Mad Season

Pairing: Edward/Bella ...All Human AU

Summary: Edward and Bella have been best friends since Kindergarten. What happens when their feeling for each other turn into much more during their first year of college.

Rating: PG-13 for Now..Ma for later chapters!

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns all characters

1x01-The Pilot

Bella POV

My will-power has completely shut down due to the fact that my first day of college has arrived. My mind is quickly trying to throw out the noise my alarm clock is sending through my ears. I reach over the pillow my body has been hugged up to all night and hit the snooze button for the second time this morning. I sigh and jump out of bed before throwing my light green robe on my body and rushing to my bathroom to have the shower I so desperately need to wake me up.

Edward POV

I smiled as I walked down the street to Bella and Alice's apartment. I live on campus already but I didn't want Bella to walk alone. Bella had been my best friend since kindergarten and I'm more than thrilled she decided to follow me here to Seattle. I really have no idea what I was going to do without her to help me through my first year of college. I looked up and noticed I had made it to their apartment. They lucked up and got a really nice one..two bedrooms, two baths, and the whole nine yards. I would have definitely got an apartment with them, but my football scholarship required me to live on campus my freshman year. I pushed my thoughts aside and jumped up a few steps before pushing the gate open to their apartment complex and walking over to knock on their door which had a 4 posted in the middle of it…

Bella POV

I watched as Alice jumped from the knock that came from door. I giggled at her which caused her to throw up her fist like she was going to punch me. I told her to watch it and went to answer the door. I quickly looked out the peephole and opened the door for my most favorite person in the whole world.

He came in the door and put a quick kiss on my check "Hey Beautiful"

"I wasn't expecting you, what brings you hear at eight am on a school day?" I asked him before motioning him to follow me into the kitchen.

He told Alice hey before answering my questions "Well, I really didn't want you to walk alone. It's dangerous!"

I smiled at his kind-hearted actions and replied "It wasn't necessary but I appreciate it"

"So you will go out of your way to walk your best friend to school, but not your sister?" I heard Alice ask from behind me.

We all three giggled before he replied "Alice, I bet hundred bucks Jasper will be here in like three minutes to get you."

The doorbell rung just he finished speaking and Alice ran to answer the door, leaving us alone. He had on a pair of khaki pants and light blue polo shirt which really looked good with his light brown hair. I noticed his eyes were very dark today. His eyes change colors from a very dark topaz to very light topaz, it was really weird, but I liked it. He was the youngest off his siblings. All of them were adopted because Esme, Edward's mother, couldn't have kids. Edward biological parents died when he was three and that's when Carlisle and Esme found him alone in an abandoned house. They instantly fell in love with him and made a home for him…

"Bella, I missed you last night. It was weird sleeping alone in a new place" The sound of Edward's voice knocked my thoughts away and I barely understood what he was telling me.

I turned to look at him before replying "I'm sorry Edward, what were you saying?"

He smiled again and leaned down to cross his arms across the counter "I missed you last night"

I flashed him big smile "I missed you too! I snuggled up to a pillow." Edward and I usually slept with each other almost every night, not in a sexually way, we just slept. I told him I thought it would be a good idea for him to get use to sleeping alone, because we were growing up.

"Bella, please don't make me sleep there alone again. I'm never going to get enough rest to stay awake at football practice" He whined which caused me to laugh at him

"Edward, you're not always going to have me to sleep beside. You will eventually get use to it…"

I heard him sigh and grab my hand before telling me that we were going to be late for class.

Edward POV

I was a little confused as I grabbed her hand to drag her off to class. I didn't say that much as we walked the short walk back to campus because I was silently thinking about all the reasons why she didn't want me to stay over anymore. Was she dating someone? No way, she would have told me. There were so many things running through my mind, I was just a little upset that she was just forcing me get out of her bed. We arrived on campus and I walked her across the quad to the building our first class was in. We decided to take all the same classes so we could help each other study. I watched her walk and then I noticed all the guys staring at her, I admit I was a little jealous, but why wouldn't they be staring..She's a knockout!

"Edward, why is everyone staring?" She mumbled to me as we kept walking.

I grinned at her self-image problems before speaking again "Well, my dear Bella, have you looked in the mirror lately?"

She sighed "I didn't say just me. I said at us"

"You are walking with the new quarterback also, but I believe the guys are staring at you"

I watch her smile at me and what a beautiful one it was before stepping inside the classroom…

Bella POV

The day had gone by so slow. I still couldn't believe the reaction Edward and I had got walking to class this morning. My jealousy over Edward was a little ridiculous, but I hated girls drooling all over him. I mean he is absolutely the most gorgeous person I had ever seen. He told me I was beautiful, but it wasn't the first. I don't think I'm that attractive, I mean I do have really pale skin, I don't dress up and I wear very little make up. I'm sitting alone in my last class, which is the only class I have without Edward, waiting for the professor when I disturbed from thoughts…

"Is this seat taking?" I turn my head to look at the young man who was asking. He was attractive. He had the most beautiful blue eyes..

I smiled and pulled out the seat for him "Take a seat"

"I'm Mike Newton and your Bella Swan" He told me as he sat down and placed his books onto the desk.

I was a little dumbfounded that he knew who I was "Umm, do you know who am?"

"If you're anyway associated with Edward Cullen then you're famous. Are you two a couple or something?" He talked to me like he had known me my whole life, but he was right I better get use to people instigating that I'm dating Edward.

"No, we are not together. We have been friends since kindergarten" I told him not really wanting every guy on campus to think I'm taken by Edward.

He smiled at me and spoke again "So you're available?"

Before I could answer Mike's question, Professor Jones interrupted our conversation. Mike seemed like a really great guy, but I hope his question didn't imply he would soon ask me on a date. I just don't know if I want to date a guy my first semester of college…

I finally got out of class forty-five minutes later and started my way home. Half-way there I ran into Alice and Jasper. "Hey guys, how did your first day go?"

Alice mumbled something about a rude professor and Jasper just mentioned how cool his mythology class was going to be before they both asked me about my day "Well Bells, how was your day?"

"Did you two hear the rumor about me and Edward dating?" I asked them as he reached the front of our apartment complex

The both bursted out laughing and I was a little confused but soon Alice started trying to explain "You and Edward dating one another. Ha, that's the funniest thing I've heard all year!"

"What's would be so funny about me and Edward dating?" I asked getting a little upset

Jasper finished for her "Nothing is wrong with it. It's just you and Edward have slept in the same bed since you were five and neither one of you have gotten laid yet. It would just be weird if yall started dating"

I shrugged my shoulders and walked into our apartment "Well, I thought it was quite funny that people thought we were dating also..."

Edward POV

Football practice was a joke. They still had me as second-string, when I was clearly the best football player out there besides my brother Emmett who played middle line-backer. I got into football when I was seven and I was just really good at it. I could throw the heck out of the ball since I was nine. Our high school team, Forks Bobcats, won the state title two years in a row. Seattle University approached me right before the title game my junior year. I was really nervous about coming here because they sucked, but Emmett talked me into coming hoping we could turn the organization around.

I flashed Bella a smile because she was waiting for me outside her front door. I ran up to her and kissed her cheek for the second time today. I watched her flash me her beautiful smile before following her inside "So what do you have planned for us tonight?"

"Well, I ordered some pizza and rented a movie. We have to watch it upstairs though because Alice and Jasper are preoccupied on the couch" I started laughing about the Alice and Jasper part and covered me eyes as we walked past the coach, down the hallway, and into her bedroom. I watched as she locked the door and plopped down on her bed, opening the pizza box and handing a piece out to me.

I I grabbed the piece and sat down beside her before speaking again "Did you have any homework?"

She finished chewing her piece and answered "No, did football go as planned?"

I answered her and we mumbled on for an hour about different things about our day. She soon got up and plopped the DVD in and then returned to her bed. Before long she had her head resting across my chest and I heard her mumble "Did you hear the rumor about us dating?"

I just giggled and pulled her closer to me before we both fell into a peaceful slumber.

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