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Starts after Order of the Phoenix and at the very beginning of Twilight.

The Will tells it all


Fifteen year old Harry Potter was laying on his bed in his room at Number Four, Privet Drive his expression blank as he, once again, thought of his recently deceased godfather. He heard a tapping at the window and looked over to see a small owl tapping on the window with an envelope tied to its foot. He quickly got up as he recognized the owl as Pig and opened the window. When he did pig flew into the room hooting happily as he flew around Harry's head and Harry had to snag him out of the air to grab the envelope then let him fly out of the window and quickly shut it behind him as his pet owl Hedwig looked on in disgust at the small owl.

Harry looked at the envelope in his hand and recognized the hand writing of both of his friends. He opened it to see two letters inside of it and he pulled them both out. He opened the first one form Ron and started reading it.

Hey Harry nothing much goin on right now me and Hermione are with everyone else at Grimmauld place can't say anything else you know Dumbledore doesn't want us to say anything that can get intercepted. I'll see you at Hogwarts.


'See you at Hogwarts. I have to stay here all summer long.' Harry thought as he kicked his trunk before clutching his foot and sitting down on the bed and opening Hermione's letter.

Harry Dumbledore told us not to write to you to much so this may be the only letter I can send you I just wanted you to know me and Ron are at Grimmauld place with the order and Ginny. I think she might like you; you should try talking to her I think you two would look soo cute together. Any way I'll see you at Hogwarts.


'When the hell did Hermione turn into a match maker.' Harry asked himself as there was more tapping on the window. Harry turned expecting to see another owl but saw a eagle sitting there staring at him with a letter tied to it's leg and he quickly let it in and it landed on his arm and he undid the letter and the eagle flew out of the window as Harry looked at the letter and saw the Gringotts crest. He broke the seal and started reading the letter.

Dear Mr. Potter,

This letter is just a reminder that the will reading of Sirius Orion Black is being held at Gringotts at noon. We ask you to kindly remind Albus Dumbledore of this if he is to fill in for you as he said is your wish and to remind you to give him a signed letter. I am sorry for your lose.


Head of Inheritance and Will Reading

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS." Harry roared as he finished the letter. "Fuck this I am going to this fucking will reading." Harry growled as he kicked open his trunk and pulled out his nicest clothes which were the same as all of his other clothes that could fit an elephant with room to spare they just didn't have the holes in them. He put them on quickly and grabbed his money pouch that had a few galleons in it and slid it in his pocket. He looked at the alarm clock on his desk and saw that it was eleven O'clock. Harry dug around his trunk and found his invisibility cloak and grabbed his broom. He went over to the window and opened it looking around to see if there was anyone around before he threw the cloak on and climbed on the broom and carefully made his way out of the window while making sure that the cloak wouldn't fall off and shot off towards London.

He heard yelling and looked back to see an Order member standing in the front yard and chuckled quietly as he sped up and made it to London in twenty minutes. After ten minutes he found the Leaky Cauldron and he went inside made his way through the Pub before taking his cloak off and shoving it into his pocket. He pulled out his wand and tapped a brick with it and an archway formed in the brinks. When it was big enough for him to fit through he ran in and made his way towards Gringotts. But instead changed his course when he saw Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. He walked into the shop and Madam Malkin immediately came over to him.

"Hello deary how can I help you today?" She asked him.

"Umm I need some nice robe's to wear to a wi… a will reading." Harry said biting his lip.

"Right this way dear." She said with a sad smile and led him to the back of the shop where she grabbed a black robe with an emerald green trim. She slid it over his head and started pinning it up. After a few minutes she was done pinning it she pulled it off of him and said a quick spell and it fixed its self. They walked up to the counter and she rang him up.

"That'll be two galleons." She said and Harry handed her three and took the robe and slid it on, grabbed his wand and left the shop. He made his way to the bank and quickly walked in bowing his head to the goblins as he went making them raise there eyebrows. When he walked in the bank he looked around and saw it was almost empty he shrugged before going up to one of the goblins.

"How can I help you." the goblin asked in a bored voice.

"My name is Harry Potter, I here for the will reading of Sirius Black." Harry said and the goblin looked at a piece of parchment before looking back up at Harry with a raised eyebrow.

"It say's here that Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore has a signed note from a Mr. Harold James Potter stating that he wishes Mr. Dumbledore to sit in the will for him." The goblin said and Harry saw red.

"Well that's a lie I didn't even know of the will reading until today not even an hour ago." He ground out through his teeth.

"Come with me please Mr. Potter." The goblin said and put a closed sign on his desk before he jumped down and Harry followed him through a door and down a long hallway until the stopped in front of a large wooden door. He tapped on the door and they heard a voice say 'enter' and they went in.

"Lord Ragnok, sorry to disturb you sir but I thought you might want to hear this." The goblin said as he motioned Harry forward and Harry bowed his head as he walked forward.

"Lord Ragnok I have discovered a horrible happening that I guess needs to be brought to your attention. Not even an hour ago I received a letter from the bank reminding me of my godfathers, Sirius Black, will reading today. It was the first letter I ever received from the bank and it told me to remind Albus Dumbledore that if he wishes to sit in for me he has to have a note form me. I have never given Dumbledore a letter telling him to sit in for me and yet he some how is already here ready to sit in for me with a signed note from myself." Harry said practically growling and Ragnok's eyes went wide and he snarled.

"We have some one trying to get one over on Gringotts." He growled as he stood up. "Come with me." He said and waved the other goblin away as he led Harry back down the hall way and stopped at one of the many doors on the left side of the hall and opened it to show Dumbledore, Hermione, the Weasley's, the Malfoy's minus Lucius, Remus and the Tonk's with a goblin sitting in a huge chair behind a desk. When the door opened they all looked up and shock showed on everyone's face as the pissed off Wizard and Goblin walked into the room.

"Harry what is the meaning of this you should be at home." Dumbledore said angrily.

"Fuck off old man." Harry growled.


"Shut the fuck up." Ragnok ordered as he walked around the desk and the goblin jumped out of the chair he was sitting in and gave it to Ragnok with a bow as Harry walked to a corner behind the desk.

"Albus Dumbledore you have tried to swindle Gringotts bank your business is no longer wanted here but it is a law passed by the goblins that you get a chance to defend your self so after the will reading we will go before the goblin courts." Ragnok said with a growl before turning to the other goblin. "Goksed please proceed." He said and the goblin grabbed a folder off of the desk.

"This is the last will and testament of Sirius Orion Black." He said

"I, Sirius Orion Black, being of sound mind and sexy body; here Harry, Remus, the Tonk's, and the twins laughed, do swear in my blood that this is my final will and testament.

Alright then now that, that is over lets get to the good stuff. To Andromeda, Ted, and little Nymphadora Tonks, hahaha said your first name can't kill me now I'm already dead; I leave each of you 500,000 galleons to do with what ever the hell you want.

To Narcissa and Draco Malfoy I leave you 500,000 galleons if you leave the death eater scum if not then I leave you nothing at all.

To Fred and George Weasley I leave you 10,000 galleons and the Marauder's trunk filled with all of our notes.

To Bill Weasley I leave 10,000 galleons

To Charlie Weasley I leave 10,000 galleons

To Arthur Weasley I leave 20,000 galleons

To Remus Lupin I leave 2,000,000 galleons, Paddy's pad, and Number twelve Grimmauld place.

To Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Molly, and Dumbledore I leave a big fat FUCK YOU! I know what you four were doing under Dumbledore's orders you can't silence me know you old goat fucker Harry they have been spying on you they are in the order I tried to tell you but the old bastard caught me and put a memory charm on me. Great goblins in the room please remove them and anyone who wants to go with them. Here five large goblin guard's came in and removed Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Molly, and Dumbledore as the rest of the Weasley's turned there backs on them.

Good now that the trash is taken out Harry I am so sorry. I didn't get enough time with you and I regret it but I don't blame you for my death I love you like my own that's why I want to make you my heir and blood adopt you. If you agree then you will become head of the Nobel and Most Ancient house Black and when you are the head of that family you become emancipated and can claim the Potter headship. But I don't want you to do this just for that I want you to do it because you want to and if you don't then I'll just leave you everything I have besides my name I'll miss you but I'll be in heaven pranking Lil's with your dad we'll watch over you cub. I love ya see ya in a few hundred years when you come up here watch Remus don't let him get in to much trouble and Harry the most important thing go have fun meet some girls play pranks live your own life.

"That is the last will and testament of Sirius Orion Black." Goksed said. "Everyone come up here to claim what was left to you." he said and every one got up and the Malfoy's left in a rage but knew better than to make a scene. After everyone claimed what Sirius left them they left the room until it was just Harry and the two goblins.

"So Mr. Potter what are you going to do." Ragnok asked.

"I want to become Harold James Potter-Black." Harry said with tears in his eyes.

"It will be done." Ragnok said and Goksed grabbed a phial of blood and a potion and poured them into a wooden bowl with runes around the brim. "I need you to cut your palm and stick it into the bowl." He said and handed Harry a knife. Harry grabbed the knife and grabbed the blade and pulled it slicing his hand. He sat the knife down and stuck his hand into the bowl and he felt the blood and potion going into his hand and when it was all empty the bowl glowed and his hand was healed.

"Goksed thank you for all of your assistance please go tell the guards to take Dumbledore, the three Weasley's and Granger who were taken out of the will reading and bring them before the goblin council under Veritaserum. Ask them about Lord Potter-Black." Ragnok said and Goksed bowed before leaving the room.

"So Lord Potter-Black…" Ragnok started.

"Please just Harry or Harold, even though I never knew that was my true name, Lord Ragnok." Harry said

"Well then Harold call me Ragnok." He said with a small smile and a bow of the head. "So Harold let us get onto business. You are now Lord Harold James Potter-Black, head of two very wealthy families and you need the rings to prove it." and with that he opened a drawer and pulled out two boxes. He handed Harry one and he opened it and saw a black ring with silver writing on the side that said Black and showed the Black crest. He slid it on his right ring finger and it resized itself and glowed briefly. Then he grabbed the other box. He opened it to show a silver ring with gold writing that said Potter and showed the Potter crest. He slid it on his left middle finger and it resized it's self to fit and then glowed.

"What was the glowing?" he asked Ragnok.

"That was the family accepting you as the head of the house's." Ragnok said and Harry nodded his head. "Now here is a copy of all of you vaults and properties." He said and handed Harry a folder that he opened and started reading.

Potter holdings

Vaults- Potter Family vault 35,002,850 Galleons, 74,065 Sickles, 62,053 Knuts Jewels, weapons, books.

James and Lily Potter Vault 96,602 Galleons, 6,509 Sickles, 20,506 Knuts

Harold Potter Trust Fund-5,580 Galleons, 1,156 Sickles, 400 Knuts. 10,000 Galleons added every year.

"You better have the Goblin ask about this." Harry said and showed Ragnok who growled as he made a hand gesture and a goblin ran in and Ragnok started talking quickly in a weird language before the goblin ran out.

"It is being taken care of." Ragnok said with an evil glint in his eye.

"Good." Harry said before going back to the folder.

Properties- Potter Manor in Wales

Potter Cottage outskirts of Godric's Hollow

Evan's vacation Cottage Forks, Washington

Evan's home Number 4 Privet Drive

Investments- 1/3 Zonko's Joke Shop

1/2Daily Prophet

1/4Nimbus Broom Company

Black holdings

Vaults- Black Family vault- 40,502,025 Galleons, 81 Sickles, and 50 Knuts. Weapons, Books.

Sirius Black's vault-41,510 Galleons, 50,503 Sickles, and 26,060 Knuts. Black broken 1976 Harley Davidson Shovel head.

Properties- Sirius's Place Diagon Alley flat above Zonko's

Investments- 1/3 Zonko's Joke Shop

"Leave it to dad and Sirius to have money in a joke shop." Harry chuckled before looking up at Ragnok. "Thank you for all of the help Ragnok." Harry said as he stood up.

"It was my pleasure Harold." Ragnok said as he stood up. "Do you need anything else?"

"No I think I'm good." Harry said and Ragnok nodded as he led Harry out of the office and to the Lobby where they shook hands and Harry quickly left as he pulled out his invisibility cloak and when he got outside he saw Remus, the Tonks, and the Weasley's waiting for him. Not in the mood to talk to the people who wouldn't spare him a glance for almost two weeks he quickly threw the cloak on and walked past them before they saw him but he saw Remus sniff and turn towards him.

"Harry." He said and Harry made a break for it through the thin crowds in the Alley. He was going to run through the Leaky Cauldron but he would have to wait for the gate way to open so he turned down Knockturn alley instead and kept running until he wasn't being chased anymore and then he leaned against one of the buildings. He looked around and saw a glimmer of the sun directly in a corner of a building. He looked in the corner and saw something sparkling like diamonds and he saw it was a hand. He looked up and saw blood red eye's staring at him like he could see him.

"You smell delicious." He heard a velvety voice say before the figure moved faster than Harry could follow and was biting his neck while holding his arms still as Harry screamed out in pain.


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