Ziva David smiled as she finished off the last of her Mojito at the bar inside of the club lounge. She turned and stared at the bodies that were dancing across the floor, jumping up and down and moving their hips together to the beat of the music that was playing. The rather attractive lady next to her stood up and started giggling with a man as they both walked out of the club. She smiled. That girl was lucky tonight, he was very attractive…

"Sweetcheeks," She heard a familiar voice coo in her ear. She smiled as she leant back against his touch, "I love this song. Dance with me?" She turned and took his hand, feeling a little tipsy, but not much.

"Of course." She smiled before he led her into the middle of the dance floor. She put her arms on his shoulders and started swinging her hips to the beat of the music.

"Come on, Zi, I know you can do better than that."

"Shut up, my little hairy butt, I am just heating up."

"Warming. The term is warming."

"Same difference." She put her head up close to his ear, "Dance," She whispered, "Match my hips."

Sweat started pouring down Anthony DiNozzo's face as he gave a shaky smile before finally getting into the beat and moving with her. They were as close to each other as they could possibly be; their noses were almost touching as she felt his hands cautiously move to her hips. She smiled, "Do not be nervous."

Their movements started to heat up as Ziva let a small smile crawl to her face, "I never knew you could dance." her partner commented, and she laughed a little, moving her face dangerously close to his.

"You never asked." They caught their breath for a moment, and the room seemed to have fallen silent as they realized just how close they were, just how right everything felt. Tony carefully bent his chin up so his lips could meet hers as a vibrate was felt in Tony's pants pocket. He broke away from his partner, fumbling for his phone as he took her hand in his, leading her off of the dance floor so that he could hear whoever the hell was….Gibbs.

"Yeah, DiNozzo." Tony said into the floor as they stopped in the corner of the night club.

"DiNozzo. We got a case. Dead navy lieutenant in Silver Spring. Get back to headquarters. Pick up David on the way."

Tony sighed, "But boss it's our-" But Tony realized that Gibbs had already hung up on him, "Day off."

"Gibbs?" Ziva asked as a rather good-looking man walked by and smiled at Ziva before stopping and walking back to where she was standing.

"Would you mind if I bought you-"

"Yes. I would. I am here on a date, I do not think that that would be very kind." Ziva spat, sharing a glance with Tony, who was already glaring at him. Ziva smirked, "I would suggest you walk away. Quickly."

Tony glared him off as he quickly moved, "Come on. We gotta case."

"Ah. I see. Can we stop by my apartment on the way to NCIS to change?"

"No time. Let's go." He said, pulling her out of the night club, making sure to keep a hold of her at all times; the club was packed more than normal, however, it was in fact a winter Friday night. She shivered as they walked towards the Mustang, her heels resounding off of the ground and into the night. He opened up the door for her, and she got in, wiping some sweat off of her face as he closed the door and walked around to the driver's side of the car, "Gibbs always picks the best times to call me." Tony muttered as he place the key into the ignition and started the car.

"No, Tony, I think you mean that the people who murder other people choose the best times to kill other people, yes?"

Tony laughed, "That made no sense." She laughed with him as they continued down the road to the Navy Yard. As they got to the entrance, the guard demanded for some ID and Tony groaned, furiously searching for his badge. He finally found it shoved in a slot under the radio and he handed it to the guard, who nodded and gave it back after confirming his identification.

"Ma'am? ID."She groaned and pulled out her ID from her bosom, which amazed Tony, and handed it to the woman.

"Thank you. Pop the trunk." She handed Ziva her ID back as Tony popped the trunk. Once they were finished searching, and they were allowed to go, they knew that Gibbs was going to kill them.

As they got out of the car and into the garage, other NCIS agents were leaving. Ziva felt exposed in her 'hooker' dress, and several agents of both the male and the female sex stared impolitely after her as they quickly hurried into the elevator. Tony was dressed in a formal suit, much formal than one he would have worn to work, and Ziva…well Ziva…she was, as Tony had said 'a goddess.'

She was wearing her hair down and straight, with expensive looking diamond earrings. She wore a short, blue dress that hugged her curves, stopping right under her butt. They back cut down to right above her butt, and it was a v-neck halter with silver cuffs on the strings of the halter as well as a silver, diamond pendant from the top of the v-neck halfway down, clinching parts of the dress together. She shifted nervously as the doors opened as they stepped out. Ziva's high heels, almost three inches, made everyone turn their heads to stare at them both as they walked into the squadroom.

"Ah, you two are here. Great. Gibbs wants us to-" McGee started, but stopped as he looked up from his desk at Ziva and Tony, who were standing in the middle of the entrance to the bullpen, "Whoa. Ziva. W-W-W…"

Tony smiled at McGee's loss of words, "Aw come on, McPrude, haven't you ever seen a hot woman wearing in a club dress?" Tony asked as he slipped off the jacket of his suit and slipping on his NCIS special agent jacket, gearing up.

"Well I…I have Tony. It's just…j…just that Z-Ziva is…well…"

"Thank you, McGee." Ziva smiled, trying to get McGee to feel less uncomfortable. He sighed in relief.

"Yeah, okay. So…you two went clubbing?"

"Yes, we did, McGee. Only made it to one club though, 'cause I got the call we had to be here."

"And you still do. Gear up, let's go. DiNozzo, Da-" Gibbs stopped as he looked up from putting his SIG in place on his right hip, "Ziva." Gibbs said in an almost disapproving tone, "What are you wearing?"

"A dress." She simply stated, flashing Tony a seductive smile.

"Well I can see that." Gibbs said, changing his tone as if Ziva had responded stupidly to the question, "Why are you wearing it?"

"Tony and I went clubbing, Gibbs." Ziva said, and Gibbs rolled his eyes, grabbing the coffee off of his desk as he walked over and promptly whacked Tony on the back of the head.

"Hey! What was that for?"

"Looking at your partner like she's something eat. Now let's move it, the body sure as hell isn't going anywhere!" They all hurried out of the bullpen, but Gibbs stopped Ziva by placing a hand on her shoulder, "Ziva."

"Gibbs." She acknowledged.

"Those shoes?" He asked, pointing down to them, "At a crime scene?""I do not have any others, Gibbs."

He rolled his eyes and then gently gave her a smack upside the head, "Think before you wear those again, will ya? Now let's move. We've got a crime scene to handle." He said as he started walking away, towards the closing elevator doors as Ziva threw on her NCIS jacket and jumped in just as the doors were sealing shut.

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