for friends and family before stopping at the small cafe we'd been at earlier in the week. We sat again and enjoyed several hours of peaceful togetherness before returning to the villa to watch another movie.

Dinner was laced with sadness, but we did the best we could to keep things upbeat. We went to bed quietly and slept restlessly, each of us tossing and turning at the anxiety of returning to our stressful lives. A benefit I had not anticipated with our trip was the sheer pleasure and relaxation of anonymity in this little Greek city. No one knew Jasper as a soccer player, there was no risk of running into anyone in Edward's medical program. We held hands, we touched, we snuck into alleys on cobblestone roads to kiss. I'd miss that freedom, and I quietly cried myself to sleep that night, knowing it was down to the last bit.

The next day involved lots and lots of swimming and lounging. I had on the bikini from earlier in the week, and Jasper had teased me about how little fabric there was. It was nice to feel the sun on my skin, and I made sure to play it up when he was out of the pool, flirting and teasing him back. Edward had been on his laptop at the table and I was lying on the bench beside him, daydreaming. Jasper walked over to me, dripping with water from the pool, and climbed on top of me.

He was nearly frantic, as if he could sense the freedom slipping away like I had, and he untied my bikini top quickly. His pace slowed after that and I enjoyed the warmth of the day, the sun beaming down on us as we made love slowly and softly. I could see Edward watching from the corner of my eye, and it only made it that much more intense.

We left the house a few hours later for dinner in Fira again. We were dressed more casually than we had been the other night. Walking around to enjoy the city before we had dinner, the three of us openly held hands and were affectionate. The infamous "Gold Street" was fun to walk down and shop, picking up things that would remind us of our trip.

Our driver had given Jasper the name of the restaurant we ate at that night, and it was amazing. The food was delicious and sensual, another meal spent wooing each other and teasingly indulging in public foreplay.

By the time we made it back to the villa, it was late. We had wanted to get an early night in, knowing our flight was insanely early. Instead, we each made the unspoken sacrifice of sleep as we curled together in bed again, replaying the sitting position on the bed where Jasper and Edward locked legs, my body between theirs. It was painstakingly slow and beautifully sexy, sensual, and reaffirming.

The alarm clock went off much too early, and we each showered, packed our bags, and got ready to leave. I took one last moment to let it all out and cry in the shower, but then remembered the joy I felt at starting my new life with them. This was real. We had really committed to each other, forever. The thought cut through my sleepy fog and made me giddy. I couldn't wait to get home, to find a house, to build a home and a life together, in whatever configuration that meant for each of us.

We were driven to the airport by our hired driver, and Jasper shook his hand and thanked him, I was certain offering up a fat tip as well. He'd given his thanks to the chef that morning, passing her an envelope on her way out.

As we made our way through customs and all of the airport requirements, I couldn't help the happy feeling that just kept swelling in my heart. Once we were on board, we took our seats and I smiled at both of them.

I looked out the window as the plane ascended for our trip home, and thought about what the future might bring for us. Who knew where we'd be in five or ten years? There was only one thing I was certain of: wherever we were, it would be together.

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