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May 28, 1947. Today is the day that I am finally getting married. Jasper had asked me over a month ago so I would have time to plan, he said. That was good enough for me.

Esme and Carlisle were paying for the wedding. Jasper and I had told them that they didn't have to, that we could pay for things by ourselves, but they insisted generously.

Yes, Jasper and I had finally found the Cullen coven. It was a bit hard to convince Jasper that the Cullens actually lived like this, and it was hard to convince him that there actually were vampires like this.

Our 'vegetarianism' was difficult for Jasper, I could tell. His self-discipline was not the very best, but neither was mine, not really. I still had difficulties although I had not drunk a human's blood since I was with Georgia. He did not like being the weakest link though, could tell. He liked to be seen as strong, and though he was in a lot of other ways his blood lust was not one of them.

We had blended into the Cullen family as easily as the others. I was Edward and Emmett's younger sister, and Jasper was Rosalie's twin brother.

Jasper and Emmett hit it off almost right away. They were always having a go at each other, physical or not. Edward and I hit it off right away, seeing as we were the only 'physics' in the house. Carlisle and Esme were wonderful, taking to both of us right away, with very little questions, and the questions that they did ask were simply about our names and our diet.

Rosalie was a different story though. It took her quite a bit longer to thaw out and to let us enter her little 'bubble' as Jasper laughingly called it. But eventually I broke through her thick shell and she had helped me plan some of my wedding.

I lovingly remember our second day at the Cullen's house, seeing as how half of the family came back on that day.

"Ok, who the hell are you?" Emmett asked as soon as he walked through the door and noticed Jasper and I sitting comfortably at the couch, talking to Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie.

"Hello Emmet, I'm Alice, and this is Jasper. We are part of your family now," I answered, smiling at him.

"Whoa, ok, new question, how do you even know my name. I've seen you for three seconds and already she knows my name. Weird."

"I have a question," Edward cut in "why are all of my things in the garage? Are we moving?" he asked, although I have a feeling that he already new the answer and was just waiting for the answer to be out loud.

"Well Alice seems to think that your room seems to have the best room so of course we just had to move into there. I hope you don't mind. I'm Jasper," Jasper said, extending his hand.

Esme and Carlisle was just watching this all with a smile as all of us got acquainted. Jasper was feeling all of the emotions of everyone in the room with a pleased smile on his face. This was a kind of emotional climate that he would come to like, to even enjoy.

This was a family.

I love all of my family members. They all make both of us feel welcome.

Our wedding was going to be the most beautiful thing that anyone from this part of the country would ever see. Esme and my tastes were almost exactly the same, so our planning came together nearly flawlessly. Rosalie's touch came when needed and was called upon whenever Esme and I could not agree, and it added a taste of grandness to the ceremony that I would not have put in left to my own devices.

The whole town that we were living in was invited, of course. Rose was to be my bridesmaid and Emmett was Jasper's groomsmen, naturally. This was to be a very grand affair.

The reception hall was all in white, with a white and cream striped silk lining the walls making it drape down as though we were all in a tent. The tables were all round and had the same material over the wood top, with a bouquet of white roses, baby's breath, and orchids. White rose petals were scattered on the floor throughout the hall.

My dress was long and lacy, with a sliver shimmer scattered here or there throughout the dress. My bridesmaid dresses were a light, muted pink that was short, as was the acceptable fashion.

It was going to be perfect.

No, it already was perfect, seeing that Jasper and I were going to be officially joined as one though we already had been for a very long time.


My gown was on, my veil was in place, and my hair was curled. Check.

Rosalie was in her bridesmaids dress. Check.

The groom and company were already at the church. Check.

Everything was all called and accounted on. Good.

I was almost sad that this would probably already be the last wedding that I would plan. If I ever got my hands on anyone else's wedding I would go ten, no twenty, times bigger than this. I will wait.

As we got to the church, if my heart still beat it would be going one hundred miles an hour by now. For some reason that I couldn't decipher, I was feeling nervous. It was rather strange since I had never felt this way about anything ever.

I knew that there was no reason to be nervous, it was just Jasper, a man who my heart had been given to a very long time ago.

I went down the walkway to the bride's traditional march, played by Edward, of course, the best pianist in the family.

I didn't hear a thing.

All I saw was Jasper's face as I walked down the walkway with Carlisle on my arm. All I heard were his words of 'I do' at the proper time. And the only thing that I felt the entire time was Jasper's kiss as he bent down to kiss me in the sweetest, gentlest way that he could.

It was absolutely beautiful.

The reception lasted all night and at the end Jasper and I went back to the forest and just walked along talking about everything and anything trying to make it last forever.

"I love you, you know that?" I told him.

"I know I can feel it," Jasper said with a grin.

"Well I just wanted you to know it aloud and in person."

"Well I love you too, very much more than you know. You're eccentric, your laugh al the time so your always in a good mood, and your so bubbly. Everything about is amazing."

"Well I don't know about amazing, but I am pretty good," I smiled at him.

Well Mrs. Whitlock, what do you want to do now?" he asked me.

"Stay with you forever."

"Well that can be arranged easily."

And then I slipped my hand into his where it would stay for all eternity.

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