When all else makes my brain hurt…it's time to write another one-shot for the Ino series I only have…12 of the 23 planned, left! This is my half point, the one where it goes from, 11 finished; 12 waiting to 12 finished; 11 waiting.

Wooo! I love you all for reading this especially after my long wait I made you sit through! I think I'm back on track with this because I don't really know what to write anymore!

Eternal Solstice isn't turning out very well, and I'm not sure what else to write I want to look at some challenges, but I want to get this done first!

Song When I started: "Love Remains the Same" – Gavin Rossdale

Song When I Ended: "Apologize" – One Republic

Total: 8.

This is a Sai X Ino, Sakura X Ino

Sakura, who are you kidding?

Just because you believe you're pretty, popular, smart and divine.

Well I got news for you Sakura,

You think wrong…!

I saw the results in that hospital check-up room and I couldn't believe you didn't tell me of the disease…

All I have to do to repay you is give the only boy you'll ever have a chance with, the same disease you never told me I have!

We used to be best friends, but now, now, were worst enemies….

I can't believe you didn't tell me!

So as I rode the man you would've ended up with, at least in my perfect reality, where I wasn't raped, Sasuke wasn't killed and every other type of shit that happened, didn't.

I remembered how I could've lived a normal life if I was able to admit the feelings I had for you ever since I knew you.

I knew I wouldn't get accepted though.

So I kept you away from everyone else, by tainting them all!

I didn't care that everyone else hated me, It was just you; Sakura!

When I woke up the next morning and left Sai, I was crying because it will always be you.

I knew you wouldn't care though, so when you caught the same disease I had...I laughed.

It was when you died of that same disease that I felt no reason for living anymore, and was kidnapped.

Oh, yes Sakura-chan, it was all façade! I was the one who destroyed team 7!

We all know, it was me all along!

You want to know why, Sakura?

Of course you want to…you want to know what's up with your best friend…!?

What's up?

Were best friends, and I'm sleeping with everyone you ever had a chance with, because that's all we'll ever be.

It just happens that everyone you ever had a chance with, is Everyone.

Because; you're pretty, popular, smart and divine.

That's why I slept with Sai, and ended up killing you

Because he thought you were the one who gave him the disease, when he actually gave it to you.

It's always my fault.

Simply because I'm a girl who likes another girl,

Loves another girl,

but to society;

Yamanaka Ino With Haruno Sakura, just does not fit.


Homosexual pride! I was watching a gay marriage film in Sociology and it inspired me, Love is love…No one should stop it!

I'm not Homosexual myself, But I support it up to the tee.

XD This was a kind of Sai X Ino…