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Chapter 12

Bella POV

"You can't save her by yourself." Victoria hissed.

"Good thing I'm not alone then isn't it." Edward shot back, his voice a velvet growl.

Victoria's eyes moved to Tyler for an instant before settling back on Edward. I could tell she didn't think Tyler much of a threat, and somehow I thought that would be a mistake. I've learned never to underestimate Caleb and the others, Tyler was powerful even if he didn't show it off like the others. And with any luck Victoria's underestimation of him would be her undoing.

"He can't help you, hes lucky he's alive." Victoria said confidently.

I looked back at Tyler again, his eyes were open, and pitch black.

There was a loud cracking noise and I looked back in time to see Victoria barley dodge a portion of the cave Tyler had tried to bring down on her. Edward was after her in an instant. I could hear her loud hiss as he chased after her.

"Where's Kate and Sarah?" Tyler asked.

"Chase has them!" I told him, my voice shaky.

"Let's go." Tyler said leading me out of the cave.

I wanted to follow Edward, but I knew I'd only get in the way and make things worse, that is if I could even keep up. So I went with Tyler to find Kate and Sarah, praying that Edward would be ok.


No Ones POV

Reid was thrown by chase but managed to blunt the force of the throw with a blast of his own aimed at chase, and was only thrown across the clearing not out of it. Reid hit a tree and fell landing in a crouch on the ground. He didn't see the two figures behind him, but Chase did.

"We'll see about that, I'll finish what Caleb started and kill your worthless ass." Reid threatened, barely blocking another blast from Chase.


Bellas POV

Me and Tyler were running through the forest now, we could here the sounds of fighting just ahead of us. I knew it wasnt the fight the cullens were having with the newborns. I could hear it farther ahead in the forest. This battle was much closer.

Tyler stopped when we broke through the trees to a small clearing. I stopped beside him. I could see Kate and Sarah unconcious on the forest floor. And Reid was flying across the clearing, he hit the tree beside us and fell landing in a crouch.

"We'll see about that, I'll finish what Caleb started and kill your worthless ass." I heard Ried threaten Chase.

Chases face fell into a scowl.

" Looks like we have company." Chase spat out, angry at being outnumbered.

It was true he was stronger then any one given member of the covenant excluding Caleb, but two he couldnt take them together.

I watched him turn and flee.

"Stay with them!" Tyler ordered dashing off after Chase, followed closely by Ried.

I nodded walking over to check on the two girls. They both looked bad. They had small cuts and bruises. Sarah's arm looked broken, it was bent at an odd angle, and Kates leg looked broken to. I didn't want to move them and risk damaging them. Waking them up was a failed attempt. Whats going to happen if the newborns get this far? I know I cant kill a vampire.

Just then I heard feather light foot steps behind me.


No Ones POV

Edward chased Victoria. She was fast, but lucky for him he was faster. He could smell her fear and it pushed him to greater speed. The predator side of him was itching to be let loose. He caught up to her quickly, she'd nearly made it out of the forest. He grabbed her arm in an iron grip and spun her around throwing her into a tree.

She landed and instantly tried darting around Edward. He caught her hair and pulled hard earning a hiss from Victoria.

"You'll never threaten Bella again." Edward growled out as he quickly grabbed a hold of her and beheaded her.

He carefully dismembered her and burned the peices.

He quickly ran back to the cave and followed Bella's scent from there to the small clearing where she was sitting with Kate and Sarah.

"Its me Bella." He said when she turned around startled at hearing his soft steps, his voice was a velvet pur as he knelt down beside her and the two girls.


No One's POV

Reid used to materialize in front of Chase while Tyler stayed behind him cutting off that line of escape.

"You shouldn't have come back." Tyler said, his tone colder then ice. "You should have taken what time you have left and enjoyed it not run back to deaths door."

Tyler sent a blast at Chase, knocking him off his feet and past Reid.

Chase stopped himself in mid air, throwing a blast back at Tyler and missing poorly. His nose was begining to bleed. Not a good sign for him. His body could no longer handle the strain of using, if this went on much longer he'd kill himself. He could feel his hands start to shake. Damn Caleb for what he's done tome!

Reid lunched another attack on him that he couldnt dodge in time. He tried to divert it, but he couldn't summon the power, he was getting dizzy. It hit him square in the chest and he fell to the ground unmoving. Both Tyler and Reid exchanged a wary look.

"Is he dead?" Tyler asked as Reid moved over to examin the body.

Chase's eyes flew open and Reid was thrown into a tree, and impaled on one of the branches. His eyes widened in shock and pain as he gasped.

"If I'm dying I'm bringing you with me." Chase said weakly a satisfied smirk spreading across his face.

Chase's eyes changed back to their normal color rolling back in his head. He was done, the power had killed his weakened body. There was no coming back this time.

Tyler quickly ran over to the tree where Reid was impaled. Reid's blood was running down the trunk.

He wasn't up very high and Tyler pulled him down, careful not to do more damage. Tyler set him down gently on the ground.

"Ty-Tyler..." Reid said choking on his own blood.

It was getting hard for him to see, or breath.

"Tyler...d-don't..." He was fading into unconciousness.

"Reid! Stay with me Reid! Don't die!" Tyler said, tears forming in his eyes, his voice high and anxious.


No One's POV

All of the newborns were dead. They lay in peices on the ground. Pogue and Caleb were both injured and using had taken its toll on them.

Caleb had a cut over one eye and a missing tooth and one of his arms was sliced open. Pogue's leg was broken and he had a broken nose along with some colorful new bruises. Both of them were worried about the girls and Reid who had dissapeared, but neither was in any shape to go charging into the forest to look for them.

"Are you two ok?" Esme asked concered, she'd walked over to the two boys to see how they were holding up after the battle. Alice had come with here, they would help Carlisle look after them.

"I've been better." Pogue said standing up.

He cringed in pain. His leg hurt pretty bad even though he was putting all his weight on his good one. He was shaking from using so much to. Caleb had gotten up as well.

"Where do you think your going?" Carlisle asked coming up silently behind Esme and Alice.

"We need to make sure the girls are ok." Caleb said, his tone held authority. He expected them to move.

Pogue tried to push past Carlisle, but fell with a cry of pain the second he put the slightest pressure on his leg.

"I'm sorry but I can't let you. Your injuries need to be looked at." Carlisle said, catching Pogue and sitting him down on the ground.

He knew how they felt, and he was sincerly sorry , but the doctor in him couldn't let them go. For a minute Caleb had looked like he'd go through them with force if he had to, but sat back down when Jasper and Alice agreed to go get them.

"Edwards with them. And Chase and Victoria are dead." Alice told the boys to ease their minds before she vanished into the trees with Jasper.


Bella's POV

"Edward!" I cried, throwing myself into his open arms.

"Bella, I was so worried." He buried his face in my hair, and I could feel his hard lips pressing into against it. "Its over Bella, Victoria is dead." He said with relief evident in his voice.

Suddenly Edward stiffened and pulled away, his face intense with concentration.

"What?" I asked confused and suddenly scared.

He relaxed a moment later. "It's only Alice and Jasper." A minute later the two walked into the clearing.

"What happened." Alice asked bending over to examin the girls.

"Chase wasn't after the sons. He wanted revenge." I told them.

I was beyond happy to see that Alice and Jasper were unharmed. But I was anxious to get back and see the others.

"Alice, is everyone else ok? Where are they all?" I asked, the questions flying from my lips.

I needed to see them all, I needed to know my family was ok. And the sons. I suddenly remembered Tyler and Reid.

"We have to find Tyler and Reid! They might need our help fighting Chase-"

"Chase is dead." Alice said, cutting me off and throwing a look at Edward that she hadnt meant for me to see.

I watched as Edward closed his eyes as if something was paining him. I knew Alice must have told him something through her thoughts.

"Take them back to Carlisle." Edward told Jasper and Alice before I had a chance to ask what was going on.

In a second they had the girls picked up and were speeding through the forest.

"Edward whats wrong?" I asked.

I was worried and anxious...something had happened to one of them.

"Reid is dying Bella." Edward told me, his eyes filled with pain and saddness.

I felt like I had just been punched in the stomach or hit with a truck. I could feel the tears starting to come now and my breathing was uneven. This is what I had feared. This was the one thing I prayed wouldn't happen. One of my friends was dying.

"Breathe Bella." Edward said urgently, placing a hand on either side of my face and forcing my eyes to meet his.

"Take me to him." I choked out.

Edward didn't argue, he lifted me unto his back and we flew through the forest. The trees passed in a blur due to the speed and my tears. I couldn't believe that he was dying.

Edward stopped and let me down. I could see the two sons from here between the trees. I walked through the trees seprating me from them and knelt down quietly beside Ried. Tyler didn't look up or move.

"Oh Reid..." I said as tears trailed paths down my cheeks.

I didn't know what to say or do. How could this be happening. And why Reid...I sniffed back more tears as I rubbed his hand soothingly. I bent my head and my hair fell to cover my face, I could sense Edward's comforting presence behind me. Wait...Edward! Edward could save him. My head shot up suddenly, and my eyes widened hopefully at the though.

"Bella? What is it?" Edward asked, his voice laced with concern.

"Edward you can save him! Edward you can turn him!" I gushed, my voice raising in excitement.

Edward groaned. I knew he wouldn't like the idea, I knew he'd argue it, but I couldn't let Reid die. "Bella, love, I can't!" He said, his eyes holding a tortured look.

Tyler's head shot up. "Do it! Please!." He begged.

"Edward its his only chance now!" I pleaded.

"Edward I don't want to die..." Reid whispered hoarsly. "Please help me..." He begged.

Edward closed his eyes. "Are you sure this is what you want? Theres no going back." His voice was defeated and held a dark edge. This was killing him.

"Yes." Reid said faintly as his eyes began to close.

Both Tyler and I watched anxiously as Edward reached out slowly taking hold of Reids wrist and bringing it to his lips. His teeth gleamed as he opened his mouth and bit down. I closed my eyes at the sight, and I heard Tyler's sharp intake of breath. Edward pulled back a moment later a small trail of blood ran down his chin. He wiped it off with his thumb.

"This wont be an easy transformation. Your friend is going to be in a lot of pain." Edward informed Tyler. "And it's best that he stays with us until its complete." Tyler nodded, I could tell he was still worried about Ried.

I leaned over and wrapped my arms around him, I buried my face in his shoulder. "Thank you." I whispered, but I knew he'd hear. I could feel his lips touch my head before he said it was time to get back to the others.

Tyler nodded and picked up Ried and we both followed Edward to where the rest of the Cullen's and sons were.

It took us awhile but eventually we got back to the others. I was so glad to see them all. I ran into the clearing and looked at everyone, the son's looked terrible but they were all alive. And my family was there as well, all of them completely unscathed. We had won, The battle was over, and we were safe again.

Kate and Sarah were awake Carlisle was looking after everyone.

Edward walked over to Carlisle, silently pulling him aside. I couldn't here want was said, but I knew he must be telling him what had happened with Ried because not long after he looked over at Tyler who was walking over slowly Reid at the moment limp and lifeless in his hands.

It struck me then as odd that he wasn't screaming in pain. When Jame's had bitten me it was all I could do not to tear my own arm off just to make the pain stop.

Carlisle and Edward both walked over to Tyler and Ried. Carlisle had Tyler put him on the ground and examined him carefully while talking to Edward. They were talking to low or fast for anyone to catch. Caleb and Pogue came to stand behind them, both wearing worried expressions. Sarah and Kate followed closely.

"What's happened?" Caleb asked anxiously. "Is he going to be ok?"

Carlisle stood up gracefully and turned to face the others. His expression was sad. "He will be. In time." He said gently. "He was hurt in the battle with Chase. And the only way he could be saved was to be turned." He explained.

"What?!" Caleb practically yelled.

Tyler stood up then. "I was there Caleb. He asked for it." He said placatingly.

Caleb pinched the bridge of his nose. "So whats going to happen to him?" He asked, his voice coming out a rough whisper.

"He'll come with us, until he can be around people again." Carlisle explained calmly.

"Go with you where?" Pogue asked sharply.

"Dont worry, we wont leave Ipswich." Carlisle was quick to reassure everyone. "And you can come see him whenever you like, but your going to have to be careful." He warned.

I slumped back against a tree closing my eyes. I'd let them talk this over themselves. I was so tired, everything seemed to be catching up to me and it was hard just trying to stand.

"Come on love. Let's go home." Edward said picking me up. I didn't protest.

I opened my eyes as he carried me through the forest, noticing that we were the only ones left, everyone else had gone already. I smiled happy that everything had worked out. My happiness was tinged with saddness for Ried, but all that mattered was that he was alive and we were all safe.

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