They had been out a few times now and Snake was used to ten outfit changes before she ever came down. He understood how things started not fitting right. She was pregnant after all. He could understand until he heard the thump upstairs. Then another. Curious Snake headed up to the bedroom to check on her.

Bria was standing in the middle of the bedroom and by the shoe pinned to the wall he found the source of the thumping. Plissken walked over and pulled the heel out of the wall examined it then looked over at Bria.

"None of my shoes fit." She was flustered to the point of being flushed.

Snake dropped the shoe and walked over to Bria wrapping his arms around her. She pushed him away and he gave her room. "Honey?"

"I don't want to go out. I look like a whale."

"A very pretty whale." Snake smiled but flinched involuntarily when he saw the look she flashed in his direction. Sighing he tried again and this time she leaned into him.

"Why don't you relax a little?" Snake brushed her hair back out of her face as she wrapped her arms around his waist and clung.

"You wanted to go out."

"We can go later." Snake wouldn't let her start blaming herself. She started to protest again and Snake silenced it with a deeply passionate kiss. He pulled back and smiled.

"Why don't you lay on the bed and I'll massage your feet. See about getting the swelling down a little?... hmm?" Snake cocked a brow at her and put on his most charming if not devious smile. She didn't argue with him and a smile started to appear. Snake was rather fond of taking care of her anyway. Bria walked over to the bed but Snake could see how much her feet and back were hurting. When she sat heavily on the edge of the bed Snake sauntered over and sat Indian style at her feet.

He kissed her knee and started working on her ankles. She groaned a bit and lay back propping herself up with a pillow and letting her feet dangle in his lap. It was true he wanted to go out but this was almost as good especially when he considered the view he had straight ahead. Dark red lace should be on that list of sinful things Robertson was so fond of. Plissken leaned up still massaging her foot and started to kiss up Bria's leg.

"Hey! I thought you were massaging?" Bria sat up a bit and he could tell by her voice she was already feeling much better.

"I am massaging." Snake mumbled looking up from where his lips were on her knee. She laughed and poked him in the ribs with her toes. Snake batted it away and bit her knee.

"You bastard." She scolded.

"All the time honey." He smirked and bit up higher on her leg.

"You're terrible."

"And you're gorgeous." Snake shot back watching her blush just a little.

"I am not." She was arguing like a teenage girl which only made Plissken laugh.

"Good enough to eat." He taunted nipping her way up on the thigh and rubbing his scruffy cheek on her inner thigh. It always caused her to squeal.

Bria grabbed his shirt and pulled. Snake laughed and climbed up into bed. Going out could go to hell for all he cared.