A/N: Okay, so, this is the beginning of a SEASON! Can you believe me? :D This picks up after Journey's End, with...apparently no Christmas special? I dunno, but it doesn't really matter. Here it is: Code Red!

The screeching of the alarm clock woke Donna Noble. "Agh," she mumbled as she slammed her hand down on it. "Bloody hell, I've woken up three times already!" She sat up and squinted at the clock. "Always forget to turn of the alarm on Saturday."

Then, her face shifted from annoyed to horrified.

"Oh, God," she muttered. "It's Friday!"

She struggled to get up, found she was tangled in the blankets, and shrieked as she fell with a loud thud to the floor. Cursing loudly, she got to her feet and scrambled to get ready. She had ten minutes to get to work. How had she managed to oversleep so badly?

Ten minutes later, she slammed the door shut, still pulling on her jacket and inhaling a power bar as she sprinted down the street.

- - -

The Doctor walked down the street. He'd perfected this look: nonchalant, both casual and purposeful, confident but not cocky, cool, composed. He only had forever to practice it and all the reason in the universe to use the time. A lot of reasons, actually, neither the greatest nor the least of which were the ones he needed the skill now. He was on a mission, but it was definitely best if he didn't look like he was on a mission.

The building was one of the taller skyscrapers. It looked familiar — where had he seen it before? Then he remembered, and laughed softly, bitterly. Adipose Industries had occupied that building...had it been two years ago, for him? Three? More than that. Maybe five.

Not here. Here it had been one. Just one year he'd stayed away, one year they'd had to cope on their own.

He shook his head, swiping his hands across stinging eyes, and pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind. If nothing else, he'd become a master of the art of forgetting.

And the last thing he needed now was memories.

He looked up at the skyscraper, not noticing the redhead who ran past him towards the same building. The window-washing cradle was still up on the roof... he looked away, in the other direction, determined not to give in to the images that formed behind his eyes, but he lost the fight. Damn.

He didn't see the blonde girl in the blue leather jacket who walked past him in the other direction, her head down.

He glanced up at the sign to the building and braced himself for the bitter rush of memories as he turned and walked around the side to go in.

- - -

She hurried down the street before the sign really registered. She'd only glanced at it, after all, and she's been walking quickly. "Hold on," she muttered under her breath. True, she'd stopped for a moment inside to see what it looked like — brand-new businessed were always interesting, if only occasionally in the way she hoped they would be. And as she checked her pockets, she realized she'd left her pen behind.

That settled it. She had to go back, at least for the pen, and while she was at it she could check the sign. She turned on her heel and broke into a run as she headed back for the towering skyscraper.

She reached the building and looked up. "Oh, you're kidding me," she breathed as she read and re-read the large sing, which read, in big, blocky, glowing letters, Cybernet Electronics.


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The Doctor as played by DAVID TENNANT!

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Donna Noble as played by CATHERINE TATE!

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Rose Tyler as played by BILLIE PIEPER!

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