Chapter 2: Forgiveness

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Three days had past since the first day the two girl came to the White Moon.

Ranpha was sitting on a beach chair reading the latest fashion magazine. "Oh…I bet this dress would look wonderful on me!"

"Ranpha-san! Stop sunbathing and come in the water it really great!" yelled Milfie

"ok-ok I'm coming!" she took off her sunglass and put the magazine down and ran toward the seashore. "Wow the water really clear I can see my feet…"

After a while, they got out to dry off and walk, back to there room. Ranpha was brushing her hair when there was a nock on the door. She got up and opens the door and saw one of the maids standing there. "Yes?"

"The Moon Goddess Shatoyan would like to speak to you." Ranpha nodded to conform she would go see her.

"Thank you both of you for coming." Two unfamiliar looking girls stand beside the Moon Goddess. "I would like to introduce you to two more new member of the team." The short blue hair girl step foreword and smiled at the two girls.

"Hello it's nice to meet you." Her white looking bunny ears on her head started to flap. "I am Mint Blancmanche; I am the pilot to Trick Master."

Isn't Blanmanch family the super rich family? Milfie thought.
She seems nice, but I bet she really act like a rich brat...
Ranpha thought.

Mint giggled. "Yes I am from the family Blanmanche business estate. And I think you misjudge my looks…."

Ranpha and Milfie gasp at what Mint had said. "w-what h-how um what are you!"-"wow how you do that?"

Mint giggled again then explained. "Oh yes I have telepathic abilities, I can read other people thoughts."

Ranpha could not believe this. "….Don't you think telepathy is kind of cheating? It rude to look into other thoughts…"

With Ranpha comment, Mint ear flaps down on her head. "Yes it true…...there is time were I do not wish to be able to hear people thoughts…." And my father use this to be able to get more money being able to read people thoughts.

Milfie was getting more curious of how much this power worked and could not help but ask the question. "Are you able to read Shatoyan-sama thoughts?"

Mint gave a small grin at Milfie question. "Well…she thinks you're weird" Shatoyan then glance at Mint of the remark she said. "ohohoho I just kidding…she waiting to introduce the second member of team." Ranpha and Milfie had forgotten about the second guest. Mint stepped aside to let the red head introduce her self.

Wile the tall women walked over to them Ranpha could not help but badly judge her choice of clothing she had. "What an ugly military jacket and hat."

The woman adjusted her monocle on her right eye then spoke. "Yo, I'm Forte Stollen, I am the pilot of Happy Trigger and love to collecting guns."

Ranpha only gave a small wave with her hand. "….uh hello there nice to meet you…..." What the hell with the big chest woman!

Forte study the two girl appearance. "…..You girls don't look very strong… look like you would cry any time….pretty girl like you should not join the military."

Ranpha felt insulted saying she did not look strong. "What did you say?" she already making me mad! "We are not week! Just so you know Milfie here has the highest score in the military academy!"

Forte blink looking at Milfie, then adjusted her eye to study her appearance better. "Oh its her?...I'm sorry to say but she doesn't look very smart or someone that could get a score like that."

Milfie felt a small ache in her chest from Forte statement how she did not look smart, but she had to agree with Forte. She did look like a girl who was fragile and one who could cry any second. "…..well…the truth is… because of my luck" said Milfie embarrass to admit.

"So you don't really have talent then…" Forte said turning her back to them. Ranpha felt the urge to punch this women face and tell her to never speak like that about her best friend. "Why you!-" Milfie grabbed Ranpha arm and shake her head.

Forte reaches in her jacket to pull out a cigarette and lighter. That blond girl is pissing me off.

Mint gasp and quickly snatch the cigarette out of Forte hands. "How rude, you should not be smoking in a place like this at all time!"

Ranpha could not help but snicker, your getting scold by a midget! Mint gave a dark glare at Ranpha.

One week later
Thing ware not going to well for the new team.

"Hay watch it you old hag! You could shoot someone eye out with that!"-"Dumb blond don't leave your boy magazine lying around!"-"Stop wearing those weird costumes!" "Who left this mess in the kitchen?"

The girls were playing a simple bored game. Forte narrowed her eye at Ranpha card hand. "Ranpha you better not be hiding a card…" said Forte.

"ME?...NEVER" Ranpha commented in a innocent sweet tone. Ranpha then leaned over to Mint and gave an evil grin. "And Mint you keep wining at these game! Don't you think that kind of suspicious?"

Mint just sighed from Ranpha comment. "I told you I am NOT reading your thought!" Mint then glance at Forte. "Well I hat people who cheat at games and fix the game….."

The arguing of accusing kept going on threw the game and was turning out to not be fun.

"STOP IT!" Dropping her card on the table Milfie yelled in anger and tears. "sniff…we….s-sup-pose to be…..a t-team an-d all y-ou doing….sniff is ar-arguing!…." she then burst into tears and ran out of the room crying. The three girls sat in silence and were feeling ashamed.

The Goddess reached over and gently picked some blue berries off the bushes. "….the strawberries taste good today…..I should make a strawberry pie for Shiva." She then picks a few more berries until the basket was full to the rim.


The Goddess was startle from the out bursting crying running threw the garden. "Now who could that be?" The goddess followed the noise of crying, wile walking on the path she came across a bush of flowers. Reaching over she parted away the branches revealing the crying Milfie.

"wah" Milfie curl up hugging her knees and tears endlessly flowing down her face.

In a gentle voice, the goddesses asked. "Milfie did something happen?"

Milfie rubbed her teary eye and looked up. "i-I ug." New tears ran down her face. Shatoyan knelt down wile she reaches over to wipe away the new tears. "Take your time you can tell me when you're ready." Then she gave a warm smile.

After some time of crying, Milfie finally settled down and told Shatoyan everything that had bin happening. "And I felt angry and could not take it anymore and yelled at them…I…I bet they hat me now…" Tear started to swell in her eye.

Shatoyan look over at Milfie. "I do not believe they dislike you Milfie." Milfie stared in silence at Moon Goddess puzzled. "It normal for each of us to get irritated of others at time, however within, we appreciate the people we have and ask for forgiveness" Shatoyan then picks up the basket with berries. "You enjoy baking a lot for your friend?" Milfie nodded. "Use these then." She handed over basket to Milfie then get up brushing off the loss grass from her dress.

Milfie exclaim out "No I can't accept th-"

Shatoyan gave off a smile. "There plenty more in the garden. If you run out you can come back here." She then turned around walking away humming a tune. Milfie looked down at the basket of berries.

Milfie prepared the ingredient and cooking tools then walked over to turn on the oven. I will make this the best strawberry pie ever! After hard work the pie was done, Milfie called everyone to the Tea lounge. "I hope you all enjoy it!"

The three girls stare at there plate with the fresh bake pie. Why she treating us with this? Isn't she angry with us? I do not even deserve this! Ranpha thought
Oh it looks so good but...I cannot eat this! I was so rude! Mint thought
Urr…I'm not a big fan of sweet thing…but I will eat it since Milfie good at making pie…but…I DON"T deserve this! Forte thought.

Milfie gave a worry smile "Um…you can all eat now! Before it gets cold…." Ranpha sat up from her chair.

"NO we can't!" Ranpha shouted

"me-me to!" said Mint

"I also!" said Forte

"What?" Milfie was baffle how could they not want to eat her cooking. "But I worked hard on it! And I thought you all enjoy this pie!" in a disappointed sad tone she said.

Ranpha shook her head "No we don't deserve this at all Milfie-san! Because the way we treated you!" Ranpha push the plate of pie away wile

Milfie blink surprise of what Ranpha confirmed to her "Oh I see! You think I'm angry at you?" They all nodded in agreement.

"We all like to say something to you Milfie-san" said Ranpha "PLEAS forgive us, we are sorry!"

Milfie smiled and wiped away a tear "Oh great I think we made her cry..." said

Milfie wiped away a tear. "No Forte-san these tears are of joy…" then smiled.



Mint,Forte,Ranpha remind me in this chapter of the anime Angel how they would act and Milfie would cry.

Chapter 3 coming soon.

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