Chapter One

When the Quileute School ran out of funds, it was closed and the kids were transferred to Forks High. Jacob was among these kids, along with his ever-present best friends Quil and Embry.

To say the least, the boy wasn't impressed. He wasn't like Quil, who was 'hip' to the idea of driving to school every day. Fifteen minutes back and forth; this meant a half hour of driving every day and would cost a fortune in gas. But on the other hand, walking would take too long.

Jacob was sitting in the office at the Forks school. He, apparently, was so good at getting into trouble that he could do it before he got inside the front doors of the school. But honestly, who would have guessed that it was against school rules to fight on the lawn? Paul had started it anyway, so it wasn't exactly his fault per-se... he was just defending himself.

But the principal didn't quite see it that way, and he made that apparent when he lectured Paul and Jake. The two got off with a warning, but they were told if it happened one more time there would be severe consequences.

Jacob shrugged and left the office as soon as the principal had stopped talking. Who wanted to hang around and listen? Certainly not him.

Paul ignored Jacob and stalked off in another direction. Jacob had to go back outside to fetch his schedule—because he had dropped it while fighting Paul. The kid was seriously too violent for his own good.

Jacob loped back outside and sighed when he found that his schedule had blown away. Either that or someone had picked it up; it really didn't matter. Whatever happened, it was gone, and he needed another.

Where was the administration/office building? Jacob had no clue, so he wandered aimlessly around the campus. He wasn't looking too hard for the building because as long as he didn't have a schedule, he had an excuse to miss class. School never was his favourite thing, so he'd take any excuse he could get.

The tanned boy continued walking around the compass until the bell rang and people poured back outside. He spotted Quil and headed over to him, catching the other's attention by waving.

"Hey Jake," Quil greeted, "How was your first class?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," Jacob replied, smiling.

Quil shook his head, "Skipper," he accused, "Anyway, my class is all good cuz a hot chick sits in front of me," he said, "Her name's like... Rose or something. I'm not really sure." He gave Jake a thumbs-up, "But I'd better get going to the next class. See you later."

Jacob sighed and ran a hand through his hair, heading toward the office building. One class is all I should skip. If I skip more than that the principal might use it as an excuse to get me in trouble...

Once inside the building, he had to wait in line behind some guy with weirdly red-brown tousled hair. Jacob could hear his velvety voice trying to coax something out of the receptionist, and from the look on the receptionist's face, it was working. This better not take very long.

"Okay Edward," the lady receptionist gushed, "I can do that for you!" she started ticking away on her keyboard hurriedly, a blush covering her face. He's way too young for you. The woman was probably a grandparent.

The teen—Edward—took a look around behind him, locking eyes with Jacob. His eyes are weird. Is that a natural color? Looks like contacts to me...

Edward half-smiled and turned back to the lady, getting a sheet of paper that was handed to him. He passed Jacob on his way out, locking eyes with him for another brief moment.

Jacob shook his head and stepped up to explain his schedule problem to the woman, who wasn't paying much attention to him. She was staring dreamily out the door, where Edward had disappeared.

Jacob sighed and wrapped his knuckles on the desk impatiently. He wasn't one for patience, and the lady was acting ridiculous. I'll just get the damn schedule and get out.

Jacob got his schedule and trotted out the door, walking into the dreary weather that was normal in Forks. He continued down the path without glancing up, reading his subjects and the buildings they were in. He figured he should memorize them so it wouldn't matter if he lost his sheet again. He tended to lose things quite often. Maybe I should write my schedule on my arm... No, it would wash off in the next rain. Useless... maybe I should get a tattoo? That would be kickass.... no, I shouldn't do that either. That would be a very bad idea.

He went into his next class; Biology. There was one seat left—beside Edward. Shrugging, Jacob walked over and sat down beside him, throwing a smile his way, "Hey," he said, "My name's Jacob."

Edward smiled back politely, "Edward Cullen," he replied.

"Sweet," Jacob said, then searched the room with his eyes, looking for his friends. Embry was in the back row, talking to a girl on his right. That was the only person he knew in the class. I wonder what class Quil's got?

Edward was watching him intently, so Jacob's eyes travelled back to the other, "What?" he asked. What you staring at? That's kinda creepy.

Edward smiled again, "Nothing," he said, his voice almost a whisper.

He's kinda pale.... really pale. Is he sick? Oh, I hope he doesn't get sick on me. Jacob tried to inconspicuously slide his chair away from Edward, but the chair made a loud screeching noise and he stopped immediately, glancing at the pale boy to see if he noticed. By the amused expression on Edward's face, Jake concluded that he must have noticed.

Okay, that's kind of embarrassing. I hope he's not offended, it was nothing personal. Jacob turned to the front, deciding to ignore Edward's intent gaze for the time being.

He looked down at the table in front of him, only to find that he hadn't brought a binder. Damn I must have forgot it at home... perfect. Jacob sighed and placed his elbow on the table, planting his chin on his hand in boredom. It's gonna be a looong day...

The paler boy was still watching Jacob, but not so obviously now. Edward was facing the front, but was watching the Quileute out the corner of his eye.

Okay this is getting ridiculous. What is he looking at? Jacob looked to his left. He's probably looking past me at some girl. If that's the case, he can switch me places I don't mind.

At the next table over to Jacob's left, there were two boys sitting. Uh... or you know, Cullen likes to look at boys. That works too. Jacob turned to Edward, "You wanna switch places?" he asked amiably. I do.

"No, I'm good here."

Jacob hid a frown. I was afraid you'd say that.

Biology passed sluggishly. The teacher was boring, and Jacob fell asleep during the first half hour. He woke up to a cold hand shaking him, at which time he jumped out of his seat, "What?!" he all but yelled.

Mr. Banner frowned, "No need to get excited, it's only a small assignment. In class," he said.

Jacob glanced around and sat down again, hiding his face in his hands, "Sorry," he muttered. He could hear Edward chuckling quietly beside him as the class whispered and laughed at his expense. Oh yeah, that's just perfect. I just had to go and fall asleep so now I have no clue how to do the assignment... We're doing it in pairs, right? I hope Edward does all the work. He better be smart...

Mr. Banner handed out one sheet to every table, and then made the teens get microscopes and other things. Jacob had waited for Edward to get the equipment, but the other didn't budge. Jacob reluctantly stood and got their needed supplies, sitting back down beside the paler boy.

"Yeah okay so I was kinda sleeping," Jacob said, "As you noticed... anyways what are we supposed to do?"

Edward grinned, obviously pleased, "You really shouldn't sleep during class," he said.

Jacob sneered, "Yeah yeah. You could have woken me sooner you know."

"You could have stayed awake in the first place, then I wouldn't have to have woken you at all."

"Stop blaming it on me!" Jacob growled.

"Oh so now it's my fault?" Edward raised a brow.

"Uh..." Well it's not his fault I fell asleep, "Whatever." Oh wow, nice finish Jacob. It's a good thing you pose such a strong argument.

Edward chuckled, getting to work on the assignment. Jacob guessed at answers when the other teen handed the microscope to him, and ended up making a total fool of himself. It was awful.

About a half hour after waking up, Jacob bolted at the first sign of the bell. Embry took off after him and the two of them found Quil. They all three had the same class after that, and found their own seat at lunch with their Quileute friends.

"Seriously though," Quil was saying, "I saw that girl again. Her name is Rosalie. She sits beside me in Chemistry." He made a victorious hand-pump.

"Did you notice the engagement ring on her finger?" Jake drawled. He had been there with Quil in Chemistry, and that was something Jacob had noticed. Quil seemed able to ignore that, though. I wonder who she's engaged to....

"Hey, there she is over there!" Quil said, urgently pointing toward a table across the cafeteria. There sat Edward, Rosalie, a large brunette male, a skinnier blond boy, and a black-haired girl. All were stunningly beautiful, but Jacob couldn't help his assumption that they were all sick. They looked so pale, and they weren't touching their food.

Maybe they should stay home... they don't look exactly healthy. Look at those bags under Edward's eyes...

Edward's eyes snapped to lock on Jacob's, and Jake held his gaze confidently. Edward eventually looked away, saying something to the black-haired girl. The girl replied something and Rosalie cast a glance in Jacob's direction.

"Hey she's looking at me!" Quil said triumphantly, puffing out his chest. Embry rolled his eyes.

Jacob looked away from the Cullen's table, "Yeah right," he said, "She was looking at me." I wonder what Edward said? Why did she look over here?

Quil's face hardened, "You like her too?" he demanded.

Jacob shook his head, "No way man she's all yours." Blonde doesn't work for me.

"Good," Quil said, giving him a warning glance just in case he needed to make his message clearer, "Stay away from her."

"Yeah.... whatever," Jacob muttered, playing with his fork. I'm sick of being at school... I should go home...

The rest of the day passed by and Jacob slept through most of his classes before skipping his last class to go to the library and sleep. If he was going to sleep anyway, he figured he'd go somewhere quiet.

He walked through the library doors and spotted Edward sitting with the black-haired girl at a table. The girl said something and Edward nodded, looking to Jacob and motioning at him to come over.

Not having anything better to do than sleep-which he could do when he got home—Jacob headed over and sat awkwardly at the table with Edward and the girl.

"I'm Alice," the black-haired girl said, "Alice Cullen."

"Jacob Black," Jake replied, smiling at her. Edward's sister. She looks nothing like him, except her eyes are weird too and she's pale.

Alice and Edward shared a glance, their worried expressions matching, "Black?" Alice asked.

"Yeah," Jacob said, "Our school closed down at the reserve so we have to come here."

Edward and Alice shared another glance, and then Alice smiled brightly, "Hi, Jacob Black," she said in a friendlier manner. There was still something troubling her though, it seemed.

They were fine until they heard my last name... do they have a problem with Billy or something? He never mentioned it.... I'll ask him about it toni-

Edward cut in quickly, "So then, why aren't you at class?" he asked.

Jacob shrugged, "I was going to fall asleep, so I decided to do that somewhere quieter."

"Don't let us stop you if you want to sleep," Alice said. She seemed increasingly troubled.

Was that her hinting she wanted me to leave? Jacob glanced around awkwardly, looking for an escape.

"Do you need a ride home?" Edward asked silkily.

Jacob shivered. He has an amazing voice. No wonder that old lady receptionist was acting so weird. "Uh... yeah I guess." I caught a ride with Embry on the way here, but we had to sit in the back of his truck... kinda crowded. What kind of car does Edward have?

Edward smiled, glancing at Alice, then looking back at Jake, "We could go right now if you want," he offered, "We're not in class anyway..."

"Sounds good," Jacob said, standing up.

Edward stood too, looking to Alice. They stared at each other for a minute and then Edward nodded slightly, turning and leading the way out of the building.