Chapter 22

"No, Katara!" Zuko screams rushing to her side. The blue scales disappear. Zuko hugs Katara close to his body, and he notices her heartbeat is gone. "No, don't die on me." He looks up and sees the Dragon Moon crumbling in the sky, causing the last light in the sky to disappear. He feels something wet running down his face, and realizes he is crying. Zuko wipes away the tears and stands up, and creates a ring of fire around him and Mai. "Why? Why did you destroy her?"

"Because she stole your love from me. After we left Ba-Sing-Sei, I was finally happy and had you in my arms. Then you betray the fire nation and leave me locked in that Agni forsaken prison. I then find out you and that water tribe whore had hooked up." Mai glares at Zuko. "You took my love for granted and broke my heart. So I decided to shatter yours."

Zuko stares at his old friend in shock. Mai, the girl he grew up with like a second sister. He looked at Katara's body and then at Mai. Suddenly he realizes what his uncle was trying to teach him in order to master lightning. Zuko takes in a deep breath and feels the lightning crackling in his arms. "Uncle, thank you for teaching me all those months ago. I have found true balance.. Hate and love, happiness and sadness, good and evil. Mai, you have killed my love, and now you will pay.". Zuko starts to bend the lightning flowing threw his arms and Mai notices his movement. She mimics him and the two let out the lightning. But instead of blue, Zuko bends a strange, but beautiful, purple lightning. His lightning meets Mai's and the two enter a stand off.

"Die, Zuko, Die!" Mai shouts at him as her lightning slowly starts to eat away at Zuko's. Zuko struggles and starts to loose the power. Suddenly Zuko feels a familiar presence next to him. He look around and sees Iroh standing next to him.

"Zuko, concentrate. You must not let Mai win." Iroh says. He then turns to Mai and touches Zuko's hand. The purple lightning stats to get stronger, but Mia is still stronger.

"Zuko don' fail us." Zuko looks around and sees Sokka and Suki standing nest to him. They both touch his hand and he gets stronger.

"Hey, Sparky, you gonna let Gloomy over their beat you?" he hears Toph say.

"Ya, come on, Sifu Hothead, you can beat her." Zuko sees Aang and Toph put their hands on his.

"Zuko, you can't loose now." Zuko's eyes widen as he sees Katara. "We all believe in you. Take Mai down, for me." Katara wraps her arms around Zuko"s shoulders and kisses his neck. Suddenly he feels the power flowing threw him.

"Mai, you have taken everything from me, and now you will pay!" Zuko shouts as his lightning absorbs Mai's. Mai's eyes widen before the lightning hits her in the chest. She flies into the ring of fire and Zuko watches as she burns. He then turns to Katara's body and the tears start to flow.


I watched as Zuko took down Mai, then rush to Katara's side and hug her close to his chest.. Are the spirits really against love this much. Do they really love playing with people like they do. Always letting someone find happiness, then ripping it away. I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder. "So Zuko, are you ready to reshape your destiny?"

Zuko turns around and stares at me, still crying. "Who are you?"

"I am May, the destiny bender. I am hear to help you alter history."


"I can send you into your past as a dream. In that dream, you will need to convince the person you choose not to allow the event to happen, and also guide them to help the Avatar."

"Where will you send me."

"The night before you went into the war meeting."

Zuko gasped at my comment. "I will also go into your past and remake myself to be a mentor for you."


"I will alter the past and give you a brother. One who will always be by your side. I will also split into three other beings. One will be a young Kyoshi warrior. One will be an older air bender. And the last will be a northern water tribes man."

"When do we start?"

I raised my hand and placed it on Zuko's head. "Now." Suddenly a bright flash of light filled both of our visions.

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