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The Corellian Conflict: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 8/8

The darkened bedroom slowly gave way to dawn's light. She could still feel the heat of her husband's body against her. His muscular chest was pressed tightly against her back and their limbs were still entwined after a night of passion that proved that time had done nothing to dull the hunger and desire they had for each other. Inevitably, as the first light filtered through the curtains. Padme's eyes opened. With her demanding career and five children, she was used to getting up early and her biological clock saw to it. Anakin also woke at the same time. Years of early morning training and meditation had groomed him into an early riser as well. Padme turned in his embrace and he smiled at her through sleep filled eyes.

"Good morning handsome," she purred.

"Morning beautiful," he replied seductively, as he drew her lips into a kiss. She giggled, as he then trailed kisses down her neck.

"How about some breakfast?" she asked.

"Sounds great. I'm starved, but I think we should shower first," he replied.

"We, huh? As in together?" she asked, pretending to be innocent.

"Sure. Think of all the hot water we'll save," he joked.

"Well, in that case, I suppose it would be only right for us to shower together," she replied jokingly.

"Yeah, besides, we can help each other get clean too," he said, wriggling his eyebrows playfully.

"Bad Jedi," she playfully scolded. He pounced on her, causing her to laugh, before she was silenced by his lips on hers. She yelped in surprise, as he got up and tossed her over his shoulder, effectively carrying her to the fresher, as she continued to giggle.


The door chimed and Padme answered it. She smiled and greeted Yan and Qui-Gon with hugs. They had arrived just this morning with Master Yoda.

"You're in good spirits, I see," Yan said.

"Well, justice is finally going to be served. It's cause for celebration," Padme replied.

"We couldn't agree more, sweetheart. Where is that son of mine?" Qui-Gon asked.

"Eating pancakes with the kids. There's plenty, so I hope you're hungry," Padme replied.

"Starved, as usual," Yan replied, as Padme took their cloaks.


"Great Grandpa!" the children chorused. Qui-Gon chuckled, as he sat down in between Jenna and Kimberly.

"Hello young ones," he said.

"You made it. Did Ben come?" Anakin asked.

"You don't really think I'd miss watching that slimy green Prince get what's coming to him, did you?" Obi-Wan said, as he entered.

"There you are. We wondered where you'd gotten off to," Dooku said.

"I went to see Xizor behind bars for myself. He looks like Gondark poodoo. It was quite entertaining," Obi-Wan chuckled, as he sat down next to Luke.

"I don't believe we've met," he said to Han.

"Han Solo," Han stated, as he continued eating.

"Yes, this is the young man that will be helping us put Xizor away for a very long time," Padme said. Han looked at her. She could have outted him for what he had really done, but she continued to show him kindness he didn't deserve. As much as he hated to admit it, he really like Lady Skywalker.

"Han, this is my Grandfather, Count Dooku, my father, Qui-Gon Jinn, and my brother, Obi-Wan Kenobi," Anakin introduced.

"Nice to meet you all, but how come you all have different last names?" Han asked. Obi-Wan chuckled.

"Good question," Obi-Wan said.

"Yes it is. Often times, in order to avoid confusion in the Temple, a Jedi youngling is given his mother's maiden name as a surname. Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin all go by their mother's maiden names, while they carry the name Dooku as an extension for their formal birth names," Yan explained.

"Sounds pretty confusing to me. You all got big long names. I've just got one," Han mentioned, as he continued eating. Yan looked at Anakin, who just shrugged. Han was still having a difficult time. No one could blame the kid. Padme sighed and turned to gaze out the panoramic window that gave her a lovely view of Coronet.

"Credit for your thoughts, sweetheart?" Yan asked. Padme smiled.

"Just thinking about things. I've been doing that a lot lately," she replied.

"You've decided to read the full prophecy when we return home, haven't you?" he asked knowingly

"There's just things I need to understand. I know Ani doesn't like to accept the implications that the prophecy makes, but I need to understand the Force's mysterious involvement in my husband and children's lives," she explained.

"As well you should. Perhaps you are the one intended for the information. I know Ani would rather forget the prophecy even exists. But you are his strength and he trusts you. I think he'd rather you know the full truth and I think he would rather hear it from you," Yan suggested. Padme nodded.

"The events in the last year or so have really given me a lot to think about," Padme said.

"Care to share?" he asked.

"Well, I know that it was no coincidence or accident that we met in that alleyway all those years ago. It was intended by the Force," Padme said. Yan nodded.

"In my experience, there are no accidents or coincidences. Just the Force's Devine intervention," Yan offered. Padme nodded.

"That's why I've been trying to understand the reasons the Force has decided to impart such power to Jayden. I mean, Bant told me that after Luke and Leia were born, it would be a miracle if we conceived again. She said pregnancy was especially difficult with my tiny frame and twins had caused quite the strain on me. But somehow, Ani and I had three more children with very little complication," Padme said.

"Perhaps in the final battle in the future, the Force foresaw the need for extra power. That is why it chose Jayden," Yan suggested.

"Then it wasn't by accident that Anakin found Natalie abandoned as a baby either," Padme said.

"No, nor was it coincidence that Jayden and Natalie were the ones to find the evidence incriminating Xizor either. The Force works in mysterious ways and it is making sure evil can never win," Yan said. Padme nodded.

"Thanks. It helped to talk about it," Padme said. Yan patted her shoulder

"Anytime sweetheart," he replied.


All rise for the honorable Judge Murray," the Court Officer called. They obeyed and rose, as the Judge entered and sat down.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just reviewed new and compelling evidence that was just presented to me by the defense this morning. I feel it is only fair that the people witness this evidence for themselves, before I reveal my final ruling in this matter," the Judge explained, as he motioned to his court officer, who initiated the playing of the holo recording. The jury, spectators, and the Holonet reporters watched the exchange between Xizor and the Sith Lord, revealing the elaborate conspiracy created by the Falleen Prince. The entire room was a buzz with disbelief and outrage. The Judge ordered silence, before he spoke.

"In light of this new evidence, there is no need to hear the defense's argument, for the case against Captain Jennings has been nullified by this new information," the Judge said.

"Your honor, I request that I be released immediately! This hologram has been fabricated!" Xizor argued.

"Denied. Three communications experts have already deemed this holo recording as authentic and have signed a sworn statement saying so. Prince Xizor, the charges against you stand," the Judge said, as Padme stood.

"Senator," he acknowledged.

"Your honor, I request that, in light of these charges, that you allow a full, Jedi-led investigation into Xizor's business and personal dealings ," Padme requested.

"Granted. Prince Xizor, you are hereby remanded into Jedi custody until such time when you are brought before the Senate supreme court for your trial," the Judge ordered, as Mon Mothma rose.

"Chancellor," the Judge addressed.

"Your honor, I make a desperate plea to you in Xizor's defense. The Sith are framing him and using him as a scapegoat. You have been blinded by the prejudice some have against him," Mon said, glancing at Padme.

"Denied. Not even you have the power to sway the justice system, Chancellor. And I must say that it seems that I am not the one blinded. Master Jedi, you may take the accused into your custody. Dismissed," the Judge ordered. Kit Fisto and Aayla Secura secured Xizor in stun cuffs and led him out with light sabers drawn, ready to defend against Sith assassins.

"You won't get away with this! Mark my words, I will have my revenge!" Xizor screamed, as he was dragged out. Anakin started to lead Padme out, but Mon Mothma momentarily stood in their path.

"Chancellor," Padme greeted stiffly.

"Congratulations Padme. You've finally succeeded in getting rid of Prince Xizor. I knew you'd eventually find a way to frame him for something," Mon spat. Padme looked at her in disbelief. After all of the evidence she'd seen, Xizor's hold on her still remained infallible.

"I assure you that I did not frame him. Legitimate evidence proving his involvement in a plot to frame Corellia for an attack on his own people. It was all orchestrated by him. And in order to cover it up, he tried to kill my son and Bail's daughter. How blind can you be?" Padme questioned.

"Oh please, you've been trying to get rid of Xizor since the day he joined the Senate as Falleen's representative," Mon retorted, evading her question.

"Because he's involved with the Sith! It's been proven now beyond a shadow of a doubt!" Padme snapped back. Anakin put his hands on her shoulders in an attempt to calm her down. It helped and she leaned into his embrace.

"You can believe what you want, Chancellor, but I know that deep down, you know exactly who and what Xizor is. I think or I at least hope you'll soon come to your senses. Good day, your Excellency," Padme said, as her husband led her out of the courtroom. They would return after lunch for Lauren's formal sentencing. Members of the Council oversee Xizor's transport to Coruscant. The nature of the crimes involved treason and therefore, the trial would take place on Coruscant in the galaxy's highest authority court.


All rise for the honorable Judge Murray," the Court Officer announced for the second time that day. The Judge entered and people were seated.

"Lauren Solo, you have been brought here today to be formally charged. This court charges you with conspiracy to commit treason, destruction of evidence and the smuggling of illegal substances. How do you plead?" he questioned.

"Guilty, your honor," Lauren stated.

"Ms. Solo, are you aware that the charges brought against you carry a death sentence. Are you sure you wish to waive legal counsel and plead guilty?" the Judge questioned.

"Yes, your honor. I am sure," she replied.

"Your honor, if I may speak on her behalf," Padme requested.

"If the defendant so wishes," the Judge replied. Lauren nodded and Padme took the floor.

"Your honor, in exchange for Ms. Solo's vital testimony against Prince Xizor, the orchestrated of this conspiracy, my constituents and I are prepared to offer Ms. Solo a lesser sentence," Padme stated.

"If this is what the people wish, then state your terms," the Judge responded.

"It is, your honor. In exchange for her testimony against Prince Xizor and that of her son's at Xizor's trial, we will then offer a lesser sentence to be decided at that time," Padme said.

"Request granted, Ms. Solo. You are remanded to the detention block in the Jedi Temple to await the trial of Prince Xizor. This Court is dismissed," the Judge ordered. Han hugged his mother tightly.

"It's going to be okay, honey," Lauren promised.

"I doubt it," Han replied dejectedly.

"She's right Han. You have friends that care about you," a voice said. Han turned and found his best friend there.

"Thank you for coming, Calin," Lauren said humbly.

"Don't mention it. Han will be in good hands. I already discussed it with Anakin. You can come stay with Lando and I. and Anakin said you'll be able to visit your mom anytime. You just have to go to him," Calin said. Anakin nodded.

"Okay, I guess I'll got with them if that's what you want, Mom," Han replied.

"It is. It will put my mind at ease," she said. He nodded and watched, as she was led away.


That evening, they loaded the ships for Coruscant. Lauren and Xizor were taken on board a Republic cruiser en route to Coruscant with Masters Yoda and Windu, along with Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura, Whie and Scout Malreaux, as well as Zia and Mara. Han was getting ready to leave with Lando, as the Skywalker's prepared for the journey home also.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye for now, Nerfherder," Leia said.

"Yeah, but I'll be seeing you around. Guess you're not going to get rid of me after all, your highnessness," Han teased.

"Lucky me," Leia replied, rolling her eyes.

"See ya around, kid," Han said, as he punched Luke's shoulder and boarded the Calrissian's ship.

"Grandma Riley, are we going home now?" Jenna asked.

"Yep, we sure are, tiny one," Let's go see if Grandma put any goodies in the ship's pantry," Riley said, motioning to the kids.

"Not too much sugar, Daddy!" Padme warned, but feared she would be ignored. Anakin chuckled and wrapped his arms around her. Padme kissed him tenderly.

"Ready to go home, angel?" he asked.

"You have no idea. Though, you do realize that right now, my father is feeding our five precocious children loads of sugar and we'll be left with five sugar hyped kids for the next six hours," Padme said. Anakin chuckled.

"We could lock ourselves in the bedroom and make him deal with them," Anakin suggested.

"Why Master Jedi, you read my mind," Padme joked, as they kissed again.

"Will you two come on! We're waiting on you!" Obi-Wan called.

"Geez…we're coming, you cranky old man!" Anakin retorted.

"Just get on the ship, brat!" Obi-Wan joked back. Padme shook her head in amusement, as they boarded the ship and headed for home…

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