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"I haven't smoked a joint in fifteen years."

Brian looked at me like I was crazy, his eyes already pink. The car we were sitting in was quickly filling up with smoke, giving us both contact highs on top of our already swimming heads.

He coughed, swallowing so loud I could hear it. "You haven't smoked weed in fifteen years?"

"Did I say that?" I shook my head, holding another hit in. "I said I haven't smoked a joint in fifteen years." I blew out a long stream of gray. "I haven't gone longer than a week without smoking, are you kidding?"

He laughed, finishing off what I hadn't, pressing out the end before flicking it out the window. "How stupid of me. Should we sit here and wait, or do you want to go in?"

I flopped over and started kissing him, immediately feeling his hands going to the bottom of my shirt. "Hey, hey," I mumbled, pushing him back. "Not here. Adam might see us."

"You're still with that guy?"

"Which one?"

Brian grinned. "I'd marry you if you weren't such a whore."

"I wouldn't marry you ever, so I guess that makes us even." I grinned and kissed his neck, pushing open the door. "Come on. One of Vince's minions might see us, and what will we do then?"

Brian got out, slamming his door with a pensive look on his face. "Pay the fine and do it again?"

"I like your thinking, Brian Kendrick." I walked closely beside him, liking the way that I was almost taller than he was. He was such a cute little guy. "Actually, I think I'd marry you for the way you think."

"Funny." He held open the door for me. "I can't say the same about you, unfortunately."

I danced into the hallway, throwing my arms around his head when he stepped up beside me. "You know, if you were just a little taller, I'd consider marrying you a little more."

"If you weren't such a tease, I'd marry you in a second."

"Didn't you already say that?"

"No, I called you a whore the last time."

I snorted, bumping into the wall. "Oh. My mistake."

"Isn't it always?" He grabbed my bicep, turning me into his arms. "Good-bye, sweetheart. Until next time."

I spun away, winking at him. "Not for a while."

He went his own way and I went mine, pushing open the locker room door. Maria was standing off to the side, talking to the Bella twins, and they stopped to look at me as I passed them.

I wagged my fingers at them. "Like what you see, ladies?"

Brie and Nikki snorted, while Maria stared at me with her head cocked.

I laughed. "Don't think too hard, princess."

She blushed and looked away, resuming her conversation with the girls.

I quickly got dressed, putting on my wrestling gear before sitting down to tie my boots. My hands were fumbling with the laces and I started laughing. I couldn't tie my own fucking shoes!

"Who are you fighting tonight?"

I looked up at Natalya, grinning stupidly. "Michelle, who else?"

She frowned. "Are you high? Again?"

I giggled and thumped my foot up onto the bench. "Tie my botas? I can't exactly do it myself."

She rolled her eyes and sat down, flipping the laces over each other quickly. "Have you talked to Adam?"

I shook my head. "Not yet."

She tugged, tightening the boots around my calf. "ECW's here tonight."

I laughed. "Oh, shit."

"I know. How are you going to handle this?"

I shrugged. "Avoid Matt?"

"You can't. He's in a tag team with his brother against Adam and Chavo."

I groaned, falling back against the plastic. Maria and Brie were staring at me. They looked even uglier upside down. "I wonder how I should do this."

"Just go out there and act like you're not with either of them."

"But I am. And I'm on screen with Adam."

"So just be on screen with him, then don't do anything off screen."

"Nattie – "

"Krista, listen. I love you, but you put yourself in this situation. Just avoid both of them." She patted the sides of my feet. "All laced up. Get ready."

I sighed and flipped right side up, feeling the pressure in my head building. I shook it away and stood up, opening my locker to retrieve my cell phone.

There was a note taped to the inside of it. I frowned and snagged my cell phone from the shelf, ripping the paper down with my other hand.

The handwriting was practically incoherent.

I know what you've been doing. What a bad girl you are.

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