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The light streaming through my window on the first day of classes should have been a hopeful sight to me, and it would have been, if I had not remembered right then and there that I had to spend it with Malfoy.

My timetable was a bit promising. Since Malfoy had picked mostly different elective classes than me, we weren't with each other the entire day. I still had to stomach Defense against the Dark Arts, History of Magic and Charms with him. Hopefully, there wouldn't be enough time to talk and then subsequently get into a fight with him during class time. I had to keep my position.

I wondered if they had ever had to replace a Head Boy or Girl because of the behavior. I guessed that they didn't, because Uncle Harry's father was a big trouble maker, but he still kept his title. The most they probably did was threaten to take the title away.

I ate breakfast quickly, because I had double Defense against the Dark arts that day, and everyone wanted it to be their time for that class, because on the first day, Harry Potter came to lecture. It was cool for some of the kids, because they didn't see him regularly. I just wanted to see my Uncle, because I had barely seen him that summer, seeing as my Auntie Fleur took all the girls (including the mothers) to France.

But I liked it, to say the least. I met a boy named Jean. He was my age, and we had a little fling for a few weeks, but since we lived in different countries, we decided to remain pen pals. Since he went to Beauxbatons, he still had another year of school after I graduated. He said that he had been to England before and liked it. He told me that he wanted to get a job there after he graduated.

But, I digress.

I walked through the corridors to the Defense against the Dark Arts classroom. The subject was taught by Professor Smith. He was a… well, an acquaintance of my parent's and aunt and a few uncles. They had been the ones to create Dumbledore's army, which was now just an extra-curricular Defense against the Dark Arts class for students who were really good at the subject instead of an underground student gang that took on a tyrannical teacher and a very powerful dark wizard.

I had arrived in class a few minutes before the bell rang, as was my normal routine the years before. I took my regular seat at the back, knowing that Albus would be sitting next to me, as per usual.

The rest of the class was filing in, and I couldn't help but notice that came in with his arm around Violetta Montague. Ugh, it was only the first day of classes, and the git was already flaunting the fact that he had nearly every girl in the school wrapped around his finger. It made me sick, so I looked away. Albus' getting into Slytherin was the best thing that ever happened to that house, I reckoned. It needed some decent students that could raise the arrogant reputation of the vast majority of the least-liked house.

The raucous clapping that pervaded the room knocked me out of my reverie. My uncle had entered the room. Though most students hated being lectured, they liked when someone who had personal experience to come and teach, and Uncle Harry was an auror who had personal experience defeating one of the most powerful wizards of all time.

As we were in seventh year, he talked about what he was doing in his seventh year. He wasn't at school after all.

Everyone was silent and listening attentively; even Malfoy, which surprised me extremely.

I could feel the air of disappointment in the room as Uncle Harry finished his story, and the bell rang.

"Man, no matter how many times I hear that story, it just never gets old, does it?" Albus asked as we left the room.

"You just like to say that he's your father to make everyone else jealous," I smirked.

"Yeah, well, there's that," he laughed.

"No wonder you're a Slytherin," I joked. "You just love the attention, don't you? While you have your father as head of the Auror department at the ministry and your mother as the ex-captain of the Holyhead Harpies, my father helps Uncle George with his joke shop, and Mum's in magical law enforcement. Not that I envy you, of course. I wouldn't trade Mum and Dad for the world, but the Filibuster Fireworks accidentally going off in the house, I could do without."

"You talk too much; did you know that, Rose?" he laughed.

"Oh, shut up, and respect your elders," I elbowed him in the ribs.

"What do you mean?" he asked. "We're the same age!"

"For now," I smirked. "I'm a full month older than you, and you know it."

"So what? That doesn't make you my elder," he said. "That just makes you sound old."

"You're right, I retract that statement," I smiled and then looked at my watch. "Aw, crap! I'm late for Charms!"

"See you later, Rose," Albus, who didn't have that class, waved me goodbye.

I ran as quickly I could to Professor Flitwick's classroom. Thankfully, I made it before the bell rang, so I was still in good shape.

"Ok," squeaked Professor Flitwick as the class started. "Today, you will be paired up with the partners that you will have for the rest of the year. Now, let's see. Mr. Goyle, you'll be with…"

I basically tuned in, though my ears were still waiting to hear my name.

"And Miss Weasley will be with Mr. Malfoy," he concluded.

Wait, what? I screamed inside my head. No way! No WAY am I pairing up with that git! I must have heard wrong! Oh, please let me have heard wrong!

But, unfortunately, that was not the case, for Malfoy was walking towards me with a dissatisfied look on his face.

"I can't believe that he paired me with you, Weasley," he sneered.

"So, would you prefer someone like Violetta Montague?" I asked scathingly.

"Of course I would, Weasley," he said. "First of all, she's much prettier than you, and…"

I basically tuned him out like I had the professor, only I wasn't listening for anything. Albus may talk about me talking a lot, but he obviously had never been partnered up with Scorpius Malfoy.

There was nothing to do, anyway, seeing as it was the first class of the year. All we were supposed to do was get to know our partners, but I wasn't too keen on getting to know Malfoy.