This story takes place partly during Sozin's comet part 1. I have made a few changes. First, Zuko tells the Gang about the comet about 10 days before Ozai's plan. Second this is a Zutara Fluff. (Possibly Lemon later). This is me assuming Katara fell in love for Zuko under Ba Sing Se. So enjoy, and don't forget to Read And Review.

Chapter 1

A dark haired woman steps into a bar in the middle ring of Ba Sing Se. "I'm hear looking for the Boulder, where is he?" she asks the bartender.

"Look in the back room, he has a permanent reservation there." He replies.

She walks towards the back of the bar and finds a door. She steps in and finds a large earth bender drinking at a lone table. "Who the hell are you?" he shouts.

"My name is June, and I was sent to find you."

"By who?"

"A water bender named Katara and her boyfriend."

"What do they want?"

"Wouldn't tell me anything, except that they have a plan to stop this war without the avatar."

He looks at her and smiles. "OK, I'll go. If this war can be stopped before the comet arrives, I want to be part of it."

"Follow me, our transportation is outside."

They walk outside and Boulder sees a large shirshu, and a sky bison with two other passengers. One was an old woman with an insane look in her eyes. The other was the infamous Jong-Jong the Deserter. "Who is the old woman?"

"I am Hama, the last bender of the southern water tribe's old ways, and a master of blood bending." She answers.

"When are we going to meet up with Katara, and her friends? I want to hear this plan." Jong-Jong asks.

"Soon, we have one more person to find." June answers.

"Who?" Boulder asks.

"The Dragon of the West, General Iroh." June says.


As Iroh sits down to drink some tea, he hears something large hit the ground. He walks towards the noise and sees a sky bison in the clearing. Next to the bison is a shirshu. June jumps off the bison's back.

"Why, June, what a surprise. Why are you hear?" Iroh asks with a smile.

"Your nephew asked me to find you." She answers.

Iroh frowns. "Is he still in the palace, and why dose he want me?"

"No, him and the water tribe girl need you for a plan to stop the war."

"So he has found his destiny. I will go with you." Iroh says as he lets out a light chuckle.


Katara charges Zuko, a stick in each hand, and slashes at his head. He leaps out of the way and smacks her in the back with the flat of his broad sword. "Okay, enough training for today." Katara lets out a sigh, and sits down.

"Do we need to train so hard, we still have ten days till the comet? And when am I going to get a sword, this is kinda unfair?" She complains.

"June should bring you a sword when she gets back, and our plan won't work if you are not ready in three days." Zuko answers. I am going to loose my mind if I stay with her much longer.

"Was it right to leave and take Appa without telling the others." Katara suddenly asks, breaking his train of thought.

"Toph knows where gone, and Aang and Sokka would have tried to stop us." He replied.

"So when are you going to tell me why I need to know how to use a twin broadsword?"

"It's part of the plan."

"And that would be..."

"You'll find out as soon as the others get hear. So who is this Hama you sent for?" Zuka asks.

"She taught me blood bending." Katara replies looking away.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't like to remember her, but she is the most powerful water bender I know. That is why I sent for her." Katara starts to cry. Zuko rushes to her side and puts an arm around her shoulders.

"Katara what's wrong, don't cry." He tries to comfort her.

"I can't stand my power, bending blood is so wrong. I could take full control of your body and you couldn't stop me."

"It's okay, I trust you wouldn't do that to me." He whispers to her.

They sit their for fifteen minuets while she cries. Finally she stops. "Thank you, Zuko. Please don't let me go tonight."

"I won't Katara. Trust me." Zuko says with a smile. About ten minuts later she falls asleep, and Zuko soon falls asleep too.