Okay, so just a couple of notes – 1) There are some major SPOILERS in the plot content of the entire Harry Potter series, so if you haven't read any of the books, then some plot details may not make sense or may in fact give a way to the pleasures in reading the series. 2) The story takes place in the seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the part when Harry, Ron and Hermione return to Grimmauld Place in seeking a secure place whilst continuing their search for the remaining horcruxes.


Harry Potter was sitting on his Godfather's bed, still holding the remainder of his mother's letter that had once been addressed to Sirius Black. He felt slightly aggravated along with mix feelings of pained agony, knowing that this room was once inhabited by his late Godfather; Just as the warm hand of his mother was once set upon this spare bit of parchment, his Godfather's body had once possessed his body heat that suppressed this worn out mattress. Harry hadn't really thought about Sirius all that much since his will was discovered. To be completely honest, Harry wasn't really sure that he would ever return to the once Noble House of Blacks more or less ever claim it as it was now in his possession. He hasn't given that much thought about Sirius' will since the commencement of his missions with Dumbledore...and then his death – funeral.

His insides turned cold. "I can't believe he died for – for nothing." Harry thought aloud.

"HARRY!"A cry from the hallway was echoing the hallway, followed by hurried, steps thundering towards Sirius' room. Harry immediately holstered his wand in immediate panic that brought rise to many thoughts of pressing danger. Had they been discovered? Only Snape knows of this place? He must have told Voldemort and his followers. Traitor.

Hermione burst in the room with what seemed like a jolt of excitement. "Oh, sorry." She said almost instantly seeing Harry standing there with a look of caution, and his wand at hand. Obviously he thought her cry was one of peril and alarm. "I was in the basement. Did you know there is a room behind the one Kreacher hides in? Anyways, I was looking for things in there when I found this." She held out a package full of parchments. Harry gave her a perplexed expression and cleared his throat, "Uh, well unless that has directions on how to find the remaining horcruxes Hermione...I'm not interested." Hermione was about to answer when Ron's head poked out from the hallway.

"Oh there you guys are. Geez, Hermione don't yell unless you have a reason to. You nearly gave me a heart attack. Wait, you DID give me a heart attack. I thought Snape came or something."

"Me too." Harry said simultaneously. Hermione looked annoyed as she rolled her eyes, "I'm sorry Ronald, but I just found something I thought you would find interesting Harry."

"What's that?" Ron said pointing to the package Hermione was holding. "It reminds me of the package of assignments Professor Binns usually gives at the beginning of the year."

Harry grinned, "Well, that's one thing I don't feel bad about not attending Hogwarts this year."

"That and also we don't have to go to bed every night thinking we might be murdered at any second." Ron said with smile thinking he made a clever comment.

Hermione chose to ignore him, and addressed directly to Harry, "Harry, please. This is important." Harry sighed, "Yeah, okay go ahead."

Hermione smiled, "Okay, well I think the room behind Kreachers belonged to Sirius' father. It seemed like a bureau where he did his work and research. Very private I might add."

"Why do you say that?" Harry asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Oh well, just because he appeared to be very passionate for his work, and that work isn't necessarily something you would proudly share it amongst others." Harry and Ron looked at each other, clearly confused. Hermione smiled before she continued, "His works' main focus is about death chambers, and being stuck in a world between life and death. Those who come upon death chambers get stuck in somewhat of a limbo. They aren't dead necessarily, but to come back to the world of the living they either need assistance with people who have knowledge on how to retrieve them, or they have to go through a series of obstacles in obtaining their choice."

"And what choice is that?" asked Harry, who still had no idea what Hermione was aiming towards.

"The choice of returning back to the world of the living or going to the world beyond life. Anyways, the reason why I'm telling you this and particularly to you Harry, is that these death chambers, well, they also appear in the forms of mysterious veils."

Harry held this breath. "What?" he said so lightly that you could have barely heard him if you weren't listening intently.

Hermione nodded her head with weary eyes. Ron looked from both Harry to Hermione with confusion written all over his face. "I don't....oh, you don't think – Sirius!" he exclaimed in disbelief. Hermione glared at him with a hiss,

"Ron, can't you ever be sympathetic!"

"What?" he said, but then as he saw the look of pained disbelief on Harry's face he lowered his head in remorse. Harry was stunned; he didn't even know what to think.

"Harry, are you alright?" Hermione asked in a gentle tone, a little cautious of his reaction.

"Erm, so what exactly does that package consist of, his research? Is it..."

"It's quite extraordinary actually, very dark and devious but there is concrete proof to back up his reasoning, and apparently there has been a few instances where when one stumbled upon a death chamber they were able to come back to the world of the living. Of course, there were sacrifices made."

"Sacrifices, what kind of sacrifices?" asked Ron, giving Harry an uneasy look. "Well, there has to be some price getting out of that limbo. That's the whole point of the chamber."

Harry looked grim. His hands were slightly shaking in a twisted anxiousness, as his heart was ramming against his ears. "So – so did Sirius' dad..."

"Orion Black..." Hermione corrected him. Harry looked annoyed as he continued on hastily, "Yeah, whatever Orion Black, did he find a way to bring people back from these chambers? And if he did...how?" Harry looked hopeful, which made Hermione's heart sink.

"Well, yes and no. It's not quite clear. Someone who is connected to this person has to be under a curse in an unforgiveable manner while stammering this enchantment allowing the individual in ultimately talking to the Lord of the Death Chamber. You have to ask permission in seeking the individual you wish to retrieve, and explain why you need him. This individual at the time is doing obstacles in seeking out his ultimate choice. However, if their choice is conflicting with your request then you will be sucked into the Chamber."

"Under a curse in an unforgiveable manner...are you referring to the..."

"Unforgiveable curses, yes of course." Hermione answered Ron as a matter of fact sort of fashion. "The Cruciatus curse in particular. You have to be in pain, tortured as you're asking permission."

Harry looked as if he were torn in two. "Well, where would we have to go to...?"

"Harry, you can't honestly tell me you want to do the thing I fear you're thinking." Hermione interrupted him hastily. Harry's eyes widened, "Hermione, what was then the point of you telling me all of this. You were all excited for what if not saving Sirius."

"Wait a second, "Ron said catching onto Harry's word, "you're telling me that you're going to attempt in bringing Sirius back from this limbo thingy?"

"Yes, why would I not Ron." Harry said harshly as if his answer should have already been obvious. Hermione gave him a pleading look, "Listen Harry, there are too many risks and besides what if your request conflicts with Sirius' choice."

Harry didn't even hesitate his answer, "Well then, one of you can ask permission from this so-called Lord, and I know for a fact that my answer won't conflict with your request because I'll want to come back."

"It's not that simple Harry, the choices are rather hard to make. It seems obvious to us, but the afterlife is tempting. This limbo place is rather bizarre and it's hard to grasp what's going on there."

"Hermione, I'm going to go after Sirius. I don't care about the consequences or the risks. Whatever sacrifice I have to make I don't care." Harry said in a higher voice then it was before.

"What if Sirius wants to go to the afterlife Harry, it's not as simple as us following you if you get sucked in after him. And, I can't believe you just presume without hesitation that maybe we wouldn't mind being tortured as we are asking permission."

Harry raised his eyebrows, "Oh, I'm sorry to presume that my best friends wouldn't do something that I know for a fact I would do for them in return."

Hermione's eyes widened, "Harry, I didn't mean that. I'm just so frustrated that..."

"YOU brought this up Hermione, if you hadn't brought up the possibility that Sirius is actually not dead and that there is a way to bring him back...well then I would never have thought about saving him." Harry was now shouting as he stood up, his hands now evidently shaking in anger, yet they still contained that initial excitement. He started heading towards the door.

"Harry, where are you going?" asked Ron worriedly. "If you are doing what I think you're doing then please just wait a second for us to figure this out." Sighing heavily, Harry turned around even though every ounce of will in his body was edging him towards the door.

"Listen Ron, I need...I have to – I just need to bring him back. You guys don't understand. My parents are dead, and after losing Sirius...it's just unbearable...but now, knowing that there is a possibility in bringing him back...well, wouldn't you do what you could if you were in my position?" Ron stared in Harry's glistening eyes, knowing this meant a great deal to his desperate friend. He nodded, making Hermione sigh in protest.

"Ron" she said in a pleading tone. "You have to think about this rationally..."

"Whatever it takes Harry, I'll help you." Ron said ignoring Hermione's plea. Harry smiled, but gave him a weary look,

"Do you swear that?" Ron gave an enquiry look before answering, "I swear."

"Okay, well I'm just going to check Sirius' dad's bureau for anything else. We'll need a plan if we're going to go to the Department of Mysteries."

"Harry," intervened Hermione with a steady tone, "that is absolutely out of the question. You're the most wanted wizard in the entire world. We can't just go barging into the Ministry; it's practically under the control of Death Eaters!"

"Hermione, unless you know of a place with another veil as a death chamber well then we have no choice but to go to the Ministry. I'm just going to double check the basement if Orion Black left any other useful information." He made his way towards the door when he paused, and looked back at the two of them with a smile, "Can you believe...do you realize what this means...I can have my Godfather back." And with that he left Ron and Hermione in Sirius' room. Footsteps could be heard descending to the lower levels of the house. Hermione sighed,

"I can't believe we're doing this."

Ron rolled his eyes, "Come off it Hermione, you're the one that brought this up. You thought Harry would be interested and for what other reason would he be interested then bringing Sirius back. I mean come on, you're smart, and what were you honestly thinking?"

She glared at him, "I won't deny that that thought never crossed my mind. Oh, I don't know Ron; I thought maybe he would like to know what really happened to Sirius. I thought he would have accepted that he is beyond his reach and just be happy about it. I mean it's not like he's dead per say."

"Hermione, the information you gave him is worst. Sirius is stuck in a bloody limbo for crying out loud, how can that honestly be better than dying. He could still be suffering."

Hermione didn't answer him. She was just so excited in telling Harry what really happened to Sirius because truth be told Harry had never really gotten over it. His death just happened too abruptly and so suddenly that no one truly accepted what really happened. I mean, how can one die falling beyond a veil?

"I'm just," Hermione was pulled out of her thoughts as Ron started talking with a dazed expression, "I'm just so, I don't know...did you see how happy he looked Hermione."

Hermione nodded, "Yes, you're right. I don't recall seeing Harry this happy since...well, for a while actually. But I hope you acknowledge the consequences of you swearing to help him no matter what Ron." Ron snorted,

"Consequences, and what consequences could those be?"

Hermione looked grave, "Ron, haven't you given this any fair bit of thought at all? Harry will have to be tortured as he saying this enchantment to retrieve this Dark Lord, to ask him for his permission. You're the one who is going to have to do the Cruciatus curse to Harry, and do so for as long as it takes."

Ron looked horrified.


Harry was looking through the Orion Black's bookshelf, seeing if there was anything useful at all, or any more knowledge he could obtain in bringing Sirius back. This is crazy. The thought of bringing Sirius back seemed ridiculous. Insanity. Harry's heart was still throbbing with excitement; he couldn't concentrate properly on looking for anything else useful. He just about had enough, when his sweater accidently hooked on to this sculpture of a wretched gargoyle with beady eyes when all of a sudden a hallow noise could be heard coming behind the bookshelf.

"Ron, Hermione come quick!" Harry shouted with excitement. They arrived almost instantly, breathing heavily while holding their sides. "You guys, I think there's some sort of a secret passageway behind this case. Help me push it." Ron and Hermione exchanged looks before helping Harry. One of the books on the top shelf fell on Ron's head. He glared at it on the floor,

"You see, I don't like them and they don't like me." He said referring to the book of course. Hermione suppressed a laugh and continued putting her body weight against the case.

"Ugh, this is so heavy – it won't budge." With one final attempt, there was enough room for them to squeeze by. Ron nearly fell over Hermione who just stood there starring at what was hidden behind the case.

"Hermione, what is it...oh Merlin, I don't believe it. It looks just like the one in the Department of Mysteries."

The passage that opened behind the book case revealed to what seemed to be an exact replica to the veil that was discovered by them in the Department of Mysteries nearly two years ago. Harry now was so excited he couldn't maintain himself. He looked back at his friends who still had their mouths opened, then starred directly at Hermione, "What's the incantation I have to say for this enchantment?"

Hermione's eyes widened, "Oh Harry, you cannot be serious."

"Come off it Hermione. I'm doing this."

Hermione helplessly looked through the parchments in the package until she said steadily, "Uyan, ne olur, uyan."

Harry took a deep breath, "Okay, I think I've got it. Now Ron," he looked directly at his friend who was regretting this moment, "I need you to do the Cruciatus curse." He raised his hand, as Ron seemed like he wanted to argue in protest. "No, I know this must be hard, and I can't relate because Merlin I can only imagine what you're thinking. I don't know if I could do it, but if you asked me to and really needed me to, I would. And this is that important for me Ron, just please I'm asking you as my best friend...don't stop until something happens." Ron looked directly at Harry's fierce green eyes and did not look away. Hermione however couldn't hold her silence any longer,

"And what happens," her voice was slightly shaking, "what happens if you all of a sudden disappear Harry. What happens if your request conflicts with Sirius' choice?"

Harry gave her a meaningful look, before glancing back towards the veil. There were distant voices coming abroad. If you listened intently enough it was as if you could understand the meaning in their pleas, but yet no comprehension could be made. He glanced at Ron, and nodded informing him that he was ready. Ron gulped; it was so loud it nearly reflected off the walls. He raised his wand.


Harry's yell could be heard throughout the house. Hermione closed her eyes as Harry's shrill cry filled the room. He fell to the floor twisting repulsively. Every bone and tissue in his body was screaming in agony.

"Uyan, uuuuyaaaaannnn..." Harry attempted in saying the incantation but the pain was too much.

"Crucio!" Ron shouted again, looking horrified as his tears glistened with shame in his eyes. It seemed just releasing the torture curse on his best friend seemed to give Ron the same painful affect but more so emotionally rather than physically in Harry's case.


"Uyaaaan, ne olur uyan!" Harry shouted along with his cries of pain. A blinding light filled the room with a piercing, mystifying note. Hermione gasped when a shadow with a sinister like face appeared amongst the drapery that was now glowing and moving as if a slight wind was beyond it.

"Who has summoned me, whom is it that you seek?" a deep low voice asked.

"Crucio!" Ron continued cursing his best friend, closing his eyes in hopes not to have a glimpse of Harry's body thrashing on the floor.

"It is I, Harry James Potter, Godson of Sirius Orion Black. I am seeking..."


"I am seeking..." Harry continued on, whimpering in pain, "I am seeking Sirius Black, my God-Godfather who fell behind the veil in the...in the Department of Mysteries."


His cry of pain seemed almost unbearable to Hermione who fell to her knees crying as she helplessly glanced from Harry's body thrashing on the floor, to Ron with his eyes closed, tears streaming down his dirt smeared face.

"Ah yes, Mr. Black. Quite a hot tempered character that one is I dare say. Why is it that you seek your Godfather Mr. Potter? What value is he to you?" the deep voice said in almost a sarcastic tone.

"Cru-cru-crucio!" Ron shouted as if he were in pain.

"I...I..." Harry couldn't speak; the pain was beginning to take control of his body." Hermione started shaking, "Come on Harry, you can do it...for Padfoot."


Harry's cries once again were all that could be heard in the basement, echoing throughout the house. Thoughts of Sirius filled Harry's mind like a flame giving him an uncanny amount of strength. "I seek-seek him because...because he is my Godfather, and I need-need him. He means...he means a great deal to me. I need his counsels...I just need my...my – my Godfather..."

"As you wish Mr. Potter, seeing that Mr. Black chose to return to the world of the living for Merlin knows what reason."


Harry was no longer able to withstand the pain, it was no longer bearable. The inner strength brought by past memories of Sirius no longer aided in maintaining control of his body. The last thing he recalled before the darkness consumed him was another moment of blinding light that filled the basement with a loud gasp from Hermione.


The drapery's glow diminished instantly. The voices that could once be heard were silenced. A figure now lies in front of a stunned Hermione as she retreated towards the back of the room in fear. Ron dropped his wand in shock, accidently shooting sparks in his face. Hermione glanced at Harry, and gave a cry in panic when she noticed Harry was unconscious. "Ron!" she cried as she crawled towards her fallen friend, shaking him fervently in attempts to revive him.

Ron who was starring with his mouth still open at the newly found figure on the floor, rushed towards Harry. "Harry, please...Harry please, Harry please wake up!" cried Hermione, "Ron, what's wrong with him?!"

Ron gave her a helpless glance, "It must have been too much for him...too much pain, that I...that I caused." His voice shook.

"Harry, please wake..."

"Where am I?" said a voice from behind the three friends huddled on the floor. Hermione gasped aloud, turning around simultaneously. Sirius Black finally had revived and was looking around the room, with wide eyes. His eyes finally fell upon Hermione who still had tears in her eyes.

"Hermione...what's going on? What are you doing here?"

"Sirius, you're in the basement of Grimmauld Place...we-we brought you back." Hermione said shakily.

"Brought me back...I don't understand." His eyes finally reached Harry's face, "Oh my God...Harry!" Sirius rushed passed Ron and Hermione to reach his Godson. "What happened to Harry? What's going on?!" he demanded Ron and Hermione.

"Sirius," Hermione said tearfully, "It's a long story...we found out how to retrieve a person who falls into a death chamber, which was where you were for the past two years and..."

"Wait, what? Two years! What do you mean two years! I've been gone for two years!?" Sirius shouted in an uproar.

"Yes, it's been two years since you fell behind the veil. I found out about death chambers thanks to your father's research and well..."

"I had to torture Harry in order for him to seek permission from the Lord of the chamber so that he could release you. Harry had to say this incantation for this enchantment while being tortured, and tell this Lord why he needs you and of what value you are to him...so I had to...I had to torture him." Ron said with a look of agonizing disgust. He could no longer find any more words, as his knees gave way bellow him; he gave Harry a look seeking forgiveness.

Sirius looked aghast, unable to find any words as he helplessly glanced at Harry, wiping the cold sweat from his forehand. When he held Harry's hand, Sirius cried aloud in horror, "Merlin...he doesn't have a pulse!"

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