Snake had spent his morning wrestling the kids, literally at times. He had no idea why they were acting up so much. It was like hell with the four little ones in the hotel room raising hell. Internally he prayed Bria would be back to help soon or he might crack. Between needing to feed the twins and Mason running naked from him while he tried to get a diaper on him Snake almost screamed when the knock came at the door. He couldn't' believe Bria forgot the room key.

He had finally got a hold of Mason and carried him naked to the door. Plissken was frazzled, more than frazzled. He was at the end of all patience and just wanted away for a drink.

"You forgot your key." Snake growled as he opened the door trying to keep Mason from slipping away. Plissken looked up and froze in shock. It wasn't what he expected to see on the other side of the door. The cop staring back at him seemed just as surprised but more by the baby in his arms than anything else.

Both men stood there silently as if working out the situation. Plissken knew he was in no position to run so his mind was working on a plan to fight. There had to be more cops around and he wondered where. The idea of bullets flying around his children turned his stomach. Quick thought was all he could do to play it off.

"I'm busy. Can I help you?" Snake kept wrestling Mason while he spoke. That was not an act even if his ignorance was.

"Snake Plissken?"

Snake looked up from Mason confused. "Who?"

"You're Snake Plissken."

Snake exaggerated his confusion as much as possible while he stood there. "I don't know what you're talking about but I got to change my grandson."

The cop cocked his head before giving Plissken a critical once over that cause the flight desire in Snake almost drove him to breaking point.

"Can I question you?" The cop took a step forward toward the door.

"I'm busy." Snake started to turn away from the door.

"I have to question you." The cop insisted.

"If you want to do it while I deal with dirty diapers." Snake chuckled a bit and even more when the cop stepped in.

Plissken didn't miss a step though his eye was on the cop the whole time. Cassie was laying on the floor coloring and the twins were in the bed when Snake laid mason down on the dresser. The cop was stunned by the scene as Snake expertly put a diaper on the squirming boy. Snake got him dressed and down on the floor before he turned to the cop.

"What can I help you with?" Snake was playing it cool and facing the cop down.

The officer watched him silently, looked at the children and then back at Plissken.

"If there's nothing I got to feed the little ones before they start crying."

The officer was again quiet then spoke tentatively. "No, nothing. We're looking for a fugitive."

Snake did his best to look concerned and not laugh. "I'll be sure to call the desk if I see anyone suspicious."

"Thank you sir." The cop spun on his heels and left. Plissken just stared at the closing door. That was too close for comfort. So close he just noticed his palms were sweating.