Title: Daisies
Fandom: Kiesha'ra Series by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Couple: Urban/Marus
Rating: G


There was a quiet pat pat that woke Urban from his sleep.

The bed he laid upon was an uncomfortable surface incomparable to the nest. The avian doctor, Rian, was a careful and meticulous woman but without any sense of humour. She seemed to genuinely care for him, despite him being a serpiente. Her philosophy was that so long he was her patient, she would see to it that he healed.

It was near sunset, when he looked out the window. And then the view was covered by a black mass of feathers. There, a sheepish looking Marus waved.

Nothing, not even the soreness of his bruises nor Rian's threat that he will limp for the rest of his life, could keep him from his curiousity and opening that window.

And that was how a fidgety demi-raven managed to sneak into his room through a window.

That also explained the bouquet of daisies that were a loveliest shade of bright yellow and smelled just as lovely were pushed under his nose.

"Are those for me?" a smile flitted across Urban's face.

The nervous look on the usually reserved, young man's face was sweet.

"Remember, I was never here."