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This man was in agony. You could tell from the look on his face, and the pained expression behind his black eyes. 'I don't want to do this; I don't want to do this' was the thought that was going through his mind over and over again.

He stared at the beautiful woman and smiled at her charmingly, like he couldn't help himself. He moved her dark brown hair from one side of her neck to the other. He could hear her heart thrumming quickly as she was unconsciously filled with the fear of having him so close to her neck. She was panicking slowly with him being so near, but she didn't recognize it herself. But he did, unfortunately for him.

The woman giggled. "What are you doing, Jasper?" she asked him, cocking her head slightly to the left.

"Oh, just putting your hair to the other side of your neck, Miranda. It looks so much better that way. Don't you agree? " The blonde man named Jasper replied. "What is that perfume you are wearing, it smells delightful. The man brought his mouth to the base of this Miranda's woman's neck as if to give her a kiss.

"Chanel numb…" and she stopped dead cold. Jasper had bitten her neck. He could feel her pain as she felt the venom that was coursing throughout her veins. He could feel her fear as she slowly realized what was happing to her. When she realized that he had just bitten her and that would be the last thing that she would ever feel.

And then it was over. This body was void of all emotion. The beautiful human girl named Miranda was dead. Jasper had no intention of burning this body, but he knew he had to. It was his only choice. It was either that or be exposed. And that would not sit well with the Volturi.

He hated himself for the pain that he caused these poor innocent people that had wronged him in any way.

But the temptation was far too much to bear. The burning in his throat was far too intense for him to deny himself of anything. The last few times he tried ended up disastrous. Severely broken bodies like the one that was before him. There had been several feelings of pain and fear, all of them twice as intense as the ones that he had experienced tonight. Jasper wished that he was strong enough to resist, but he was not.

I awoke with a start. No! Wait! I screamed inside my head. I wanted more of this beautiful dark angel. I was not going to open my eyes. What if I never saw him again? I needed him. I thought of him so intently, that I saw him again.

This time he was also talking to someone, but this scene was different. He was talking to a large man, and a rather small woman. I don't know exactly what he was talking about. He said something about not feeling well, and being sick of himself. The man does not understand Jasper's pain, but sympathizes with him.

I sigh in relief. If I just thought about him, he would come to me.

I could finally open my eyes.

Everything was so clear and sharp. So divine. As I took a large breath I could smell everything. It was so strong I could taste all of the smells as well.

I delved into my vast mind looking for something to identify myself with. Looking for a name, my past, anything.

But there was nothing there. I was empty. An empty shell of a person. I know nothing of myself. In the back of my mind, through weak ears of sometime long ago I hear the name Alice. But that is it.

Is that my name? I hope so, I rather liked it and it was attractive. Well that was that. It was my name and that was the way it was going to stay.

There was a burning in the back of my throat, something I was sure I had never felt before, ever.

I sat up from the bed that I was laying at and moved around. Everything I did was so graceful. With just a simple move of the arm looked like dancing. I stood up and looked around the room.

The room was painted a pale grey, with nothing else in the room, other than the bed I was laying at.

As I looked closet, I realized that the rooms were not painted at all; in fact the room was covered by a material that was soft and squishy. Foam the word from the back of my mind. So this room was covered in grey foam.

Were all rooms like this? I certainly hoped not. This was far too dreary; I could tell that I liked things to have far more pizzazz than this room in its grayness.

I looked down at myself for the first time. My skin was a pearly white sheen, so smooth. I had never seen such a beautiful surface ever, I was certain. My fingernails were cut extremely short, but they too were pale and smooth.

My clothes however were in rags. It looked like what was probably at one time a very beautiful red dress with black embroidery on the bodice. Now, though, the embroidery was just random broken strings and holes, without any pattern at all. The red dress was so faded that it had to be several years old, and the skirt was ripped all the way to my knees.

I had to see my face. Surely, if my skin was that beautiful, my face had to be too, right? There was nothing reflective in this room though. I guess I would have to get out of here and go look for something that I could see myself in.

I heard heavy footsteps outside the door, and a knock.

"Alice, its lunch time sweetie. Then after that it's your shock treatment! Aren't you exited? We'll get you out of this future telling habit yet!" A deep man's voice said as he opened the door. It opened with a slight creak and he walked inside, his heart a bit hurried from walking over to my room.

I could hear his heart! How strange, since I could not even feel my own.

I smelled him before I saw him. He smelled delicious, wonderful. There was no possible description of his smell, even though it was the sweetest thing that I had ever smelt, ever. The fire in my throat burned even more than I would of thought possible.

His eyes widened, as he looked at me and he opened his mouth to say something. I didn't ever hear him.

I jumped on him on all instinct, not thinking one bit about my actions. I opened my mouth wide and bit down on the point of his neck where most of the blood flow concentrated.

He tasted wonderful. Words or descriptions cannot describe what he tasted like to me. The moist warm liquid soothed the ragged, itching thirst that was in the back of my throat, and the burning was slightly muted. Not totally erased, but it wasn't as bad as it had been.

I wondered what he was doing, coming in here.

What was this place? Where was I? Who was I?

I am beginning to think that the only thing that I know is that I know nothing at all.

I opened the door that the man just walked through and stepped outside hoping to make sense of this place and myself.

But I found nothing.

The walls were the same dull shade of grey, but they were not padded. The floor was a soft white marble and there was faint screaming coming from the ceiling. There also were some heavy thuds against the walls and some moans. It smelled like human waste and blood at every turn. This place made me sick.

How did I end up in a hell on earth like this?

Did I put myself here?

There were more humans here, I could smell them all. Hear their hearts beating, just waiting for me to go get them.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I needed them, desired them.

My throat was burning with intensity so strong, it felt like fire. No, worse than any old fire. So hot and burning. I'm surprised that I have not burst into flames yet. A nurse walked by me.

She never stood a chance. She didn't even turn her head and I was on top of her.

What was I?

If she was the same thing that I was, wouldn't I have been dead by now? And wouldn't I have been able to not hear her heart as I am unable to hear my own. Wouldn't she have been more like me?

I had to know these answers. I walked outside into the sunlight. Someone, somewhere, must be like me, like the man in my mind. I must find him and bring him with me, wherever my life would go. That was the only thing I was completely sure of.

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