Hi all! I keep getting ideas for new fics. And yet I can't get enough ideas to finish my other ones. I'm not alone in this 'writer's ADD' am I? :P

Anywho, I disclaim Iron Man, and all that jazz. I'm off to watch the movie for the umpteenth time. Njoy!!

He had been tinkering with the same gadget for hours.

And he wasn't even really sure what it was.

Something for the suit?

Something for the Hot Rod?

He couldn't remember, because for the past 4 hours--since he had awakened that morning-- all Tony could focus on was his assistant's strange behavior.

Pepper seemed absolutely livid.

And he had no idea why.

From the moment she had walked through the door that morning Pepper Potts had all but shot lasers out of her eyes whenever they made eye contact. She had barely spoken, besides the initial 'good morning' and the later 'sign this please'.

Even then she seemed miffed about something.

Surely Tony Stark, the mad genius, the billionaire with all the world's great technology at his fingertips, the great IRON MAN could figure this one out.

Had he pissed her off yesterday?

He casually dropped the piece of metal in his hands, bringing his fingers to rub through his goatee in thought.

Yesterday was normal, he remembered.

He ate breakfast--Lucky Charms to be exact.

He took a shower and got dressed.

Pepper accompanied him to 'Arc Reactor Sr.' to discuss a new process of mass production with some energy company.

She went with him when he took a charity check to the local Children's Cancer hospital….something he had done on a whim, and Pepper had in fact seemed very pleased…even impressed.

She patched him up later that day after he got back from a mission in Iran.

He recalled how she smiled briefly while rubbing his shoulder down with ointment. He had flinched and she had to keep herself from giggling.

He also recalled how she smelled like white chocolate. He had remarked on the scent and she'd blushed and said it was a new lotion she was trying--"White Chocolate Cherry".

He'd swallowed down a crude comment about eating her.

Nothing particularly upsetting had occurred.

So why was she avoiding him like a plague and radiating pure irritation when in his presence?

Tony wiped the grease off his hands and stood from the workbench.

He would just have to find out.