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Jacob jolted in surprise, then narrowed his eyes. His brain kicked in and he shoved the vampire off with all of his strength. "Emmett!" he shouted. He'd want the strong vampire's help, for he knew that the vampire in front of him was a newborn. If the teen got his arms around Jacob once more, the werewolf was surely in for a fair amount of pain. Better Emmett experience that than me.

At once Emmett was in the room, assessing the situation with a snarl as he grabbed the newborn and tossed him through the nearest wall, into the darkness of the night. The young vampire fell downward, landing on the pavement with a sickening 'thud-crack' that could be heard from the fourth floor.

Jacob gaped at the large hole in the wall, the rain filtering in through the space and lightly coating his face and hands as he stared. Rosalie was in the doorway with a phone to her ear, talking to Carlisle hurriedly with a worried expression on her face.

Emmett hopped out the window after the other vampire, ready to continue the fight that had started. As Jake peered over the edge of the hole, he raised his eyebrows at the sight. The crack he had heard was not from the young vampire's body, but it had been the sidewalk that had split like a desert. There was a significant dent in the cement. Make that two. Jake corrected himself as Emmett landed only to create another one.

This hotel is totally going to sue us. Breaking windows, walls, sidewalks...

"What do you mean 'bitten'? Stupid werewolves!" Rosalie was saying.

Jacob froze, turning his attention back to the female vampire. She wasn't paying attention, but the look on her face was one of disapproval. Jacob looked more like a dear in the headlights rather than the wolf he was. Had he heard her right? Had a werewolf got bitten?

"Yes, bitten. I was trying to suck out the poison at present, but it didn't go so well. The damage is already quite extensive, and the venom was spreading quickly. Right into the muscles due to adrenaline. There's only one way to help him, Billy recons. Jacob's going to want to come home if it fails, though. Leah said she wants him here too and that Jake was rather close with Seth."

Edward, Jasper, and Alice walked into the area, Edward looking angry and the other two having various expressions of annoyance. "She got away," Jasper stated when they were near Carlisle. Esme put a hand to her mouth and Paul scoffed, though no one else reacted to Jasper's announcement.

"She's going to leave us alone a while, though," Alice stated, "She's wounded."

Carlisle frowned, adjusting the phone against his ear. "...What do you mean 'intruder'? Is Jake alright?" he was asking.

It was Edward's turn to freeze.