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Five years after Breaking Dawn

Volterra, Italy

The thick steam filled the bathroom so that its inhabitant was hidden from anyone who tried to disturb the serenity of the moment. Light humming flowed through the room as the woman in the tub soaked.

The woman had short blond hair that just touched her shoulders. Her eyes were deep purple and, at the moment, closed as she allowed the peaceful caress of water to flow over her. The water was the dark red color of blood and wet the ends of her fair hair. As she leaned back into the bathtub the door swung open allowing a cool breeze to pass down her neck.

"Vanessa?" a male voice called out, in a slightly seductive tone.

Vanessa opened her eyes with a smirk and waved her hand, the steam slowly vanished allowing her to see Aro standing in the doorway. The Volturi leader strode over to the bathtub and took a seat on the edge.

"Is this really blood?" he asked looking over the red water.

Vanessa giggled and shook her head. "Unfortunately no. The lack of virgins these days is slightly depressing."

Aro chuckled and slid his fingers through her hair. He had taken Vanessa under his wing many years ago after the discovery of her power, sensory manipulation. Touch, taste, sight and hearing were under her total control. Aro had taken personal interest in her after reading her mind.

Vanessa folded her hands over Aro's lap and looked up at him. His scent was gentle as it filled her nose, like fresh fruit, and it filled her with a warm feeling.

"Does Sulpicia know your here?" Vanessa asked rubbing Aro's knee gently. "After all she wasn't exactly happy about me getting your sister's old room."

Aro frowned. "As if I care what Sulpicia feels? She knows her place, just as you know yours."

"Protégée, Volturi guard, your mistress…yeah I know my place," Vanessa said with a slight smirk. "So which one of those things am I right now?"

"Volturi guard."

"Oh, it must be serious," she whistled, leaning back into the bathtub. "Alright, what is it?"

"I want you to watch over Rensemee Cullen," Aro said quickly.

The calm of the room was lost instantly as the blonde woman sat up. "Did you just say Cullen?" she hissed darkly.

Aro stood up and turned away from his mistress. He knew instantly that Vanessa would be angry about the arrangement, but due to the circumstances this was the only way.

"Rensemee Cullen is about to marry the shifter Jacob Black, we need to insure that no matter what she remains a vampire and will not be influenced by his pack."

Vanessa didn't even process what Aro was trying to say, but all that kept resonating through her head was Cullen. The enemy.

"I can't do it," she whispered sharply. "You know I can't do it…you've seen my thoughts…"

Aro sighed feeling a small pang of sadness. He had seen her thoughts from those years ago. The smell of her blood and his sex remained poignant throughout her mind. As much as he cared about her this was business.

"The Cullen child has powers that could be useful to us in the future, Vanessa. Your connections to Rosalie Cullen will allow you the access to her. Duty before emotions."

"You would know all about that wouldn't you, Aro," Vanessa snapped back.

Aro turned sharply, his red eyes glaring at her coldly. "Do not speak to me like that. I am your master."

She rose from the tub and wrapped a towel around her body. Due to lack of concentration the water had turned back to its normal color.

"You are my lover and my leader, but my master-ha- you most certainly are not!" Vanessa told him with a condensing laugh.

"Do you have a death wish?" he asked. Aro's hands balled into fists and he fought the urge to grab her. This was why she had risen to the ranks of his mistress and protégée. She had spirit, and even though it irked him at times, it was why he chose her.

Vanessa laughed again. "I would rather die than stay in the same country as Edward Cullen. Not after what he did to me! I hope he, his Stepford wife and dhampir rot!"

Grabbing her wrists in frustration, Aro pulled Vanessa close to him. "Listen to me you shrew of a woman! I am sending you, because I have to. That girl has not been around any other people besides her family and that pack. Imagine the kind of influence you could have over her as a dominant female vampire?"

"Please," she said with a snort pulling away from his grasp. "I don't have time to teach this child how to be a woman."

"You will make the time, because if you do this for me, you will have proven yourself loyal to a fault. I will make you a head Volturi," Aro told her with a dark grin releasing her wrists.

Vanessa's eyes widened in shock at the offer and she was silent. A head Volturi? There was no such thing as a female head Volturi, not mention one that was so young. It was a once in a lifetime deal. Only a fool would refuse.

Yet, although not a fool, Vanessa still didn't know how to answer. Being a head Volturi, was a dream come true, but Edward Cullen was more than just a terrible memory…he was her boogeyman.

She felt Aro's arms wrap around her middle, his fingers slid up and down her back in an attempt to soothe her. His long black hair draped over their faces as he peered down at her.

"Do not allow the memory of him control you, amata," he cooed into her ear.

But allow you to control me instead? She thought with a sad smile.

"Of course," Aro replied with a grin after hearing her thought. Cupping her chin he let his red eyes take in her purple ones.

Vanessa sighed and pulled back from Aro. "When does the flight leave?"

"How did you know there was a flight ready?" he asked slight amused.

"Because you're a sneaky bastard and would have gotten me on that plane one way or another," she replied with a smirk.

"True, but what made you agree?"

A dark grin came across Vanessa's lips. "You already know the answer to that."

"Yes, but I enjoy your moments of nefariousness."

Vanessa turned her back to Aro and pulled down her towel to her hips. Along her lower back were crescent scar marks from bites and tear marks from nails above the hip.

"I am going to show that little dhampir exactly why Edward hates blondes."

Well that is the first chapter. I'm sure most of you think were this might be going, but have a twist or two up my sleeve.

Also three notes: dhampir is the proper term for any half-vampire offspring and amata is Italian for beloved. And if it seems like Rensemee is getting married quicker than you thought, you'll find out why soon. Again random updates and reviews always make my day brighter.